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September 13th, 2007's Recommen

I think Yoko is very smart.
I think Hina is crazy good-looking.
Opening Talk =
Yoko really really wants to go home, he didn't sleep the previous night because he was out with Yasu celebrating his birthday.

Yasu's birthday talk (what Yoko said paraphrased) =
  • They went to two restaurants/places, in Osaka.
  • At the first place, a birthday cake was prepared and on standby the whole time without Yasu noticing.  And when the lights dimmed and the cake was rolled out, Yasu got really happy and ate a lot.  Yoko told him he didn't have to force himself to eat so much, but because Yasu is Yasu, he tried to eat all he could and Yoko (said on the show to Hina that he) thought Yasu was great. 
  • The second place they went to was the same place where Subaru took Yoko for his birthday.  Even though Yoko suggested they move the party there, he didn't know the restaurant/bar/place/whatever's phone number, but Yasu did, so Yasu booked his next birthday celebration destination himself.
  • At the second place, the people recognized Yoko, who hasn't been there since May, Yoko told them it's "our guy's birthday" but that they already had cake so they don't need one. 
  • However, they bought one over anyways, and because Yoko is very kind and considerate, he explained to the people that Yasu already had a cake and they didn't need one.  But Yasu heard him and got mad, saying that he's really happy and wants to eat the (second) cake.  Yoko didn't know how to follow-up on that but because the cake was an ice cream cake, he came up with that Yasu said he wanted to eat ice cream.  Yoko thought that Yasu would help him out by agreeing but instead Yasu said out loud that he didn't want to eat ice cream (he may have been possibly drunk by that point). Back on the show, Hina and Guy laugh their heads off.
  • Yasu kept looking back at the cake, and Yoko didn't know why he was doing that until he saw the name plate (the chocolate thing where they write the message), it was written all in English and it said, "Happy Birthday Okura" [[NOTE : Yoko pronounced "Okura" like ooku-RAH]]  Hina and Guy laugh their heads off some more.

    Yasu : Kimi-kun... says "Okura" doesn't it?
    Yoko : Eh, this does say "Okura"... Ah!  It says "Okura"!
  • The explanation Yoko came up with is that the people at the second restaurant have thought Yasu was Okura the whole time, even though Yasu was the one who booked the place.
  • Back on the show, Hina calls that a "very sad birthday."  [[ I think Okura's miserable birthday dinner with Subaru and Hina was sadder, haahha... and what's with people mixing up Yasu and Okura?  Even Yoko's mom (!) got them mixed up... ]]  Yoko says that he'll understand if Okura was there but the only members there were Yoko+Yasu. 
  • Yasu took a picture of the cake with his cellphone.
  • Hina says that Yoko's "ooku-RAH" founds funny and Yoko says that because the name plate was written in cursive handwriting.
  • Yoko drank a lot even though he's on a diet right now, he kinda blames it on Yasu and how happy he was the whole night.

They're going to call Yasu later, during the last hour (when all of Japan can listen), they all came to the radio station earlier that day for a meeting and afterwards Maru and Yasu made plans to go to the sauna.

Main Project = Man who _________ ranking!
Because Yoko+Hina didn't make it on any of the lists from Anan's ranking thing, Recommen had listeners write in rankings where either Yoko or Hina is #1 in [[hahahahahah]].  There's a whole bunch of them and Yoko+Hina just shuffle around and pick the ones they like where #1 is the other person.  Like Yoko would pick one and read one who third and second is, first would be Hina (they play this hilarious cheesy winner sound effect), then the ranking topic.
Yoko : We're probably gonna be made fun of.
Hina : How many years have you been doing this?!  Of course we are!

Third – Uchiyama Shinji (the chubby guy who was on Momoko when K8 was on this year)
Second -   Ishizuka-san (this chubby comedian who's on a lot of food shows)
First – Yokoyama Yuu
Ranking – Man who suits takoyaki

Yoko (slightly mad) : I'm already being made fun of here.

Third – Tegoshi-kun
Second – don't know who this is
First – Murakai Shingo
Ranking – Man who seems like he'll built a fancy house (to live in) in the future.

