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Notes on 2 Recommen + 1 Kikujani + 1 Tsuushin + 1 Donnamonya

Playing catch up.
Starts with Yoko talking about Tsuyoshi and Yasu...

Septemeber 11, 2008's Recommen

Yasu's birthday!

Yoko : Did you call him?
Hina : Well, I sent him flowers.
Yoko : Where to?
Hina : I heard he was having a birthday party.
Yoko : He had a birthday party?
Hina : Yeah.
Yoko : Where?
Hina : A place his friend picked.
Yoko : What's with that guy?
Hina : I heard from a friend that he was having a party so I asked for the address of the place.
Yoko : As a surprise?
Hina : The flowers as a surprise.  Made them arrive just a bit after 12'o clock.  He called me afterwards.
Yoko : I called Yasu after 12.  Sound like he was having a good time, "I just got caked!" he said.  But yesterday, I was with Hachimitsu-san and got way drunk, more than Yasu.
Hina : Hahahaaha, even though it wasn't a party of anything you were at.
Yoko : Not at all.  And I went, "Happy Birthday!" loudly to the phone.
Hina : Ahaha, what an idiot.
Yoko : And he was all, "Oh! Oh! Oh! What? What?"
Hina : Ahahaha, he was more worried about you.
Yoko : Yeah, he was.

They talked about Yasu's Okinawa trip and how easily influenced he is...
Yoko : Before, when I went to eat with Tsuyoshi-kun, he told me to "do more 'creative' (said in English) work, and take relationships with people seriously."
Hina : That's good no?
Yoko : I went, "Ahh, that's true, relationships are important" and came to think like that.
Hina : Yes.
Yoko : And then, Yasu too, lately, has been going to eat with Tsuyoshi-kun, it seems.
Hina : Yes, yes.
Yoko : And since then, that kid has strangely been using the word "creative" (said in English).
Hina : Aahahahahahahahaha.
Yoko (doing impression of Yasu) : "Kurieitibu, kurieitibu"
Yoko (continues his impression) : "I want to do work that is 'kurietibu'"
Hina : Hahahahahahaha.
Yoko : What the hell is that?
Hina : Hahahahahahaha.
Yoko : Also, when he liked Rize, he alwaaaays said to everything, "respect."
Hina : Aaahhhh!  He did!  He did say it all the time!
Yoko (as Yasu) : "Resupekuto."
Hina : I've heard that before.  Haven't heard "creative" yet.
Yoko : Really, he's been saying it a lot.
... and the two of them think that Yasu's picking up this spiritual stuff from Maru because they're together quite a bit and talk about it...
Yoko : (Yasu) saying stuff like "I want to talk to God."
Hina : Aahahahahahahahha.
Yoko : Dude can't even talk properly!  How can God understand him?!
Hina : Hahahahahah, that kid needs to first start with (talking to) people.

September 13th, 2008's Kikujani with Hina and Yasu.

Begining =
Hina : It's already September 13th, you had your birthday.
Yasu : I've turned 24.
Hina : Congratulations.
Yasu : Thank you.
Hina : We haven't met in 5 days, since the Janiben taping.  What have you been up to?
Yasu : I... went to the mystery island of Okinawa.
Hina : You really like Okinawa eh.  What did you hear again?
Yasu : I was talking to the earth/ground/land and it said, "You're fine the way you are."
Hina : This guy's an idiot.
Yasu : I'm not an idiot!  I went to south part (of Okinawa) like Naha City and the Peace Memorial Park this time.  I wanted to go diving by the remote islands but didn't cause they said that students were coming, so I did snorkel instead and saw a 1 meter 60 sea turtle.
Hina : Eeehhhhh?!
Yasu : Aahahahaah, crazy right?
Hina : Ahh, there's something odd here, you can't really calculate.  1 meter 60 centimeters, that's the same size as you!
Yasu : It was really really big.
Hina : That's as tall as Subaru!  You're definitely lying.  It was an optical illusion.
Yasu : I went up close to it and thought, "How did you come all the way here?"  It was crazy cool, really.  I also saw some Harisenbon (balloonfish).
Hina : I see Harisenbon (also name of a comedic group) on TV everyday.
Yasu : Hehehehehehe.
Hina : If what you said is true, that is amazing.
Yasu : It is true.  I never thought that sea turtles would be there.
Hina : I went travelling too.  A place called Takachiho in Miyazaki.  It was totally Gibli, like I was in the world of Totoro.  It's about 2 hours away from the airport and it felt like going to the heart of Miyazaki cause the trip took me pass a bunch of mountains.  The place had these tiny staircases and high grass and occassionally a motocycle would pass through.  I only stayed there in an inn for one night, there really wasn't anything there, but the greenery was beautiful and the cool breeze from the mountains and stuff, and the sea of clouds you could see from the inn.  It was all really beautiful.
Yasu : Sounds like you had a good time.

