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One little bit from Sept 4th, 2008's Recommen...

...the bit where Yasu is kinda mean, Yoko tries to stir shit up, Hina is a very very good sport, and Maru sweats.

Right before 12 o'clock.
Hina : Here's a letter from someone in Tokyo.  "Yasuda-kun."
Yasu  : Yes.
Hina : "Did you end up going to eat with Murakami-kun in 2008?"

Yasu : Well, I can't say that we did...
Hina : Not just the two of us.
Yasu : Right, not just us both.
Hina : When we were doing concerts...
Yoko : The two of you should just go.
Hina : That's the thing! I keeeeeeep inviting him.
Yoko : But I haven't gone to eat with Yasu either.
Yasu : Yes we have!  You just don't remember it.  You made this bored-looking face the whole time.
All : AHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAA (someone clapping)
Maru : That's awful!  Really?
Hina : That's why you don't go with Yoko anymore?
Yasu : But, but.
Hina : You don't invite people often?
Yasu : Nope.
Yoko : But surprisingly, I hung out with Yasu all the time during this tour.
Hina : Right!  Going to baths and such.
Yoko : We were together the most during the tour I think.
Hina : Yeah, you guys went to public baths a lot.
Yoko : We went everytime (after concerts), and then we'd be at Yasu's or my room playing games.  I was with Yasu all the time.
Yasu : Yep.
Hina : Compared to the others, I was in that group too.  I mean I was also there occasionally.
Yasu : Yeah you were.
Hina : We just didn't go eat (during the tour).
Yoko : Even so, Hina and Maru were... Maru, why are you sweating man?
Yasu : Aahahahahahaahahah.
Hina : He's been goofing around the whole time.
Yoko : You're dripping sweat!
Hina : Aahahahahahahaha.
Yasu : You are!
Hina : Ahahahaha.
Yasu : Ahahahahah.
Yoko : Ew.
Yasu : Wow.
Maru : I'm probably the only one who'd sweat on radio.
Yoko : Hmmmm. Maru and Hina are always together these days.
Hina : Only when we're working together in Tokyo (for Ariehen).  We don't see each other at all in Osaka.
Yoko : Honestly, Maru is hard to invite out now.
Maru : Why? Why?
Yoko : Because I think you're Hina's.
Yasu : Ahahahahaha.
Yoko : It's like I have to ask Hina first before I invite Maru.
Hina : Why the hell?!
Yasu : "Yeah, it's fine if you invite him."
Maru : But when I went to eat with Yasu, I went after (telling Hina), "Shin-chan, I'm going to eat with Yasu today."
Yasu : You guys are already a couple.
Hina : Ah, I've been telling you, "Just go (you don't have to tell me)!"
Maru : You just say that cause you're shy.  I tell you cause of course you'll probably be asking me what I'm up to.
Yoko : Hmmmm.
Hina : What?! I don't do that!
Maru : Well, I tell you cause you think that we should go eat together after work together.
Hina : I do.
Maru : Me too.
Hina : Eeehh?  Really?      
Yoko : So then about after the show tonight?
Hina : After this?  Haha.  I said, "Let's go out and drink after."
Yoko : To who?
Hina : Maru.
Yoko : Just the two of you?
Hina : Just us.
Yoko : Hahahahaha.
Hina : Ahh, but he invited me today.
Yoko : I wasn't invited.
Maru : Yuuchin? Eh? You coming? Ehh?
Yoko : I can't.
Maru : Why? Why?
Yoko : I have to wake up early tomorrow.
Maru : Ahhhhh.
Hina : Tomorrow's important eh.
Maru : That's just bad timing, with Yokoyama-san.
Yoko : Yasu, were you invited?
Yasu : Nope.
Yoko : Try and ask him.
Hina : You going?
Yasu (right away) : No.
Yasu : Ahahahahaaha.                               
Maru : That was harsh.
Hina : Right?  But then I'm used to it now.  Really, let's go today.
Yasu : No no no.
[they both start talking really fast]
Hina : Why!  You said the same thing yesteday!