Yoko : Congratulations.
Hina : Thank you very much.
Yoko : A lot has come in... with you... money-related, of course.
Hina : It's all your fault!
Guy : (laughs)
Yoko : “Man who looks like he saves a lot... who will open up a restaurant as a sidejob in the future...”
Guy : (laughs some more)
Yoko : ... all Murakami Shingo in first.

Third – Mickey Mouse
Second – Fukuyama Masaharu
First – Yokoyama Yuu
Ranking – Man who seems like it'll feel good to kiss.

Yoko : I overtook Masaharu!
Hina : Don't say “Masaharu”, dude!
Yoko : Ahahahahahaah.
Hina : Use -san!
Yoko : It'll be great if this was in Anan.
Hina : Unforunately, this is Recommen.
Guy : (laughs)

Third – Yoko didn't read it
Second – Shimada Shinsuke (Oishinsuke)
First – Murakami Shingo
Ranking – Man who looks like he's really good at counting wads of bills.

Yoko : Shinsuke-san, dude, you beat Shinsuke-san!
Yoko : You beat him!
Hina : I'm... I'm not that greedy with money.
Yoko : You are.
Hina : Not to that particular extent...
Yoko : Investments!  Investments!
Hina : Ahahahahahahahahaahah.
Yoko : Stocks, stocks!
Hina : I don't do that stuff...
Yoko (reading out what the listener wrote) : “Before the tour started, I witnessed Murakami-san counting his change money”
Hina : No wayyyy...
Yoko : You were probably at a convience store or something...
Hina : Uhn... counting money... it's probably because I use a money clip.
Yoko : Listen to this man, he uses a money clip.                                                           [[ Ahahahaha, here he goes...]]
Guy : Aahahahahahahah.
Yoko : Money clip... only people who have a lot of money has them, no?
Hina : Nononononono, I only have 4 or 5 bills, 4000 or 5000 yen.
Yoko : You're definitely lying.
Guy : (laughs)
Yoko : How much do you have right now?  For reals.
Hina : ..., I've got a bit, hahahaha.                                                                                    [[Ohh, the poor guy...]]
Yoko : Say how much you've got today.
Hina (wondering) : How much do I have today...
Yoko : We'll say how much we have...
Hina : Ah... can you bring my bag over here?  It's under...
Yoko : I don't know how much I have either...
(shuffling noises from Yoko's wallet)
Hina : You play dirty!
Yoko : (sighs)
Hina : That's low, man.
Yoko : Nonono, I really don't have that much.
Hina : Really?!
Yoko : Really... look.
Hina : I don't want to play this anymore...
Yoko : See?  It's all receipts.
Hina : That means you use a lot of money then!  I don't have any receipts.. ah, I just took out some money (from the bank)...
Yoko : How much did you take out?
Hina (sounding like he really doesn't want to) : Noooo.
Yoko : Say it!  I did!  I didn't know how much I had.
Hina (gives in reluctuntly): (noises)
Guy+Hina : (laughs)
Yoko : Don't say it, don't say it, you can't say this, no no no no no!
Guy : (laughing his head off)
Hina : You see (what I mean)?
Yoko : No, no, no... you really can't say it, it'll scare the listeners.
Hina : Right.
Yoko : You took out this much?
Hina : I didn't use it that much... I took it out (from the bank), took a taxi...
Yoko : When did you take this money out?
Hina : Last week.
Yoko : Last week... and of course, you have your (credit) card.
Hina : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHA... no, I don't spend that much.
Yoko : You do probably... you're lying... you spend.

This goes on for much longer...
  • Yoko starts looking at the cards that Hina has... Tsutaya membership card, credit card, license.  Yoko then focuses on Hina's wallet, that it's a Bottega Veneta (famous name brand) and gets riled up about that.  Hina says that it's old, Yoko doesn't care, Hina says that Subaru was the one who used this name brand first and said it was good so he bought one too, Yoko still doesn't care cause he's noticed that Hina's money clip is also Bottega Veneta and just keeps saying how expensive it is, Hina says he's picked the cheapest ones, Yoko says that there's no such thing as “the cheapest” with name brands.
  • Yoko moves on to Hina's bag.  He's got a soccer book, some make-up, his house keys, cologne, a change of clothes, and a notebook.  Yoko zones in on the notebook and thinks that Hina writes stuff like “so-and-so owes me this much money,” Hina says he writes about his thoughts, Yoko spits back that his thoughts are probably “that guy hasn't paid me back yet” and such, Hina laughs why must he be always worrying about money, Yoko calls him scary.
  • Yoko thinks of himself as a commoner cause he doesn't carry that much money around with him, they argue some more, Yoko says that Hina probably has 80 000 yen on his person right now, Hina yells that it's 70 000 yen, and they actually count out the bills Hina has in his wallet, he is carrying exactly 72 000 yen, Yoko says that Hina's probably got another 10 000 yen hidden in his sock, Hina says if that's true the money's definitely all gross by now (being in his sock).