Skipped to the middle =
Hina : Today we have this letter, "Good evening to everyone in Kanjani Eito, speaking of birthdays, did you guys have birthday parties when you were kids?"  What was your most recent birthday like?
Yasu : On the night of the 10th, some of us got together and counted down to my birthday in Tokyo.
Hina : And I wasn't invited to this?!
Yasu : Umm, I didn't call you.
Hina : Why?
Yasu : I thought you were probably going to do something for me on another day.  Hahaha, I guessed.
Hina : Ahaahhaaa, what did you guys do then?
Yasu : I got a cake and presents, everyone sang at Karaoke, they sang "Happy Birthday" to me.
Hina : Did you cry?
Yasu : No!  I don't do that anymore... I am 24 now.
Hina : You should have!
Yasu : It would probably have made the party more exciting, but I couldn't.  If it was a surprise then I might have, but I already knew about it beforehand this time.  I still haven't celebrated with my friends back home yet.  (Friends) Like someone I'm looking at.
Hina : I've had it with you.  Why should I go to the birthday party of someone who never goes when I invite him out to eat?!
Yasu : Don't say that.
Hina : It's fine if I go, but it might just be the two of us.
Yasu : I'll call someone (to come)!

Recommen September 18, 2008

More about Yasu's birthday!
Yoko : Did you send Yasu an email for his birthday?
Hina : Nope.
Yoko : Right, you sent him flowers.
Hina : Yeah.  Then I told him (happy birthday) afterwards when I saw him.
Yoko : Isn't what you did too handsome?!  You sent him flowers, man!
Hina : No, but, it wasn't a bouquet.
Yoko : Ahhh, it was that eh?
Hina : I sent him roses.
Yoko (trying not to laugh) : Dude...
Hina : Roses.
Yoko : Did you do that because you know that you're closer to gorillas?
Hina : No, but it's fine isn't it?!  From one gorilla to another!
Yoko : But it's roses!  Hahahahaha. He was probably really surprised!
Hina : But I was thinking that he could use it as a funny anecdote to tell after.
Yoko : That guy definitely doesn't have the skills to make anything funny!
Guy : Ahaahahhaahhahahahaahah.
Hina : Right?  That's really sad.
Yoko : That guy.
Hina : I haven't heard him tell the story anywhere!
Yoko : Me neither!
Hina : I asked a friend, he really thought he got a bouquet when he got those flowers. Even though I just sent him five roses, so it wasn't extravagant at all.  And I said to the florist, "When you give him this, please say it's from Murakami and then ask him to pay for it himself."  But then, of course, they told me that it's difficult for the delivery person to ask the receiver for money.  So I paid for it there and brushed it off like a joke.  And they delivered it to him normally.
Yoko : He was probably just genuniely happy to get flowers no?
Hina : I got a mail from him actually.  "Thank you for the surprise bouquet of flowers."
Yoko : He's totally got flowers blooming in in his head is what. [= calling Yasu a happy idiot]
Guy : Ahahahahaha.
Hina : Wasn't his email surprising?
Yoko : There's a bunch of butterflies flying around in Yasu's head.
Hina : That's a bit fairy-tale like.  Did you mail him?
Yoko : I talked to him directly on the phone.
Hina : On the day of?
Yoko : Yeah, while I was drunk.
Hina : Ahhh, right, right, you said this before.
Yoko : Cause I was drunk, it made my side more fun too.
Hina : What are you gonna do about Subaru?
Yoko : I think I'm going to get him something.  Because he gave me something after all.
Hina : A present?
Yoko : Yeah, I'm going to have a present for him. But I don't know what members want for presents.
Hina : I don't know anymore.
Yoko : Even if I'm asked what I want, I don't know.
Hina : Me neither.
Yoko : You've got everything!
Hina : Aahahahahah.
Yoko : Social status and fame...
Hina : Ahahahaha
Yoko : ...and money.
Hina : Ahahahaha.
Yoko : It's the thought that counts in the end.
Hina : Right, right, that's the most important.
Hina : Aahahahhahahaa, what are you talking about?
Yoko : What do you want right now?  If you don't answer within 5 seconds you're gonna die.  5, 4, 3, 2...
Hina : Toilet paper.
Guy : Ahahahaah.
Yoko : What?
Hina : I only have one roll left.
Yoko : See!  You can say that because you already have status, fame, and money.
Hina : Hahahaha, the hell?!  What about you?  Do you have something?
Yoko : I do.
Hina : What?
Yoko : Everyone's happiness.
Guy : Aahahahahahahahahaha
Hina : That's nice.  Don't talk like Yasu.
Yoko : I'm good if everyone is happy.
Hina : Ahahaha.

