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January 31st, 2008's Recommen

I've been busy... and very lazy.

Opening =
Seems like Yoko had the week off, but he's not going to say anything about it, only that he fully enjoyed himself.

Yoko and Hina don't really introduce Yasu, they do, but not really.
Yasu : There aren't going to be any clapping?!
Yoko : Listeners are probably going, "I've had enough of this guy already!"  Just how many times have you come on (the show)!

More abuse from Yoko+Hina =
Yasu : I told the whole country that I'd be on radio tonight.
Hina : The whole country (broadcast) starts at 12!
Yoko : Where did you say it?
Yasu : On Johnnys Web (in the weekly Eito Ranger diaries).
Yoko : That's writing!  You didn't say it!
Yasu : It's like the same thing!
Yoko : It's already been 2 minutes (since the show began) and I've had enough, kinda like my stomach's all full.

They brings up how Yasu said the words, "No one listens to the radio!" while in a radio booth himself.  The story goes that they were recording something (one of their weekend shows perhaps) in a radio booth, and during a break, Subaru mentioned that cellphones nowadays come with a built-in radio player, which led Yasu to say, "No one listens to the radio (on their cellphones)!"
Yasu : I realize it now, that what I said then was awful.
Hina : You realize it now?!  Notice earlier!
Yoko : What kinds of sayings are you going to leave here tonight?!

Yoko calls Yasu annoying and tells him to leave already (at the 3 minute mark).  Hina asks him why he came tonight. 
Yasu's come to promote his his show 818 (Yoko calls it 212, Yasu corrects him, Yoko in turn gets pissed, saying it's complicated with Yasu's 911 necklace and all).
Yoko asks him if his show is sold-out.  Yasu isn't really sure, the higher ups were all "even if we told you..." and didn't tell him.  Yoko says that it'll be kinda bad of Yasu to come telling people to go to his show if it's all sold out already.  They check with their manager who's right outside the radio booth (Hina : The chief's really giving us the peace sign, ahhahahaah).
Yoko : You gotta check these things youself!  You're not really thinking about the listeners.
Yasu : I am!  Even when I'm going to sleep, I am.                        
Yoko+Hina : Aahahahahahahaha.
Yoko : Lie, why would you tell such a see-through lie?
Hina : What are you saying?!  Your likeability will drop!
Yasu : I do think about them all the time!
Yoko : When you're going to sleep.
Yasu : Even when I'm taking a shower.
Yoko : How?
Yasu : I'll be thinking while I wash my head like this.
Hina : You say head, so don't touch down there!        >> HAHAHA, POOR YASU.

"Naniwa Iroha Bushi"

Girls' Ranking = Highly recommended entertainers.
# 2 = Kojima Yoshio (the "sonno kankei nee" guy)
Yoko did a location shoot at a school with Maru that day and people called him Seishiro and Maru... Paaannn.
Yasu + Hina : AAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAHA *claps hands*
Yasu : It's become a pronoun!

#1 = Kano Eikou (dresses like a host, his gag is "ramen, tsukemen, boku ikemen" or other words that rhyme with ikemen=cool guy)
They read a mail from a listener who mentions Okura used this gag in this Jweb diary before, which leads them to talk about how much they don't like Okura using it...
Yoko : That guy doesn't say what he wants so he writes it all in his Jweb.
Hina : His web is really cute.
Yasu : He says the things he wants there.
Hina : I don't really understand what's happened to Maru's.
Yasu : Ahahahaha.
Hina : He's writing a novel eh?
Yoko : I don't know.
Yasu : Do you have a page that you don't read?
Hina : Lately I don't read Maru's.
Yasu : Ahahaahahah.
Yoko : I read them all, but not when I forget that they're up, then I just skip that week's.
Hina : I start from the top (Subaru's) and skip Maru's.
Yasu : Aahahahahaha *claps hands* 
Yoko : I start from my own (the last one).
Yasu : I read from the top too.

As Hina's announcing next week's theme = where do you want to give Valentines chocolate, Yasu goes "I wonder if I'll get any Valentines" in the sweetest voice and Yoko+Hina gets hilariously pissed at him and tells him to quit acting so 80's.

The main project of the night is devoted to Yasu.  Yasu picks from a bunch of little games, and they play to decide how much promotion time he gets.

Nice Russian Challenge - they go around in a circle with a balloon gun, saying nice things they have done lately and then pull the trigger until it pops.
Yoko = when his brother was sick, helped give his suppository by licking it first.       
Hina = bought his dad a nicer bag than the one he asked for.
Yasu = bought his neice a bunch of clothes.
Yoko = said, "yes!" when his other brother asked if he would do the same for him if/when he gets sick.
Hina = called his mom while he was away in Tokyo during the beginning of the year.
Yasu = rescued a pigeon.

