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October 4th, 2007's Recommen

Yoko's talks about shooting for Yuukan Club and how he really feels the "school" atmosphere... cause there are girls, Hina laughs.  But Yoko says that Kashii Yu (Noriko) doesn't talk to him and tells these hilarious stories of how he tried talking to her (Hina's impressed that Yoko's being chatty this time around cause he usually never talks to other people, Yoko says that it's because's older and feels that he should be the one who starts making conversations).

#1 =
Kashii Yu was playing RADWIMPS's music in the makeup room, and Yoko (and Kanjani) listens to them too, so he thought he'll that as a conversation starter because they haven't talked before yet.  But Yoko thought that was too soon in the makeup room and waited 5 or 6 hours later, when it was just him, "Minami-chan and Kashii-san."  Even then, he still thought about it for 10 minutes before bringing it up.  Hina laughs.

Yoko : You were listening to RADWIMPS this morning right?  It's good eh?  I listen to them too.
Kashii : I see.

[Back on the show]
Yoko : And it ended there.
Yoko : My heart broke.
Hina (clapping and laughing) : It's too soon for your heart to break!
Yoko : The conversation went nowhere!

# 2 =
This happened today (Oct 4th) when it was just Yoko, Akanishi Jin, and Kashii Yu  together somewhere.  Yoko tried getting Akanishi to start the conversation but he said he couldn't do it, so Yoko had to do it himself again.

Yoko : How old are you?
Kashii : I'm 20, and you?
Yoko : 26.
Kashii : Is that so?
Yoko : You're a very calm/composed/cool and steady person eh?  I'm jealous, I wish I could be that calm/composed/cool.
Kashii : I want to be full of youthful energy like you too.

[Back on Recommen]
Hina : HAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAAHA.  That's a 100 points reply right there!
Yoko : I was so surprised.
Hina : Kashii-san got skills!
Yoko : I was surprised.
Hina : What an adult eh?
Yoko : What an adult indeed...
Hina : Uhn.
Yoko : My heart was broken twice.
Hina : Hahahahahahahaha.
Yoko : Me and Akashini were both like "this is impossible."

# 3 =
Yoko was talking to someone and was saying how scary Kashii-san is while she was walking up behind him.

[to Hina on Recommen]
Yoko : It sucks, it's like a vicious cycle.

# 4 =
Another conversation they had (maybe continuation of the one from before?).

Yoko : It feels like you're 3 years older than me.
Kashii : Are you saying that I'm old?
Yoko : I'm sorry.

[Back on the show]
Hina : Aahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha.

# 5 =
This time, all the main actors were there on standby and Taguchi asked Yoko if he wanted juice from the vending machine nearby, then he asked Akanish and the girls, and everyone said yes except for Kashii-san, who wasn't there at the time. 

When she got back, Yoko nudges Taguchi to go ask her (didn't specify what).  So Taguchi goes up right next to her but looks right back at Yoko and goes, "What?  What?  Eh?  What?"

Hina : Hahahahahahaahaha.  He can't read the atmosphere!]

Yoko calls Taguchi back and tells him to ask her if she wants any juice.

Taguchi : Kashii-san, you want any juice?
Kashii : I'm fine.
Taguchi (holds out the juice he's drinking) : How about mine? 
Kashii (with a very serious look) : No thanks.

Yoko : Afterwards, I asked him if his heart broke, and what do you think he said?
Hina : What did he say?
Yoko : “I'm totally alright.”
Hina : Aahahahahhaahhahaha.
Yoko : Hahahahahahaha.
Hina : That's kinda Maru-ish.
Guy : Hahahahahahahah.

Addendum = Yoko said on Oct 27, 2007's Kikujani that they're good friends now (well, better than before) but he still calls her by her last name.
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