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Conversations from April 12th and April 17th's Kikujani + June 22nd's Tsuushin

Yikes, it's been awhile.
Anyway, some stuff they said on radio that made me laugh.

April 12th 2008's Kikujani - Subaru+Okura
Suba : The song I, Shibuya, ah, sorry, um, Shibutani picked is this one.  Sakura by Moriyama Naotaro.
Okura : I see.
Suba : Well, it is the season of the sakura.
Okura : Uhn.
Suba : But what I have to say has nothing to do with the song.
Okura : None?
Suba : No... I have not sang this song once at karaoke, I don't have the CD, nothing at all.
Okura : Uhn.
Suba : What I want to say about this song, Sakura, is that before we debuted or right after we did... anyway, a couple years ago.
Okura : Uhn.
Suba : When we were still really only working in Osaka.
Okura : Uhn, uhn.
Suba : We would go out to karaoke and stuff... and Okura often sang this song.
Okura : (muffled laughing)
Suba : This song.
Okura : I did sing it.
Suba : The Okura around that time, who sang this song quite a bit, is the Okura I liked best.
Okura : Whaaaaaaaaat is this?!
Suba : That's all I want to say today.
Okura : Really?  What's the reason behind this?!
Suba : The reason is... I'm only saying it here, if you'll let me say it clearly...
Okura : Uhn.
Suba : ... is that you've been really cold to me, lately...
Okura : Hahahahahahahahahahahaahah.
Suba : ... is what I'm thinking.
Okura : Whaa?
Suba : The Okura who sang this song then would go, "Subaru-kun, Subaru-kun."
Okura : Aahahahahahahah.
Suba : And say stuff like, "Subaru-kun, can I stay over at your house tonight?"
Okura : (laughing and clapping his hands)
Suba : It's like, you won't interact with me, lately.
Okura : Nooo, there is no such thing.
Suba : Really, even during our concert rehearsals.
Okura : Uhn.
Suba : I would really go at it (=talking to Okura and stuff).
Okura : Uhn.
Suba : Even today.  In the dressing room, I went to go talk to you... and Okura... well, you did talk to me and laughed and stuff...
Okura : Hmm.
Suba : But lately it's been very "Yeah, yeah" (= not really listening) on your end.
Okura : Aahahahahahha.
Suba : Like you're thinking "Gahh, come on already, what is he talking about?"
Okura : No, not at all!
Suba : The feeling between us...
Okura : Uhn.
Suba : ... is painful.
Okura : Aahahahahahhahahahahaha.
Suba : Honestly.
Okura : No, we talk a lot don't we?  When we do TV shows, we always go to the cafeteria together.
Suba : Pfff, no we don't, man.
Okura : Hahahahahaha.
Suba : Really, dude, you've been cold lately.
Okura : But...
Suba : You're becoming an adult.
Okura : Am I?
Suba : Uhn.
Okura : Subaru-kun is an adult, so...
Suba : See?!  Just right there, saying that, you wouldn't say that back then.  You'd go, "Hehe, Subaru-kun, Subaru-kun"
Okura : Hahaha. Really?  But I think it's just that members don't really interact much no?
Suba : Why?  I don't think it's that.
Okura : Like, in private....
Suba : In private I understand... each of us makes our own friends...
Okura : Right.
Suba : But like today, I'll say to you, "Let's go hang out on our next day off" in a jokey way, and you'll laugh and stuff.
Okura : Uhn.
Suba : But I'm totally being serious.
Okura : Ahahahahahahahahahaha.
Suba : Really, back then, we'll go by car to onsens and stuff...
Okura : We did.
Suba : Right?
Okura : Uhn.
Suba : Those feelings you had then, where did they go?
Okura : Aahahahahahaha.
Suba : You've changed, man.
Okura : No I haven't.
Suba : With drama, and SHOCK, Okura's becoming crazy popular so it's all "Okura, Okuraaa" now...
Okura : Nonononno.
Suba : ... and I've become someone really far away (from you).
Okura : No you haven't. But Subaru-kun, you're joking when you're inviting people to go out right?
Suba : I'm not joking. I just say it jokingly, but really, I'm being serious.
Okura : So then I think you're joking, and if I say, "sure, let's go," you'll probably say back "nononono."