Ippatsu gag Challenege (funny/corny gag)
Yoko tricks Yasu into picking this one by saying that all Yasu has to do is not laugh at Yoko's gag, but really Yasu's the one who has to do the gag.  He stammers for a long time then does an impression of a flying squirrel.  Everyone in the studio laughs.
Yoko : Yasuda showed his penis.
Yasu : No I didn't!
Yoko : Yes you did!  Not exactly...
Yasu : It was tucked in!
Hina : You don't say that!                             

Random bits and pieces =
Mitei Ichi : On Hina's birthday, the higher-ups invited him and Subaru out to dinner and prepared champagne and cake for him.  Because Subaru doesn't drink at all during their performing period, and all the higher-ups were driving, Hina ended up drinking a lot and got very drunk.

Mail : A listener wrote in that in Yasu's Jweb entry that day he wrote that he was going to sitting in between "Chatterbox 1" and "Chatterbox 2" that night so she wants to know which is Yoko and which is Hina.  Yasu thinks about it a bit (ahaha, cute) and says that Yoko's number 2 because to him, the one who does song introductions is 2.  Yoko is upset about this and for the rest of the segment sulks about it.

More mail : Yoko plays rock-paper-scissors with readers on his Jweb and to those who won that day, he wrote that Yasu would gave them 1000 yen, and this listener's asking for the money... but Yoko turns it back to him, and how he hates Yasu now and wants to terminate their friendship.  Hina jumps on...
Hina : I invited (Yasu) 4 times in one week and got turned down 4 times.
Yoko : He does do stuff like this.
Hina : Wait, listen.
Yoko : Really, Yasu says stuff like how we're all good friends, but he's never with us in the dressing rooms.
Yasu : That's cause I have stuff I gotta do.
Yoko : The next time Yasu stay in the dressing room, we'll go out.
Yasu : What is this, bad feeling here...
Hina : I was with Subaru in our dressing room (during Mitei in Tokyo), and Yasu was rehearsing by himself right, so we'd invite him (out to eat), after he turned us down the third time Subaru was all "don't bother asking that guy anymore!" but I still sent him a mail asking "what are you doing tonight for dinner?" and he writes back "thank you for inviting me."  Isn't that totally vague?!  So me and Subaru decided that we'll never going to invite Yasu.
Yasu : But I had made plans with friends already.
Yoko : How many friends do you have?!  We're friends aren't we?!
Yasu : Ahh...
Yoko : And they invited you 4 times.  (To Hina) Invite me first (before Yasu)!
Hina : Ahahahaahha.
Yasu : You're going that way, eh...
Yoko : The people who are listening may be sad, but I'm twice as sad (hearing this).

Yoko keeps sulking about this and the chatterbox 2 thing, and in the end, makes Yasu does his (possibly penis-showing) flying squirrel impression.

12 o'clock [ or when Yoko busts out the English ] !

Some more bits and pieces =
More Mitei behind-the-scenes talk : Yoko asks how different is the atmosphere between Kanjani's and Mitei's dressing rooms, which leads Hina to say that he's always with Subaru lately.  They do Mitei, eat lunch, do Mitei again, eat dinner, and play video games.  Though they do have times where they don't talk at all, it's a comfortable silence.  Yoko says that's too much, but Hina declares that not matter how much they're together, he is not/won't get sick of it.      >> Awwwww!

Totoro clock/watch from Takki :
Hina : He gave that to me on surprise for my birthday.
Yoko [in English] : Why?
Hina : Don't suddenly use English!
Yasu : Heh, he said "why?"
Yoko [in English] : Why?
Hina [ignoring him, Guy is laughing] : So then, it was a surprise.  He said that it was mutual staff member's birthday and I should just go and say, "Happy birthday" and left cause I'm still in the middle of doing Mitei, so I go and then and he calls me over to the next room, and there was a cake there.
Yoko [in English] : Really?
Hina : Really, really.
Yasu [copying Yoko in English] : Hahaha, really?
Yoko [in English] : Really?  Really? ...pardon?
Hina : What with this voice?
Yoko [in English] : When?
Hina : When?  When?  Last week, last week.
Yoko [in English] : Ahhhhh, okay, okay (Yasu playing along : okay, okay) , happy birthday!  (Yasu : to you!)
Hina [in English] : Thank you. 
Yasu [in English] : Thanks.
Yoko [in English] : Yeah, you crazy.
Yasu : Whoooo!
All : Aahahahahahahhaah.
Yoko [in English] : Yeah, okay, okay.
Hina [in English] : Ahaha, no problem!
All [in English] : No problem, no problem!
Hina [in English] : Okay!
Yoko [in English] : Sit down.
All : Aahahahhaahhaah. *someone's clapping his hands*
Hina : Are you done?

