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March 6th, 2008's Recommen

... in which all I wrote about was Yoko's little brother's three appearances.

The project that night was to call their fans and see who has a best reaction (?), and during some point, Yoko brings up how he hasn't talked to his younger brother Mitsuru for a month and half. He also mentions that if you type in his name in youtube, a clip from his previous appearance comes up (From August 2nd, 2007, scroll a bit down to the part past 12o'clock).  Hina knows about it too.
[[BigSidenote = Probably because Yoko's brought it up before on the show before. In the 2007 year-end Recommen wrap up quiz show, one of the questions was about Mitsuru and Yoko explains that he was able to answer the question because the night before he went to eat dinner with Subaru, and Subaru talked about looking up stuff on youtube and finding Yoko's brother's clip on it.]]

So they find some time to let Yoko call his brother.
[[I just want to say again, Yoko's brother sounds like he's smiling when he talks]]

Mitsu : Hello?
Yoko : Hello.
Mitsu : Ah! Kimi-nichan! <<Eeee!
Hina + Guy : (snickering)
Hina : Ahahahaha.
Yoko : Nope.
Mitsu : Eh?!
Yoko : No.
Mitsu : Eh? Isn't this my brother?
Yoko : You're mistaking me for someone else, dude.
Mitsu : It's Kimi-nichan right?
Yoko : I'm saying I'm not.
Mitsu : You're definitely lying.
Hina : (giggling)
Mitsu : I'm at work, you're calling my cell, I'm a bit...
Yoko : It's Tanaka!
Hina : (giggling)
Mitsu : Definitely not! It's Kimi-nichan! Are you drunk? <<Hah!
Yoko + Hina + Guy : Aahahaahahha.
Yoko : I'm not drunk!
Mitsu : I'm kinda in a rush, 03 (area code) that's Tokyo isn't it! It is you!
Yoko + Hina : (giggling)
Yoko : Mitsuru.
Mitsu : What?
Yoko : We're in the middle of the radio show.
Mitsu : Come on (give me a break)! Really!
Yoko + Hina : Aahahahahhaaha.
Hina : Mitsuru's reply was fast.
Mitsu : (laughs) Pfffuufuu.
Yoko : Dude, your voice is on radio again.
Mitsu : This is so awkward.
Hina : It's fine! Mitsuru, you're a big hit!
Mitsu (sounding happy) : Eeehhh?! Big hit? Mitsuru?
Yoko : Ahahahahaaha.
Hina : Mitsuru, big hit.
Mitsu : This is really radio?
Yoko + Hina : We just said it was!
Mitsu : Wait! This is my cell phone!
Hina : It doesn't matter! We can't tell anything from that (I'm guess his phone number?) so it's fine.
Yoko : You know who's talking to you?
Mitsu : Kimi-nichan right?
Hina : No.
Yoko + Hina : No, there's one more person here.
Mitsu : Eh, is it Murakami-kun?
Hina : Ahhhhh...
Yoko : (At least) You understand that much.
Hina : It's been a long time.
Mitsu : It's been a long time.
Yoko : Dude, do you remember what you said last time on radio?
Mitsu : No, what did I say?
Yoko : You wanted to say (that Hina works with) Momoko-san but you said Akko-san instead! That was a great quote. >> I now realized why it was funny. Akko-san is that super tall lady with short hair and bangs who usually calls out celebrities on their shit, while Momoko-san is the chatty lady who hosts the Saturday afternoon show with Hina.
Mitsu : I had no idea...
Hina : Aahahahahhaha.
Yoko : What have you been up to lately?
Mitsu : What have I been doing lately... you asked me the same thing last time!
Yoko : No, no, just say it. Gah, so annoying.
Mitsu : What have I been doing lately... living normally.
Yoko + Hina : Ahahahahahahah.
Yoko : Wait, what? Did you pass (your school year)?
Mitsu : I'm working hard here.
Hina : Working hard?
Mitsu : Working hard.
Yoko : You weren't held back?
Mitsu : No. No. Well, I don't know yet.
Yoko : But it seems like you made it?
Mitsu : They're going to call me on the 12th. I think I did though.
Yoko : What? They're calling you at 12 o'clock?
Mitsu : They're calling me on March 12th.
Yoko + Hina : Same day as our single!
Mitsu : (giggling) Is that so?
Hina : Ahahahahahaha, it doesn't really matter to Mitsuru.
Yoko : Do you know the name of our single? The title?
Mitsu : I don't know that! I don't know!
Hina : The hell?! You gotta know! This is your brother's important work!
Yoko : Don't say you don't know twice!
Mitsu : I get it, I get it. I'll remember it.
Hina : Where are you right now?
Mitsu : Part time job, at work.
Yoko : What kind of job are you doing now?
Mitsu : At the gasoline stand, same as before.
Hina : Ahahahaha.
Yoko : I know that, I just asked for everyone else (who didn't know).
Mitsu : Ahh, I see. Thanks.
Yoko + Hina : Ahaahhahahahahahaha, you're an idiot.
Mitsu : I'm nervous over here.
Hina : Ahahahaha.
Yoko : I can hear zaaaa (tire on ground) sounds.
Hina : That's because cars are moving behind him.
Yoko : Did you get a girlfriend?
Mitsu : No, I haven't! This the second time!
Yoko : What is second time.
Mitsu : You asked me the same thing before.
Yoko : When did you guys break up again?
Mitsu : About a year and a half ago?
Yoko : You're very popular though.
Mitsu : (giggling) Not really, now...
Yoko + Hina : Aahahahahahaha.
Hina : You've grown up a bit.
Yoko : Well! There isn't any time left, so I'm going to hang up, byebye!
Mitsu : Ah! Byebye!