October 5th 2008's Tsuushin with Maru, Yasu, and Yoko.

Yoko : You 3 have been working together a lot lately eh?  At Tokyo TV (for Ariehen).
Yasu : We've were together the whole time for the last 3 days.
Yoko : I've been thinking that you guys are always together lately.
Maru : Yep.
Yoko : Right?  Always together for work right?  It's like [I think he quotes some song lyrics here and Hina laughs].
Hina : I go eat with Maru afterwards but as always, even if I invite this guy, he just leaves.
Yasu : I do!
Yoko : Why?  The 3 of you are together already, it'll be good to go together right?
Hina : We finish work at the same time anyways.
Yasu : Unfortunately, I haven't been going.
Yoko : Why?  Do you hate him?
Yasu : Murakami-san?  I hate him!
Maru : Ahhh, he said it!  Finally!  Loud and clear!
Hina : For the first time.  You should have dragged it out a bit longer, 2 more years.  It's all over now.
Yasu : It's a lie though.  It would have better if I dragged it on for 2 more years?
Yoko : Nothing can be done now that he's said he hates you.
Maru : Yuuchin's jaw dropped when you said that, ahahahahaha.
Yasu : It's not that I hate him, it's just a matter of bad timing.
Yoko : But you go eat with Maru though.
Yasu : We went the other day, hahahaha.
Hina : Before, I invited you to go play indoor football.
Yasu : I don't play.
Yoko : You hate it cause Hina's there.
Yasu : Because it's indoor football.
Yoko : Honestly, what is it that you hate about him? Is it the beard?
Yasu : Beard?  I don't hate it.
Yoko : Look at you man!  You're really growing it out.
Maru : He says it's better for his skin this way.  It hurts his skin when he has to shave, so it's better this way he said.
Yoko : Bearded gorilla?
Hina : Aahahahahaha, gorillas usually are hairy already!
Yoko : Still, you're a bearded gorilla.
Hina : Leave it alone, it's more easy for me this way.
Yasu : It looks good on you, the beard.

"Musekinin Hero"