Mail = a listener writes in that she got into a private school...
Yoko [in English] :  She's beautiful!
Hina : You've never met her!
Yoko [in English] : She's beautiful!
Yasu [in English] : Nice guts!
Hina : Aahahahah.
Yoko [in English] : Ahaha, nice guts?!
Hina : Yoko's trying really hard here.
Yoko : Did you understand that?  [in English] She is beautiful.
Yasu : She is lovely?
Yoko : She is beautiful.
Hina : Pretty much everyone gets that!
Yoko : No!  Not ordinary. 
Yasu : I just got it wrong!
Yoko : I really understand English now.
Hina : Ahh, really.  What are you doing?
Yoko : I can speak a little English after using "Eigozuke (DS game)."  I'm thinking of aiming for Hollywood.
Yasu : That's serious stuff.
Hina [in English] : Really?
Yoko [in English] : Really.
Hina : Aahahhhaahaahah, can't you just have said, [in English] "yes"?
Yasu : It's not [in English] "yes"?
Yoko : It means "really."
Yasu [in English] : Really?
Hina : I asked you "really?"
Yoko : That's what it means!
Yasu : Yokocho, [in English] really?
Yoko : Really.
All : Aahahahahahaha.
Hina : Why was that in Japanese?
Yoko : Wait, wait, that now, was just me being me (=stupid).
Hina : Ahahah, you don't say.
Yoko [in English] : Yes, yes, hollywood... uhhh, actor, actor... uh...Japan.
Hina : In both (Hollywood and Japan)?
Yoko [in English] : Ah, yes.  Uhhh, very, very Japan actor.
Hina : He said, "Very very Japan's actor."
All : Ahahahahhahaahah.
Yasu : That's right. [in English] That's right!
Yoko [in English] : Actor... uhhhh, musician.
Hina+Yasu [in English] : Ahhhhhh, yes, yes.
Yoko [in English] : Big production.  Johnny's Jimusho.      >> The way he says "Johnny's Jimusho" is hilarious.
All : Aahahahahahahahhaahhahhaahha.

Tsubasa's "To Base" !

Hina : This is the mail reading zone, a lot has come in.
Yoko [in English to someone else] : Okay, come on!
Yoko [in English] : Okay, come on!
Hina : Heh.
Yoko [in English] : Okay, stay!  Okay, come on!  ...okay, hurry up, hurry up!
Hina : You've had enough?
All : Ahahahahahah.
Yoko [in English] : Okay, come on!  My name is Yu Yokoyama.
Hina [in English] : Your name...
Yoko [in English] : What's your name?
Maru [in English] : My name is... Ryuhei Maruyamaaa!
All : Yaaaayyyyyyy!  *clapping hands and giving each other high fives*
Yoko : Why did you come here?
Maru : Huh?  Ah, to meet up with Murakami-san.
All : Aahahahahahahahah.
Yasu : Work, ahahah, you still got work.
Maru : I finished early, so I thought I'll come here.
Yoko : Don't make here your meeting place!
Hina : You're just waiting here!
Maru : We working after this so I thought it'll be better if I come here (to meet up with Hina then go together)...
Hina : You're coming on the show a lot, lately!
Maru : I have been!  Thank you very much.
Yoko : I was just with you before.
Hina : Right, you guys had your location shoot.
Yoko [in English] : You is hobby?
Maru [in English] : Very hobby!
Hina [in English] : Hobby?
Yoko : Doesn't it mean 'interest'?
Maru : Ah. [in English] Very hobby.  [in Japanese] I have very interest, man.  Ahahah.
All : Ahahahaha.
Yasu (?) [in English] : Many, many.
Yoko [in English] : Only hobby.
Maru : I...
Hina [in English] : For example.
Maru : Oh!
Yoko [in English] : For example?
Hina : For example.
Yoko : This is perfect for the students who are taking their school acceptance examinations.
Hina : They probably already know the English we're speaking.
Yoko : I don't.
Hina : You're a middle school graduate.
Yoko [pissed] : Shut up.
All : Ahahaha.
Yoko [in English] : For example?
Maru [in English] : Umm, for example?  Hobby?  Camera.
Yoko [in English] : Camera?
Maru [in English] : Pasha, pasha (camera sounds).  Picture!
Hina+Yasu [in English] : Picture, picture!
Maru : [in English] Picture... camera... [in Japanese] you like?
All : Ahahahahahaha.
Yoko [in English] : You like?
Yasu [in English] : You like pasha pasha?
Maru [in English] : Picture.
Yoko [in English] : Picture, oooohhhhhhh, my hobby.
Maru [in English]  : My hobby?!
All : Ohhhhhhh.
Maru [in Japanese but with an exaggerated English accent] : It's cause you have a digital camera eh?
All : Ahahaahhahahahahahaah.
Yoko [in English] : I have.
Yasu [in English] : You have.
Maru [in English] : Digital camera.
Yoko [in English] : Yeah. Hobby, hobby, hobby, picture, hobby. My... (points to Hina) you...
Hina [in English] : Football.
Rest of them [in English] : Football?
Hina [in English] : Yeah.
Yoko [in English] : Soccer?
Hina [in English] : Football.
Maru : [in English] Football [in English] player?
Hina : No [in English] player.
Yoko [in English] : You hobby?
Yasu [in English] : Ahh... design!
All : Ohhhhhhh.
Yasu [in English] : Yeaah!
Yoko : We can't do English eh?
Hina : Nope.