Before the all-country zone where they just talk about whatever...

Yoko : Since we're going like this, let's rock-paper-scissors, and call someone in our families.
Hina : Uhn.
Yoko : Mail has come... "Please call Tsutomu-kun (Yoko's other brother)."
Hina : Ahhhh.
Yoko : If I lose, I'll call Tsutomu then.
Hina : And me?
Yoko : Call your mom.
Hina : My mom doesn't have a cell phone, so (I'll call) the house then.
Yoko : Call the house. I want to hear you call your mom.
Hina : Really? Oh, this is a total coincidence, but today is my mom's birthday.
Yoko : Ahhhhh, that's perfect! Call!
Hina : But I already did.
Yoko : It's fine, call again.
Hina : Yeah?
Yoko : Yeah, let's rock-paper-scissors it out first. (They play) Rock-paper-scissors!
Hina : Me?!
Yoko : I've never talked to Hina's mom before.
Hina : Since that time you came to my house a loooooooooooong time before eh.
Yoko : Hina's dad... I just remember that he had white hair and a huuugee nose...
Hina : Don't say that!
Yoko : If we call the house, they'll definitely answer right?
Hina : Uhn [phone ringing sounds], maybe, but it's from 03 (Tokyo)... ah, they're not picking up.
Ah, it's changed into the fax line no?
Yoko : Your house has fax?
Hina : It's convinent, fax. Ahh, they're not picking up. My mom sleeps around ten.
Yoko : Well, should we try Tsutomu?
Hina : Uhn.
Yoko : Wait... how much time do we have left?
Hina : 4 minutes.
Yoko : Ahh, that's good.
Hina : Is he there? Will he pick up?
[phone line just goes "buuu buu" doesn't even connect]
Yoko : Let's do it one more time. But really, Tsutomu is not funny at all.
Hina : Ahahahha, that's because he's a quiet guy.
Yoko : Mitsuru talks a lot, but Tsutomu is really bad, he's never had a girlfriend.
Hina : Ahahahaha.
Yoko : Isn't it crazy how he hasn't had a girlfriend even though his brother's in Johnnys?! I think he's working all the time, but maybe not now... I'm not sure.
Hina : Ahhh, he's not picking up?
Yoko : This sucks. We've wasted a lot of time.
[answering machine picks up]
Yoko : Let's call Taichi (Hina's brother)!
Hina : Taichi? I don't know... he's not really fit for broadcasting... my brother.
["buuuuuu buuuuuuu"]
Yoko : Let's call members next, might as well. How bout Okura?
Hina : Ahh, Tacchon. Will he pick up?
Yoko : Wait, he says he never picks up when it's from an unknown number.
Hina : Right.
Yoko : This (talk) has really turned very rehearsal room-y eh?
Hina : Maru and them will recognize the number...
Yoko : Okura is...
Hina : good.
Yoko : Let's just call.
["buuuu buu"]
Yoko : Ahahaha, live radio is great eh?!
Hina : Ahahahahaha.
[they try again and again it doesn't go through]
Yoko : Hurry up, who else is left?
Hina : I've only got my dad. Shall we try and call him?
Yoko : Uhn.
Hina : I talked to my dad too today, so what are going to talk about now? I don't really have anything to say...
Yoko : It's turned from (calling) Okura to (calling) Hina's dad.
Hina : Hahahahaha.
Yoko : The white hair giant nose old man.
[phone ringing]
Hina : He's not picking up.
Yoko : This is the worst pattern. Let's call Mitsuru one more time.
Hina : He's good, call him.
Yoko : Sorry, we're going to go from the white hair old man to return to the begining.
Hina : Back to start.
Yoko : He (Mitsuru) said he was working didn't he?
Hina : Then why did he pick up the first time? Was it just good timing?
Yoko : It sounded like he was busy.
["music from Mitsuru's cellphone for incoming calls so instead of ringing, he picks a song for people who call him to listen to... it's some pop song"]
Yoko : What the hell is this?
Mitsu : Hello?
Yoko + Hina : Aahahahahahha.
Hina : He picked up!
Yoko : You picked up, ahahahahha.
Mitsu : Cause you called me!
Hina : He picked up cause we called!
Yoko : Mitsuru, this is radio again.
Mitsu : I know.
Yoko : We were bored so we tried calling you.
Mitsu : Really?
Yoko : Ah, we're out of time, byebye!            >> HAHAHAA.
Mitsu : Ah, haha, okay, okay.
Yoko+Hina : Aahhahahaha.