Suba : But your "sure, let's go" is a lie.
Okura : Aahahhahahahaha.
Suba : I've started this talk, so I gotta say this too (to explain myself).
Okura : Uhn.
Suba : I think you have not once invited me to go anywhere in your life, dude.
Okura : No way.
Suba : Really.
Okura : Nonono.  2, 3 years ago when I sang "Sakura" a lot... my relationship with Subaru-kun, that atmosphere has not changed a bit.
Suba : No.
Okura : Aahhahahhaah.
Suba : I'm really feeling it deeply.
Okura : Nonono.
Suba : Really, ahhhh, I'm really lonely.  Invite me to your house sometime!
Okura : Ahaha, come to my house?
Suba : I want you to call me, on a day where you have nothing to do, and say "Let's hang out."
Okura : Aahahhahahaah.
Suba : I'd be very happy.  I'd think "you called me cause you were free!"
Okura : Ehh, really, you'd think that?
Suba : I will!
Okura : Ahahaha, if you'll let me call you... let's hang out yo.
Suba : Ahhh, I can't stand your first-born son trait/nature of yours.
Okura : Aahahahahahhaha.
Suba : It's like... you're surprisingly mature.
Okura : I have a first-born son nature?
Suba : Very much so.  From my second-son point of view.
Okura : Heh.
Suba : Actually, I'm being clingy (= want your attention).
Okura : Aahahahahahhaah.
Suba : Really.
Okura : To me?!
Suba : Yeah.
Okura : No way!
Suba : But it's because you're the first-born son, that "yes, yes" easy-going, reassuring feel...
Okura : Hahahahah.
Suba : I always feel like you're older than me.
Okura : Ahahahahha.
Suba : I want you to notice this.
Okura : I understand.
APRIL 17th 2008's Kikujani - Yasu+Maru
Yasu : Well, the song we're listening to now is Chemistry-san's "Yakusoku no bassho."
Maru : Yes, yes.
Yasu : Um, I'm only saying it here, but I've grown to like this song lately.
Maru : To begin with, when did this song come out?
Yasu : Hmmm, it was in Chemistry-san's album "Face to Face."
Maru : Okay.
Yasu : I also think it was in their single too...
Maru : Hmm.
Yasu : So then, actually, last October...
Maru : Uhn.
Yasu : Ah, no, the year before... it was 2006.  [[NOTE : I think he meant the song come out in 2006, not when the following talk happened cause I remember that being more recent]]
Maru : A while ago.
Yasu : Um, um, Makihara Noriyuki-san wrote this song.  Lyrics and music.
Maru : Ah, that's why it has that happy but sad melody eh.
Yasu : Hmm.  So actually, I don't know if anyone's said this on radio, but I've made some male friends in Tokyo right?
Maru : Uhn.
Yasu : And, when I went to eat with one of them one time, I got a phone call from Murakami-kun.
Maru : Uhn.
Yasu : On the phone, he went, "What are you doing?"
Maru : Uhn.
Yasu : I said, "I'm eating right now."  "Where are you eating?"  "So-and-so restaurant."  "Aaahh, okay, alright then, I'll see you tomorrow!" and then he hung up.
Maru : Uhn.
Yasu : I thought "what was that?!" and told my friend that I had no idea what that was about.
Maru : That guy is always inviting people out like that.
Yasu : Uhn, so then, about 15 minutes later, he comes inside the restaurant.
Maru : Ohhhhh.
Yasu : He comes in all like "Oi! What the hell are you doing?!"
Maru : Ohhhohhhh, the surrounding atmosphere...
Yasu : ... he couldn't read it at all.
Maru : That wasn't the atmosphere at the restaurant right?
Yasu : Not at all, it was a very quiet and freely stylish place.
Maru : Yasu often goes to that kind of places.
Yasu : I do, with friends.
Maru : You've been soaked in Tokyo-ness.
Yasu : I haven't changed since going to Tokyo.
Maru : Hmmmm.... it's Tokyo...
Yasu : So then, Murakami-san came in.
Maru : Uhn.
Yasu : And just sits down next to me... and he's brought 2 other people with him.
Maru : Uhn.
Yasu : I thought he just stopped by to say hi, but he sits down next to me.