Yoko brings up how he's playing "Eigozuke" on the DS and Maru mentions that when they went shopping that day, Yoko was really fast buying CDs but stopped in front of the DS game stand and stood there for awhile deciding which one to get.  Yoko says he wanted to get the Snoopy one but thought it would be too cute and he won't be able to learn. 

Yoko : Let's do this in English.
Rest of them : Okay.
Yoko : [in English] For example. [in Japanese] is for example.
Maru : But it's not used that often.
Yoko : They do use... eehh, [in English] really?
Hina : Ahahahahahahaha.
Maru [in English] : Really?
Yasu [in English] : Really.
Yoko : It means [in English] "yes"?  Ah, no, no, yes.
Yasu [in English] : Yes.
Maru [in English] : I'm yes man!
Yasu : Ahahahah.
Yoko [in English] : Yeah, Japanese everyday.
Maru [in English] : Yes man.
Yoko [in English] : Yes man!
Maru [in English] : Okay!
Hina : Everyday yes man.
All : Ahahahahah.
Yoko : This is impossible.

They talk about how hard English is, Hina starts saying how questions like what you like would be easier but gets cut off...
Yasu [in English] : Are you happy?
Yoko [in English] : Happy!
All : Ahahahahahahahahahahha.

Yoko says he's doing okay on the listening parts on his DS game, but the writing parts are too hard for him.  He totally sucks at spelling and can't spell "thank you" and they all spell out "thank" together.
Other stuff they talk about =
- "the" is hard to pronounce
- so is "r"
- how to pronounce "really"
- "really" sounds like "I got it" (I think it's "I got it" but not 100% sure)
- American English and British English are different
- (Yoko asked what is) "no I got it" = (rest of them answered) "I don't know"  which in the affirmative is "I know" or "I see"
- Maru says it's cute how Yuu-chin says "I shii" instead of "I see" and (Chinese) "Ho ai ni" and not "Wo ai ni"
- they practice saying "I see" and "I know"
- Yoko tells his favourite English-related story, the one where he introduces himself to foreigners with "my name is Yuu" and the other person would tell him "no! you!" and Yoko "Yuu!" and hilarity ensues.

They move on and ask if Maru's staying till the end of the show, he says he will cause he has to wait for Hina...
Yoko : Come next week.
Maru : Why?
Yoko : You coming next week?
Maru : I'll have to check my schedule...
Hina : You're probably free!
Yoko : Definitely, don't pretend that're busy!
Hina : Because Nakamaru is the guest next week.
Maru : Ah, the MaruMaru combination.
Yoko : Don't link the two of you like that.  Will be you coming or not?
Maru : ... I'll come.
Yoko : Yeah?
Maru : If I'm not in Osaka then, I'll come.
Yoko : You better.  Though I don't know if we're going to let you on radio or not.

They wrap up the show by playing a couple more games to let Yasu promote his show at the ending talk (one involves eating a cream puff filled with wasabi and Yasu keeps screaming for a long time after eating it and Hina gets really mad with him, haha).

Yasu's must love Yoko and Hina lots because he kept saying how much fun he was having while screaming and laughing at Yoko+Hina's constant tsukkomis/torment/crazyassdemands, and Yoko+Hina must love Yasu lots because they keep tsukkomi-ing/torturing/throwing crazyassdemands at him.  And Maru = good times.
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