    Yoko : Tax accountant-san, you gotta check up on this Murakami.
    Hina (getting pissed) : Stop saying stupid things!
  • Hina argues back that he only takes money like this once a month and that they all get paid the same...Yoko probably got more money cause he did a drama (Haikei), Yoko says that all the went to Nino.

They talk about TV guide =
Yoko doesn't understand why Subaru has his own cover while he got nothing for his birthday and Yasu also has a birthday in September.

Mail =
“Last month, I went to watch K8 in concert in my hometown.  There, I saw Murakami-kun's unshaven face for the first time, and he looked amazingly good like a wild Sakaguchi Kenji (actor). 
PS: I saw Murakami-kun's 'Bidan.'  Everyone around me thought it was very good too, I think you've surpassed Kimura Takuya-san.  Next year's 'Man who you want to be hugged by' you're surely going to be number one.”

Hina : There's no way someone from the outside can jump to number one!

They talk what went on behind the scenes at the “Bidan” shooting =
  • Yoko has not read it (he asks Hina a bunch of questions like who shot the pictures, how many pages was he featured in, was he on the cover) so Hina had to described to him the outfit he wore (the glasses+hat+striped shirt one), Yoko asked if he looked like Charlie Chaplin and Hina got mad told him that everyone told him he looked good.
  • During the shoot, Hina was asked not to talk/chat because they wanted him to focus on looking good.  [[Hee!]]
  • Yoko asks if his issue sold well, Hina says he doesn't know but that it probably did alright.

KamuKamu Lemon Tea =
[[NOTE : The week before, Yoko started the show with a rant about how he couldn't find this brand of tea in all the convenience stores he's been to, really, he went on for like 5 minutes]]
  • This week, Kirin (the company that makes the drink) sent 100 bottles to the studio, apparently they heard about Yoko's troubles.  Yoko's overjoyed, he ordered 24 bottles himself on the internet but it hasn't arrived yet.  Hina heard from somewhere that they've stopped making it and  points out that after Yoko finishes his 124 bottles of the stuff, it's over. 
  • Yoko talked about how badly he wanted this tea.  He asked Guy to look for him, Guy found some and called to ask Yoko if he should buy it but Yoko was out eating dinner with Tsuyoshi [[!!!]] and the reception was really bad so it went straight to his answering machine, when Yoko finally called Guy back, it was all sold out at the place.
  • After Yoko's rant last week, Hina went to look for the drink too but couldn't find it anywhere.                          [[Awwwwww]]
  • Yoko declares that they're now collecting this KamuKamu Lemon Tea at the radio station.
  • Yoko says it's because it's radio that he's saying this, if it were television, it'll definitely get cut, but on radio if he pisses someone off, he can just apologize later and it'll be okay.  Plus, he really likes the drink and wants more.

Yes! No! Dictionary =
All 4 of the listeners were Okura fans.  [[Heh, Yoko+Hina were so relieved when later, the caller for the vocabulary game was a Yasu fan/not an Okura fan]]

Hina : It's all Okura!  The guy was in Anan too!

Back to Main Project = rankings for Yoko+Hina

Third – Kimura Takuya
Second – Akanishi Jin
First – Okura Tadayoshi
Ranking – Man who you want to be hugged by.

Hina : Uhhh...
Guy : (laughs)
Hina : What?
Yoko : Why?
Hina (laughs) : It's suppose to be one of us!
Guy : (laughs his head off)
Hina : Ahhh, this is a listener who can read the atmosphere well.
Yoko : I don't know about the “well” part...

They call Yasu! =
Yoko : I'm very sleepy right now...   [[NOTE : It's around 12:45am]]
Hina : Don't say that.
Yoko : Really though...
Hina : There's just a bit more left.
Yoko : (slapping sounds... probably his own face to keep himself awake)
Hina : Hahaahahahhaaha.