Maru : Uhn.
Yasu : And goes, "Excuse me, 3 beer/wine/whatever alcohol for us!"
Maru : Ohhhh.
Yasu : Read between the lines/the atmosphere!
Maru : You were with a friend, moreover, someone who doesn't know Murakami-kun.
Yasu : No, they've never met.
Maru : Uhn.
Yasu : Then suddenly, he starts chatting.
Maru : Uhn.
Yasu : In his large, huge voice.
Maru : His voice is huge.
Yasu : Uhn.
Maru : Probably, no matter how big the place was, you could only hear his voice.
Yasu : And then, he goes, "What are you guys doing now?  Where you going?"
Maru : Uhn.
Yasu : "We're all pretty tired so we're going to head home"  "Eh, what shall we go?  Where we going?"  "Like I said, we're leaving"  "I see, I see.  Meet me halfway, meet me halfway, comprimise plan.  Won't you guys go somewhere with us?"
Maru : Uhn.
Yasu : That's totally not a comprimise.
Maru : Ahahahahaha.
Yasu : But he came up about 3 compromise plans, and that took about 40 minutes, and since it's already been 40 minutes, we pretty much have to go along with him...
Maru : Ahhh, you could have already gone somehwere in 40 minutes.
Yasu : Right.  So it was kinda impossible to leave after those 40 minutes... then I was told we'd being going Karaoke and was dragged there.
Maru : Ahhhhh.
Yasu : So the people who were there then... one of the people with Murakami-san was Ninomiya-kun, he brought Arashi's Ninomiya-kun.  So it was Ninomiya-kun, Murakami-san, and Murakami-san's friend, me, and my friend...
Maru : That's a bit weird.
Yasu : The 5 of us went Karaoke.
Maru : That's awful.
Yasu : And then, Ninomiya-kun sang this song and asked me something like, "Yasu, you know this?"
Maru : Ah, that's where this comes in.
Yasu : Yeah.  That was the first time I heard it, and I thought it was a really good song so I bought the CD recently and have been listening to it.
Maru : Ahhhhh.
Yasu : Really, Murakami pissed me off.
Maru : Ahh, but it all worked out.  If you haven't gone, you wouldn't have found out about this song eh.
Yasu : Nononono, I would have heard it from somewhere else.                 >> HAHAHAHAHA.
Maru : Hindsight is always 20/20.
Yasu : True, true.
Maru : So, Murakami-kun probably doesn't know about all this.
Yasu : About what?
Maru : Your encounter with "Yakusoku no basho."
Yasu : He doesn't, he doesn't.
Maru : Ahhh, ahhh.
Yasu : He probably say, "It was all thanks to me!" if he knew about it.
Maru : I'm definitely going to tell him.
Yasu : Don't!
Maru : I'll report it to him.
Yasu : You don't have to!
Maru : I'll mail him right after this.
Yasu : Come on.
Maru : "Yasu wanted to say to Murakami-san..."
Yasu : Gahhh.
Maru : "Actually, I want to thank you for that day, invite me out like that again!"  Ahahahahahahahaah.
Yasu : Maru, get out/fuck off.
Maru : Ahahahahahahah.
Yasu : Ahahahahahaha.
Maru : But really, Yasu, you looked mad when you were just telling the story.
Yasu : It was tough, really!
Maru : You really gotta make it up to your friend.
Yasu : Right?!
Maru : That's gotta be hard, I think.
Yasu : My friend also had to be considerate (of Hina).
Maru : But that guy, he looks very happy when he's talking.
Yasu : (says nothing)                  >> AHAHAHAHAH
Maru : Andd this is the song that Maruyama's picked...
June 22nd 2008's Tsuushin – Hina, Subaru, Yoko, Okura

During the last section, where they usually discuss about a comic, they turn the conversation into clothes, specifically Maru's.

Suba : I've never bought clothes off a mannequin before.  [[NOTE : I think he means a whole outfit]]
Hina : Ahhh, the ones that were on display.
Suba : Uhn.
Hina : I have.
Yoko : I haven't.
Okura : But it's already been coordinated.
Hina : So it's ready-for-wear.
Okura : And it's the store's recommendation.
Hina : Uhn.