Hina : Tonight's corner is Submitted Discussion Talk.  First mail is this one, "There's something I want to consult with stylish Kanjani Eito.  When I decide what to wear, I have to try them on and stand in front of a mirror to get how it looks on me and this takes quite a long time and makes my room all messy.  Please share any tips you guys may have on clothing coordination when shopping for clothes."  I don't really buy clothes.
Maru : Me neither.  Only when I really like something.  I don't have a favourite second-hand store or anything.
Yoko : I basically only go to 2 select shops for clothes.
Maru : Only 2 places?
Yasu : That must be nice.
Yoko : And also, stylists already know what kind of clothes I like, and they've got it all in front of me, so sometimes I buy stuff from them.  That's why some of my own clothes overlap with stuff I wear on TV.
Maru : Ahhh, like that hat!
Yoko : Right, I have those clothes from the new show (Can!Jani) on Asahi Television.
Hina : Ohhhh, I thought you were wearing your own clothes.
Yasu : Were they your own?
Yoko : Nope.
Yasu : I can't tell anymore.
Yoko : Exactly.
Yasu : So you just go to 2 stores.
Yoko : In Tokyo.  What stylists in Tokyo and Osaka pick are totally different.  The colours and stuff.  People in Osaka are a bit flashy, like it shows more personality.
Hina : It's a bit troubling sometimes, when they give you stuff that you normally wouldn't wear.  What does Yasu have to say about this mail?
Yasu : When you go shopping, don't you think of the stuff you already have?
Hina : Colours.
Yasu : Like when I buy a T-shirt, I think about buying it in a bigger size so it'll go with the skinny pants I have.
Hina : I don't think about stuff like that.  It's good if it fits perfectly, top and bottom.
Yoko : But doesn't that change sometimes?  Like I have more loose-fitting clothes when I like being more comfortable.  But that's just me and what I like.
Maru : Marukami-san has many polo shirts no?
Hina : It's cause they're comfortable.  We have to change outfits a lot right?  It'll be stupid to go wearing button-up shirts.
Yoko : I have stuff that I've owned for a long time.
Yasu : I've seen the jacket you're wearing now 2 years ago.
Yoko : I've had this for 3 years.
Hina : Me too.  Like these shoes.  I got them when I went to Thailand with Yoko for a location shoot.
Yoko : How many years have you worn them?
Hina : About 9 years...
Maru : You take good care of things.
Yasu : That's too long!  Aren't there any holes?!
Hina : Hahaha, I don't really buy new things anyways, just rotate what I have.  And I give stuff to my brother and cousin sometimes.
Yoko : Don't you still wear the same jeans?
Hina : I have jeans that I got when I was 17... so 10 years old.
Yoko : 10 years ago, that's when there was a jeans boom.  We were so jealous of Tsubasa and Aiba's vintage jeans cause we didn't have any money then.  I remember this guy (Hina) here says that he'll make his own and buying a pair of (normal) jeans.  He had such a stupid look on his face when he said it back then.
Hina : I still have them at my house.  There are holes at the knee and the butt part is so worn out that you can totally see my underwear.
Yoko : Now that's vintage!
Yasu : Yeah, you've been wearing all this time.
Maru : Murakami vintage.
Hina : I've made the vintage jean of my dreams.
Maru : Your vintage jeans with your vintage converses.
Yoko : Vintage... more like brokeass poor.  Vintage poor man.
Hina : Ahahahaahhahaahha.

Hina : Next is "I'm trying hard to spend less money but and I always end up buying special limited stuff and am not really saving up much money.  Does everyone in Kanjani Eito have things that you cannot not buy?  And please tell me any money saving tips you may have."
Yasu : Stuff like limited edition shoes I want to buy.
Hina : You'd go "Really?  For now only?"
Yasu : I buy time-limited things too but after they usually come back after how any months.
Hina : Ohh?  There's also stuff like limited 5 cars only but even if there were 6 nobody would know.
Yoko : The things I end up buying are anime remakes.  Like for example, even manga, I buy them again when it comes out in paperback.  A set for Tokyo.  A set for Osaka.  And now there are more and more DVDs for anime right?
Maru : Aren't they expensive?  DVDs.
Yoko : Crazy expensive!  Just before, when I was thinking of what to get for Subaru for his birthday, I went to the porn corner cause he'll probably be happy with something from there and make my present stand out.  But then I thought that'll be a waste of money and I didn't really want anyone to see me go in there so I went to the anime section and picked something that he was seemed really interested in when he saw me reading the manga a long time ago.  I thought I'd buy him the whole thing but one disc was 4000 yen.
All : Ehh?!
Yoko : And... what were we talking about?
Maru : Saving money.
Hina : It can't be helped if you can't control youself.  But isn't it good?  Buy things you want while you'll still young.