They call and it rings.
They don't think he's gonna pick up when the line suddenly gets off cut, Yoko thinks it's because it's from an unknown number so he decides to call from his own cellphone but then the phone at the radio station rings (Yasu calls them back).

Yoko : Hello?
Yasu : ......what?
Yoko : Hello?
Yasu (sounding confused) : Hello.
Yoko : What you up to?
Yasu : ... I'm at the hotel, playing my guitar.
Yoko : Why didn't you answer the phone right away?  You know who this is?
Yasu : It's Yokocho right?
Yoko : You know what this is?
Yasu : Recommen.
Yoko : Right.
Hina : Hahahaha, you got it pretty quick today.
Yasu : No, I was surprised.  Today, until now, you know...
Yoko+Hina : Uhn.
Yasu : I was with Maru, you know?
Yoko : We know, we know, you guys went to the sauna right?
Yasu : We did.
Yoko : We knew, that's why we're calling you now.  Think about it, stupid.
Yasu : Ahh, is that so?  (gibberish)
Yoko+Hina : What did you say?!
Guy : (laughs)
Yasu : And then, Maru paid for everything.
Yoko : Ah, really.
Hina : Cause it's your birthday.
Yasu : Right.
Yoko : Maru, I told him.. that I celebrated your birthday with you.  Cause I had a location shoot with him today.
Yasu : Ahh, right right right.
Yoko : “Yasu looked really happy, his face...”  I told him all of it.
Yasu : Ahh, well that's all thanks to Yokocho.
Yoko : (You said that) the whole time last night... today, Yasu sent me mail like demon...
Yasu : There was no such thing, only 3!
Yoko : 3, that's totally like a demon no?
Hina : What?  From the morning?
Yasu : No.
Yoko : From this morning.
Hina : What did it say?
Yoko : I had to wake up early this morning.
Hina : Uhn.
Yoko : Yesterday too, the moment after the party ended, Yasu wrote this... (looks it up in his cellphone)  Yasuda Shota... “Kimi-kun.  I really thank you.  I really thank you.  I really thank you.”  Then 3 hearts (emocons).
Hina (can't take the mushiness) : Uwaaaa, uwaaaa.
Yoko : “I think...”
Yasu (cuts him off) : Why are you saying, “uwaaa”?  (laughs)
Yoko (continues reading Yasu's mail) : “I think I'm drunk, but I want you to don't be late tomorrow and give it all you've got.”
Hina : Ahhh.
Yoko (continues reading) : “I am drunk.”   (laughs)
Hina : Aaahhhhhhhhh.
Yoko : Yasu's mail came like this.
Hina : Uwaaaaa.
Yasu : (laughs)
Yoko : And...
Hina : The third one.
Yoko : The, the...this morning, something like 'are you awake?,' “Yokocho, are you alright?” came, during the day.
Hina : Uhn.
Yoko : Then I wrote back, “I'm up, thank you.”
Hina : Uhn.
Yoko : Then, “Who woke you up?”
Hina : Uhn.
Yoko : “No one woke me up, I woke up myself.”
Hina : Uhn.
Yoko : He wrote back “You woke up youself?”!  That's what I already wrote!
Hina : Uhn.
Yoko : I had a feeling that this was gonna get long so I stopped mailing him there.
Hina : I see, I see.
Yoko : That's what happened.
Hina : Did you get any sleep, Yasu?
Yasu : I.. I did, I went home.
Hina : Uhn.
Yoko : Right, I had a location shoot this morning, Yasu went to the hospital today right?   [[NOTE : Didn't say for what]]
Yasu : Right.
Yoko : I talked a bit about yesterday's Yasu... um... the part with the cake.
Hina : It was hilarious.
Yasu : Hahaha.
Yoko : Right.
Yasu : I was so surprised!
Yoko : (trying to tell the story again but can't stop giggling)
Yasu : (giggles with Yoko)
Yoko : The cake... when the second cake came?
Yasu : Ahh.
Yoko : I said, “At the first restaurant, Yasu already had a cake, so he probably won't eat this one.”
Hina : Uhn.
Yoko : After I said that, (Yasu went,) “There's no such thing!” and got mad right?
Yasu : Uhn, right, I got mad.
Hina : Ah, you remember that.
Yasu : I do remember that part.