Okura : It's quick and ready for you.
Suba : Hmmmmm, really.  Well, the clothes that Maru normally wear are ones that manneqins wore.
All : Aahahahahahahahaha.
Suba : In Ame-mura (in Osaka).
All : Ahahhaahahahaha.
Suba : When he goes shopping there, the stuff he likes are almost always what manneqins have on.
Hina : Ahaahahahahhahaa.
Suba : That... that thing he has, say it.
Okura : The one that's the wrong size for him?
Suba : No, not that.
Okura : No?
Suba : No... that jacket-like thing he has, that was on a manneqin.
Hina : That guy's clothing's been really weird lately, again.
Okura : Uhn... wearing all khaki.
Hina : Right.  Stuff like wearing khaki all over, and sungasses with sweats.
Okura : (trying not to laugh)
Yoko : He has those purple sunglasses right?
Hina : Yeah, he's wearing those.
Suba : They're a bit scary aren't they?
Okura : Uhn.
Hina : Ah...those?
Yoko : They're like what those tough guys would wear.
Hina : Uhn.
Yoko : That kind of sunglasses.  He didn't say anything about them before so when I first saw him wearing them, I asked him, “What's up with those sunglasses?”
Okura : Uhn.
Yoko : And he went, “Aren't they cool?”
Hina : Aaahahahahahaha.
Yoko : What is the correct answer when asked, “Aren't they cool?”
Hina : You should say, “No they're not.”
Yoko : Ahh, I'm not like you.
Okura : I would tell him, “Hard for me to say.”
Hina : No way.
Yoko : I... said, “Yeah, they're cool.”
Yoko : I was being nice.
Hina : You're too nice.
Yoko : I blurted out, “Yeah, they're cool.”
Suba : That's why people do answer then asked a question like that.
Yoko : Right?  You kinda have to.  Eh, (to Okura) you'd go, “It's hard to tell”?
Okura : Uhn.
Yoko : Ahh, that's probably the correct answer right there...
Hina : What about “How are they cool?”                            
Yoko : Ahahahahahaa.
Okura : I'd say, “I don't wear glasses like those, so I wouldn't know.”
Hina : Ahhh, because they're not your style.
Okura : That's me being considerate to the max.
Hina : Really.
Okura : Uhn.
Yoko : You're totally not being considerate.
Hina : I think I am.
Yoko : No you're not, “How are they cool?” is definitely not being considerate.
Okura : Right.
Hina : But we're members.
Yoko : That guy's feelings gets hurt very easily!
Yoko : He does! He gets hurt very easily!
Hina : That's true.  It'll be better if we hurt his feelings a bunch.
Yoko : Hahaa.
Suba : That's your solution?
Hina : Yeah.
Suba : Nooo, I don't want to hurt him.
Hina : Hurt him a bunch, and he'll bounce back stronger!
Suba : Nononono.
Yoko : Don't think everyone's as strong as you!
Hina : Ahahaha.
Suba : Really.
Yoko : There are people out there who don't come back from that.
Suba : Right.
Okura : True.
Suba : Don't want to cause him unnecessary pain.
Yoko : Right.
Hina : Ahh, but really, I don't know about those sunglasses.
Yoko : Maru, honestly, his clothes, I mean, I don't get Yasu's clothes either but Yasu has his own way of dressing, thought I don't really understand it.
Okura : Uhn.
Yoko : But Maru's I don't get the most, honestly.
Hina : Me neither. He has those weird times where he's obsessed with jackets.  [[NOTE : Not very sure about this line]]
Okura : Uhn.
Hina : Depending on the season.
Yoko : He was also wearing that really loose-fitted jacket.
Yoko : I asked him, “What's that?”
Hina : Ahahahaha.
Yoko : I asked him, “What's that you're wearing?” and he went, “I got it Pikko-san.”  [[NOTE : the guy with glasses  from “Tsukai Everyday”]]
Hina : Right, right, ahahahahahahahaha.
Yoko : I couldn't say anything after that but “Piiko-san eh, the size fits you.”
Hina : Right, right.
Yoko : It didn't fit him at all!
Hina : Aahahahahahahaha.
Yoko : Hahahahaha.
Hina : There was also that really tight jacket.