Yasu : No I didn't.
Hina : You said no the day before yesterday too!
Yasu : I didn't, I didn't.
Hina : So then, when can you go?
Yasu : I can never go.
Hina : Aahahahahhahahaa.                         
Yoko : That sucked.
Hina : He's never gonna go with me.
Yoko : He just rejected you for all eternity.
Hina : Right?  That's what I've been saying, it's been horrible since this year started.
Yoko : (coughing)
Maru : That was a ban on Yasu's private life.
Hina : Wait, there's more.  I don't invite him out in Osaka cause he go eats with his family a lot right?  So when he was doing his stage show in Tokyo by himself and I was doing mine with Subaru, I thought the 3 of us could go eat, but even then, even though we'd go to Tokyo, he said no.
Yoko : But if it was Subaru, he'll go.
Hina : Yeah, Okura too.
Yasu : Maru and Okura too, I'd go.               
Hina : You would.
Maru : We were together yesterday yo.
Yasu : Yep.
Hina : Eh?
Maru : We hang out.
Yasu : Yesterday we hang out.
Hina (mad) : What is this?  I invited you yesterday!
Yasu : No, yesterday, it was unplanned, really.
Maru : By accident, really.  This was around 2 o'clock.
Yasu : It was around then.
Maru and Yasu keep talking over and to each other about yesterday.
Yoko (to Hina): So you were shot down like that.
Hina (back to Yoko) : Again.
Yasu : Shinchan!  Let's go!
Hina : I'm done with you.
Yasu : Aahahahahaha.
Yoko : Yeah, you tell him.
Maru : Ahahahahaha.
Yoko : What the hell, just go with Hina... do you hate Hina?
Yasu : Not at all!
Hina : You always say that.  Really.
Yoko : But, honestly, to listeners who are listening to this, and to me too, as a bystander, there's nothing we can do anything if we hear that you hate Hina.
Hina : Right.
Maru : You (=Hina) can't do anything about it either.            
Hina : Right.
Yasu : But I've never thought that I hate Murakami-kun.  [He speaks some weird Japanese here but I think he's trying to say] There's nothing like I'd be annoyed to talk to him or anything like that.
Hina : Ahhhh... that was a total cabaret girl (they're like hostesses?!) rejection.
Yasu : Cabaret girl...
Maru (going along with it) : Like saying, "I can't meet you in private" right at the beginning.
Yoko (runs away with it) : No no no, he's leading (Hina) on.  Like "I can go next time."
Hina : Right?
Yoko : Totally leading you on.
Hina : Hmm, he is very nice in his mails.
Maru : Ahhh.
Yoko : That's true.
Maru : That's totally it.
Yasu : It's just I think that that I have to turn you down firmly like pan! cause you're getting half-hearted kindness...
Hina : But no really, I think you're a very nice guy.  [Yasu goes, "Ahhhmm" during this part] It's wonderful how you put other people's happiness over your own.
Yoko : But just not Hina's.
Hina : Right!  Only to me, you're being a hypocrite.  Always.  He's nice to everyone but me.
Yoko : Let's go!  Today.
Maru : Uhn, let's!
Yoko : Let's ask one more time.  You going?
Yasu : No.
Yoko : Ever?
Yasu : No.
Yoko : That's the end of that.

[[TINYRAMBLE : Poor Hina.  The part where Yasu said he meets up with Subaru, Maru, and Okura was just a bit painful.  However!  I think this Yasu-hates-Hina thing is just one of their running jokes like how Ryo and Subaru are so awkward around each othe and Hina and Maru act like a couple in that it's happened so many times they keep bringing it out to entertain.  Maybe Yasu just doesn't like pasta?  Anyways, they're laughing and joking about it so it's definitely nothing worth fussing about.]] 

Happy Birthday Yasu!  Here's to another year of not going out to eat with Hina one on one!

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