Yoko : And then, cause the cake was an ice cream cake, I thought I had to do a nice follow-up, so I said, “But Yasu did say that he wanted to eat ice cream.”  And he goes, “I don't want to!”
Yasu : Hahahahahahaahhaaha.
Hina : You're contradicting everything he said, man!
Yoko : You said that right?  Unconsciously...
Yasu : I did say that, hahaha, I did.  Like, my tension was all up and I said it.
Yoko : I'm not sure but you're always very considerate but you became unable to be that, eh?
Yasu : Right.
Yoko : Then, you kept looking at the cake, no?  Yasu?  I thought, “Huh?  That's weird.”  What was written on it?  (laughs)
Yasu : Eh, “Happyy Birthdaayy  ooku-RAH!”
Yoko+Hina : (laugh their heads off)
Hina : Dude, you said it the same way as Yoko!
Guy : Ahahahahahahaa.
Yoko : Ah, really?
Hina : Uhn, ooku-RAH!
Yasu (sounding very giddy and happy) : Ah!  Yokocho said it the same way too?
Yoko : Uhn.  But it was written in cursive handwriting.
Yasu : It was, it was written very beautifully... ooku-RAH.
Hina : Aahahahaha, really.
Yoko : It was seriously funny, how many times Yasu looked at the cake before eating it.
Guy : Aahahahahaha.
Hina : To confirm.
Yoko : He was kinda hesitating so I asked him, “What's wrong?” and he goes, “ says 'Okura' no?”  I didn't know that for the longest time and the staff went “Oh my god!  It does say 'Okura'!”
Hina : Ohhhh.
Yoko : “Happy Birthday ooku-RAH!”
Yasu : Aahahahahahahah.
Guy : Ahahahahahahahaha.
Yoko : Hey Yasu, it's all true right?  What we're saying here is all truth.
Yasu : It's true.
Hina: That's amazing.
Yoko : Yesterday was interesting.
Yasu : Really, it was interesting.
Hina : That's good, that's a good birthday... this year too.
Yasu : Right... I'm very happy, really.
Yoko : Yesterday we also played pool.
Hina : You did.
Yoko : It's been awhile, with staff-san, the Kansai Television staff-san...
Hina : Ohhhoohhohhhhh.  Did it get rowdy?
Yoko : It got really rowdy.
Yasu : It got really rowdy.
Yoko : How long were we there?
Yasu : We went to two places right?
Yoko+Hina : Uhn.
Yasu : At the second place only... we were there for 3 hours right?
Yoko : Right, but we started at around 7 no?
Yasu : Yes, yes, yes, yes.
Hina : Ah, really.
Yoko : Yep... so the whole thing was 8 hours or so...
Hina : That long eh?
Yoko : Drank for 8 hours, I was all stagger-y for work this morning.  I'm very sleep at this time.
Hina : Hahaah.
Yoko : But it was for Yasu's celebration.
Hina : But Yoko's said it before?  Yasu was so happy the whole time...
Yasu : I was very happy.
Yoko : Right?
Yasu : Uhn.
Yoko : I haven't had that much fun for a long time.  I think member's birthdays are great, really.
Hina : Uhn.
Yoko : Yasu, say your aspirations.
Yasu : Aspirations?
Yoko : Thoughts on becoming a gorilla.
Yasu : (repeats after Yoko) Thoughts on... (realizes what's going on) wait!  Oi! Oi!
Yoko : Hahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahaahhahaahaahaa.
Yasu : Excuse me.
Yoko : “Wait! Oi! Oi! Oi!”
Hina : Tsukkomi-ing on the phone is hard eh?
Yasu : It is.
Hina : Cause there's a time lag and all...
Yasu : But um, without getting too nervous/tense, um, I'm hoping I can send happiness to everyone.  Thank you very much.  
Yoko : do you send it?
Yasu : Happiness is... um... not pretending to be tough.
Yoko : Eh?!
Hina : Huh?!
Yasu : Not pretending to be tough.
Yoko : (highpitchlaugh)
Hina : Not pretending to be tough is happiness?!
Yoko (laughing while talking) : If Yasu's not pretending to be strong, you can send happiness?!
Yasu : Right.  Without pretending to be strong and just being honest, I send happiness to everyone, heh.
Yoko : Yasu...
