ttthhbbbtt (ttthhbbbtt) wrote,

September 23rd, 2008's Ariehen - Hina and Yasu bit at the beginning

Hina : Yasu, what are you going to out to catch in that getup today?

(Staff laughs, Yasu looks a bit miffed)

Yasu : I'm in a Pirates of (the) Caribbean mood.

Hina : You were going for that eh.  I think you look better than usual.

Yasu (happy) : Ah really?  You like this kind of stuff?

Hina : It's just that I can look at you now.

Yasu (surprised) : You usually can't look at me?

Canmander : Oh snap!
Tags: ariehen, clothes, hina, maru, yasu, yasu hates hina

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