They read some mail after 12 o'clock =
Hina (reading) : "Mitsuru-kun was very cute. I want to hear his voice again. It's an explosion of Mitsuru's fans!"
Yoko : Ahhh, really. But Mitsuru also caught Johnny-san's attention when they met.
Hina : Ohhhh.
Yoko : Unfortunately, he took no notice of Tsutomu.
Hina : Ahahahaha.
Yoko : A little interest in Mitsuru.
Hina : That's cause he's good-looking.
Yoko : But I told Johnny-san eh. "He doesn't need to go into Johnnys."
Hina : It'll be embarrassing?
Yoko : Gahh, I'd hate it, going into Johnnys as brothers, if he surpasses/becomes more famous than me...
Hina : You'd really have no place to stand. (=there'll be no place for you)
Yoko : Right?! Really...
Hina : That'll be painful.
Yoko : I couldn't be able to take it.
Hina : Me neither...working together and stuff.

Ending =
Yoko : What are going to do? Do we have time? Shall we make a phone call?
Hina (reading a mail) : "Mitsuru-kun's the best. He should be made the host of Recommen from Monday to Wednesday."
Yoko : Should we call? It's the end (of the show), and we haven't called during the all-country broadcast.
Hina : That's right.
Yoko : What is this... it's like this has become Mitsuru week.
Hina : Heh.
Hina (reading some more mail) : "Please call (him) in the all-country zone."
Yoko : I wonder if he'll pick up.
Hina : It would suck if he doesn't answer now (after picking up twice before).
Yoko : It is almost 1, and he is a student...
Hina : Hmmm, it is kinda late..
["bbbuuuuu bbbuuuu"]
Yoko : Ah!
Hina : Right at the end!
Yoko : Let's try calling one more time.
Hina (checking with staff) : Two minutes left? Three minutes?
Yoko : Hurry... my brother... pick up the phone.
Hina : Is the call getting through? He'll probably answer if the call gets through.
[Mitsuru's ring tone (the pop song) playing]
Yoko : Ahahaa, what is this?!
Mitsu : Hello?
Hina : That was fast, Mitsuru, hahaha.
Mitsu : What is it?
Yoko : What are you doing?
Mitsu : Now? Went to eat.
Yoko : What the hell are you doing at this time?!
Mitsu : I said already, eating.
Yoko : I know that!
Hina : Did you get off work?
Mitsu : Done.
Hina : Who did you go (eat) with?
Mitsu : Eh?! People from work.
Yoko : Reallyyyy?
Mitsu : Kimi-nichan, you sound a bit hyper.
Hina : Ahahahah, that's cause he's working.
Yoko : Work, work. (To Mitsuru) Good work today.
Mitsu : Thank you for your hard work.
Yoko : Why are you speaking in polite language, hahaha.
Hina : "Thank you for your hard work."
Yoko : Go outside, there are a lot of people there eh?
Mitsu : Okay.
Yoko : Hello?
Mitsu : Hello?
Yoko : Are you talking while walking?
Mitsu : Yeah, I'm outside.
Hina : That was fast.
Yoko : So what's up lately?
Mitsu : Lately? You're always asking me how I am.
Yoko + Hina : Hahahahahahaha.
Hina : That's tough to answer.
Yoko : How are you lately?
Mitsu : I really don't know how to answer that.
Hina : Ahahahahaa.
Yoko : You got someone you like?
Mitsu : No. Haa..haa.haa (sounds like he's sputtering cause he's nervous)
Yoko + Hina : Aahahahahahahha.
Hina : You sound like a dog panting.
Mitsu : You're very straight today.
Yoko : What?
Mitsu : You're being very straight.
Yoko : What do you mean, straight?
Hina : Asking straight questions?
Mitsu : Uhn.
Yoko : Well I can't help it, it's radio.
Mitsu : Ah, I see.
Hina : Heh.
Yoko : So to you, what is Kanjani Eito?
Mitsu : What? Hahaha. Like what, for example?
Yoko : What? You heard the question.
Hina : Mitsuru, just say what you feel. What do you think?
Mitsu : I think... they're Osaka people.
Yoko : I'm going to beat you up.
Mitsu : I have no idea how to answer that.
Yoko : You sounded like you were speaking down to us.
Hina : But we are Osaka people...
Yoko : Murakami here, you know him?
Mitsu : Yes.
Yoko : How do you see him?
Mitsu : Someone who came to our house a long time ago.
Yoko : Ahahahaahha.
Hina : I did.
Mitsu : Person who came to (name of Yoko's hometown).
Yoko : Don't say (name of the town) out loud! Dude, don't let out our town! This is radio! Think, man! Ahahaha.
Hina : Ahahaahahahahahahahahaha, he totally wasn't thinking. We also met before, at Shochikuza right?
Yoko : Right. So, how did you break up with your girlfriend?
Mitsu : Come on... that's a bit embarrassing (to say).
Yoko : Hurry up and say it! We only have 5 seconds left.
Mitsu : She dumped me suddenly by mail.
Hina : See you next week!
Yoko : Bye bye!
Mitsu : Ah. Bye bye.

It was really perfect timing, almost as good as that time Maru got cut off mid byebye.
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