Yasu : Yes?
Yoko : You're an idiot.
Yasu : Why are you saying this?
Yoko : I think if Yasu's happy, then all the listeners are probably happy too.
Yasu : Ah... if that's true, then I'm really happy.
Yoko+Hina (exactly at the same time) : Uhn.
Yoko : Well then, Yasu, here.
Yasu : Yes.
Yoko : Sing “Watashi Kagami”
Yasu : (starts to sing) “Ana” (yells) Wait!  Oi! Oi!
Yoko : Ahaahahahahhaahaha.
Hina : Stop it, I told you already (tsukkomi-ing over the phone is hard).
Yasu : Hahahahahaa.
Hina : Just quit it, already.                                                 [[Hahaha, I think bad tsukkomi-ing physically hurts Hina or something]]
Yoko : It's hopeless, it's too slow.
Yasu : Sorry.
Yoko : Please sing a bit from the chorus.  I want to listen it right now, it's been awhile.
Yasu : Ehhh, really?
Yoko : Uhn.  Sing it seriously.
Hina : You have your guitar with you right?
Yasu : I do.
Hina : Then put the phone down somewhere.
Yoko : And sing.
Yasu : I have it with me right now.
(Yasu strums on his guitar)
Yoko : Ah!  That's nice.
(The Recommen staff has echo-ed Yasu so it sounds like a live concert)
Yasu : Should I sing?  Really?
Yoko : Ohh, it's been separated.
Hina : They've added the echo.  Well then, here's Yasuda Shota with “Watashi Kagami.”
(Yasu puts the phone down and strums some more on his guitar)
Yoko : Ahahahaahhahahaah.
Yasu : (singing his song) 
Yoko [[NOTE: he's planning to hang up on Yasu while he's singing]] : Thank you very much.
(sound of the line being cut off)
Yasu : (finishes singing a line) Was that good?  Was that good?
Yoko (thinking that they've hung up on Yasu) : Well then...
Yasu : Eh?  You're neglecting me?
Hina : Ah!  It didn't get cut off!
Yoko : How stubborn, this guy.
Hina : The radio wave is being stubborn.
Yoko : I was gonna to cut you off but it totally didn't work, hahahahahahaha,
Yasu : Aahahahahhaah.
Yoko : I though it was cut but it wasn't!
Yasu : Thank you very much.
Yoko : Uwa!  “Yasuda Kagami” is very powerful!
Hina : It is.
Yoko : What is this “Yasuda Kagami”!
Yasu : As one would expect.. I am my father and mother's kid.
Yoko : I don't care about that!
Hina : No one cares about that!
Guy : Aahhahaahahhaahahaha.
Yoko : Everyone's the same! If you're gonna say that!
Hina : Hahahahahaa.
Yoko : We're all our father and mother's kid!
Yasu : That is true.  Thank you very much.
Yoko : Wait... Yasu, can you sing Hina's song?
Yasu : What?  Hina's song? 
Yoko : Acoustic guitar version.
Yasu : Acoustic guitar version's gonna be hard, only acapella works.
Yoko : Then try it.
Yasu (sings hilariously off-key on purpose) : “Sou janai deshouuuu...”
Yoko (while Yasu's singing) : He's totally making fun of you.
Yasu (continues to sing horribly) : “Sona mon darooooo [[heh, he got the lyric wrong]] Maketa mama...”  (talks into the phone) Hello?
Yoko : You're totally making fun of him.  Hina-chan is very pissed right now.
Yasu : Why? What?
Yoko : He's as mad as when Yasu showed him that rhinocerous beetle toy in that parking lot.
Yoko+Yasu : Ahahahahahahahah.
Yasu : Then he's really mad then, no?
Yoko : He's really mad.
Hina : (still laughing)
Yoko : At the parking lot... Yasu, he had bought this rhinocerous beetle toy.
Hina : This was right after Recommen.
Yoko : It really looked like the real thing.  Then he went up to Hina... as a joke, Yasu has the charm of an innocent kid, and went, “Hina-chan! Look!” and handed it over to him... Hina got really mad, “What the fuck are you doing?!”
Guy : Aahahahahahahhahahahaah.
Yoko : “You're a moron!”
Hina : Ahahahahaha.
Yoko : He was seriously pissed, “You're a moron!  Fucking cut it out.”
Yasu : Ahahahaaahahaa.