Yoko : Ahhh, that guy.
Hina : What is with him?  But he probably thinks he all looks good.
Yoko : Uhn, he's getting nice stuff.
Hina : No, he has nice stuff himself, I mean, he usually shops at Takashimaya (very expensive department store).
Okura : Ah, really?!
Hina : Uhn.
Yoko : Does he really buy clothes from Takashimaya?!
Hina : Uhn, I've heard Takashimaya.
Okura : Hmmmmm.
Hina : But he's been going there since way back.
Okura : Maru often buys clothes from stylists too.
Hina : Uhn, but I've never seen him do it.
Okura : Me neither.  When he wears those clothes himself... the way he matches them is a bit weird.
Hina : Aahahahahaahahah.
Okura : But the stylists' clothes are good.
Hina : Dude, you're the one being the most hurtful.
Yoko : To make it worse, you're saying it behind his back, ahahaha.
Hina : Ahahahahaahah, he's not here.
Okura : I'm sorry, Maru-chan.
Hina : But there are somethings that you're just to used to seeing.
Okura : Yesyes.
Hina : It'll be fine if he just wore sweats.
Okura : If he didn't have those sunglasses, it would have been okay. Those purple ones.
Yoko : But all of us, our clothes are different.
Suba : We are different.
Okura : Uhn.
Yoko : Each of us dress differently, surprisingly.  I basically dress very casual.
Hina : Yes.
Yoko : Subaru is secondhand clothes.
Hina : Uhn.
Yoko : Okura dresses very stylish right?
Okura : Uhn.
Yoko : Stylish but also a bit casual right?
Okura : Uh.
Hina : Ohhhhhh.
Yoko : You really like stylish right?
Hina : Yeah, when it comes to clothes.  I like stylish stuff.
Okura : But lately, it's gotten annoying no?  You've been wearing the same pair of jeans.
Hina : Uhn.
Okura : I was thinking that lately.
All : Ahahahahahahahaha.
Yoko : Like, why don't you wear something else?!
Okura : Uhn.
Hina : Ahh, but it's summer now, it's gotten hot, and shirts get all sticky and clingy.
Okura : Uhn.
Hina : So I wear sandals in the summer.                   
Yoko : It's easy to find clothes to wear on top, pants are harder to find eh?
Hina : It is.
Yoko : Isn't it much harder to find trousers or pants?  And way easier to find tops?
Hina : It is, it is, there's more variety too.
Yoko : You get all happy when you come across pants you like, but then sizes are difficult.
Okura : Yeah.
Hina : Uhn, but you can always seam lengths.
Okura : Uhn.
Hina : What about Ryo?  Isn't he more casual?
Yoko : It's not casual.  What is it?
Suba : Foreigner?
Okura : He does dress like a foreginer.
Suba : He likes the way they dress.
Hina : Right, that guy likes London-ish things.
Okura : Uhn.
Yoko : I'm probably the most childish.
Hina : Cause you wear Snoopy stuff.
Yoko : Wearing shorts and sneakers.
Hina : Hahahahahaha.
Okura : Uhn.
Hina : You always do wear shorts a bit early.
Okura : Too early!
Hina : Yeah, and then you wear 'em till the end (of summer).
Yoko : They're very easy to move around in, shorts.
All : Ahahahahaahahahaahahaha.
Yoko : You can always run in them.
Okura : Ahahaa.
Yoko : You can go in a river at anytime!
Hina : Aahahaha, you're such a brat.
Yoko : Right? But I don't know when I'll need to walk in a river...
Okura : Uhn.
Hina : You occasionally dress up, then you can't go in rivers.
Yoko : Men are suppose to have the instincts to hunt, humans.
Hina : Hunting instinct.
Suba :  Why is it limited to only rivers?
All : Aahahahahahahaha.
Suba : Why are rivers the main focus?  Your standard is weird.
Yoko : I'm always prepared to hunt.
Okura : Aahahahahahahahahaah.
Yoko : I don't mind getting bitten by bugs anmore.
Hina : That's manly.
Yoko : Cause it's manly.
Hina : Ahaahahhahaahah.
Ah!  I forgot to put summaries in the cut things.
Subaru's unhappy, Yasu's mad, and the four of them talk about clothes.
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