Yoko : He made an ex-convict face.
Hina : What the hell?!
Hina : I don't have a criminal record!
Yoko : (He had) the face of a person who's been arrested three times.
Hina : Aahahahahahhahaha.
Yasu : It was very bad.
Yoko : Ahahahahahaah... that face was something.
Hina : Nonono, I wasn't that mad... right, Yasu?
Yoko : He was!  Wasn't he, Yasu?
Yasu : His face was bright red, even I got scared myself halfway (as he was yelling at me).
Hina : Hahahahahahaha.
Yoko : And, he and Maru, the two of them were going to do it, but after Yasu got Hina so mad, Maru went to hide.
Yoko : It's true yo, isn't it the truth, Yasu?
Yasu : It's all true, Maru really went to hide.
Hina : If you just cut out this part, it feels like I got mad at you for no reason.
Yoko : You got way too mad.
Yasu : Ahahahahahaha.
Hina : No, I didn't get thaaaat mad.
Yoko : I've been pretty much with you all this time, but that was the maddest I've seen you.
All : HAHAHAHAHA.  (Hina claps his hands and laugh, he's been laughing non-stop since the parking lot bit)
Yoko : That was the first time I've seen you that mad.
Hina : Is that so?  Hahahahahahahaah.
Yoko : It was the first, seeing you that mad.
Hina : Ahahahahahahaahah.
Yoko : You really made a face of a ex-con.
Hina : There was no such thing!  I was just tsukkomi-ing, right, Yasu?
Yoko : That was pass tsukkomi-ing!
Yasu : You really did look like an ex-con.
Hina : Really?
Yoko : Your double tooth grew about 7 inches!
Hina : That'll be a bother!
Yasu : It got longer.
Yoko : You went all, “Haaaaaa.”  It was quite a sight.  Yasu, thank you!
Hina : Congratulations!  Really...
Yasu : Thank you very much, really thank you.
Yoko : Next are the concerts at Kagoshima and Fukuoka.
Yasu : That's right.
Yoko : Work hard then, Yasu.
Yasu : Yes.
Yoko : Please show us the Yasu who's turned 23.
Hina : Ahh, the first stage show (after your birthday).
Yasu : I understand, I'll work hard.
Hina :  You probably didn't get that much sleep last night, go sleep now!
Yasu : Ahh...ahhh.. right!  I'll go rest.                                                               [[NOTE : I think he meant to say “goodnight” but it came out as “I'll go rest”]]
Yoko+Hina : HAHAHAHA.
Hina : Please go rest.
Yoko : What are you, dude, a merchant from somewhere?
Hina+Guy : Ahahahahaha...
Yoko : Saying, “Right.  I'll go rest.”
Yasu : Ahahahahaha.
Yoko : Sounds like you're closing the store for a holiday or something.
Hina : Ahahaha, sorry bothering you, Yasu, thank you.
Yasu : Okayyy.
Hina : Uhn, bye.
Yasu : Thank you very much.
Yoko : Byebyeee.

Hina : After a phone call with that kind of tension, it kinda got a lot lonelier here now.
Yoko : He's always playing his guitar, eh, that guy?
Hina : Yeah, cause he's really into practicing.

Ending Talk =
  • They talk about appearing of Heyheyhey and Utaban, Yoko mentions that he got really tired after the Utaban taping again.
  • Yoko brings up the Kamukamu Lemon Tea again, saying that he's supporting it all by himself and possibly creating a relationship between K8 and Kirin.
  • Yoko remembers to say that he also really likes UFO, he says it a couple times until Hina tells him to shut up. 
  • Yoko declares that they like everything and dislike nothing and K8 will do anything (job-wise), so he'll be waiting offers to the radio station.
    Hina : Not to Johnnys Jimusho?
    Yoko : It'll get complicated if we do it through Johnnys.
    Guy : Ahahahahahahahhaha.
    Hina : I see, I see.

And I think Yasu's really funny.
Tags: birthday, hina, hina is a rich man, maru, okura, ooku-rah!, recommen, tsuyoshi, yasu, yoko

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