Yoko : Out of the 4 of us, who spends the most money here?
Hina : You got your intruments and stuff right?
Yoko : Yasu surprisingly spends a bit.
Hina : But then it's for the band.
Yasu : Yeah, if you include intruments then yeah...
Yoko : And you also go on those useless trips right?
Yasu : Don't call 'em useless!  They're not useless to me!
Yoko : You said that the earth in Okinawa was calling you.
Yasu : The ground did call me.
Hina : You go travelling too.
Yoko : Not lately.  I think I spend the least no?  Out of everyone.
Maru : What about meals and stuff?
Yoko : I've been going with the higher ups lately, so they pay.
Hina : I don't spend that much either.
Maru : You have that image.
Yoko : You use a lot of money don't you?
Yasu : Maru spends when he gets all psyched up.
Maru : No.
Hina : You totally do!  Like when we go to eat and his friend there at the next table, he does the sophisticated thing and picks up his friend's check.
Yoko : Different table's check too?  You totally think you're the shit!
Hina : At bars too.  Like we'll be at place his friend works/owns, and a total stranger will be there.  Maru will talk to his friend and find out the stranger is a regular customer and go, "Ohhh, I'll buy him a drink."  He's that type of person, ahahahahahahaah.
Yoko : AHAAHAHAAHAHAH, are you stupid?!
All : [talking all over each other]
Yoko : You've been watching too many old TV shows.
Maru : Yep, yep.
Hina : He'll come off looking awesome if he said that, did a toast, drank, and left... that'll be cool.  But he says that, drinks, then gets totally drunk (at the place).
Yasu : Aahahahahahahaaaah.
Yoko : And then say he lost his wallet the next day, ahahahah.
Yasu : Aahahahahhahaaa.
Maru : Living big.
All : Aahahahahahhahahaahaha.
Hina : You like that.
Maru : I do.  And then, he'll buy my next drink, that's communication.
Hina : Well, I think, with money, it's fine if you don't save too much while you're young.

"Musekinin Hero"

Bit where they introduce a girl manga and there's always one phrase they read out from it and then talk (usually off topic) about it.  Maru does the reading when he's there, funny stuff.
Hina : The pick up key word is the first line of the series.
Maru (acting) : I believe there is fate.
Yasu : That's a great opening.
Maru : Fate eh... it's good when it's good times, but when it's fate when it gets bad.
Hina : Whatever happens, happens.  It's all right, all of it.
Maru : You're really positive.
Hina : Cause you're living, it'll be okay.
Yasu : Life would be fine for a kid to have a dad like that.
Hina : The kid will be stupid no?
Yasu : No, he'll be able to live with a care in the world.
Hina : Hmmm, it's too resolute, fate.
Maru : Have you ever thought, like with love, that meeting someone was fate?  It doesn't have to be love.  Or doing this job was fate?
Hina : Ahhh... no.
[Not sure from here on]
Maru : No?  Nothing like by a series of coincidence that "I should be doing this"?
Hina : Hmmm, by chance, no.  I think "by chance" and "inevitable" are different.
Maru : Hmmm, this is hard.
Hina : I think if you put the two together, it's "it'll happen when it happens" no?  I guess that equals fate.
Maru : So you have a problem with the language?

Maru : So you don't have any interest in fate?
Yoko : Fate?  I'm not really concerned about it.  I've never been all "this is fate!"  When I heard the word, I think "dundundundunnnn" (Beethoven's 5th, called Fate)
Hina : Beethoven.
Yoko : That's all I think of.  I don't know, I don't think meeting you guys it's fate.  I think it's obvious.
Maru : Wow (in awe).
Yoko : Obvious or should I say inevitable.

Yoko : What about Maru?
Hina : Is there fate?
Maru : It's all fuzzy to me.
Hina : You're just indecisive!
Yasu : Hee!
Maru : Fate is inevitable...hmm... I feel like I've been persuaded by you just now.
Hina : Ahaahhahaa.

Yoko : And Yasu?
Yasu : It's Okinawa for me.  I think Okinawa pulled me to it.
Yoko : What were you told when you were there again?
Yasu : The ground/earth said, [all in Kansai-ben] "You're fine the way you are, just be yourself."
Hina : The earth can't talk.
Yasu : It did, it really did.
Yoko : How did it?  Renact it.
Yasu : It wasn't in Kansai-ben but it was a man's voice
Hina : Say it like how he did.
Yasu : And he said, [in Kansai-ben] "Just keep being the present you."  Ah, that was in Kansai-ben.
Yoko : He said, "Ah, that was in Kansai-ben"?
Hina : Ahahahaahhaaha, the earth did a nori-tsukkomi (going along with the joke and then pointing out the stupid).
Yoko : It you become a big name after, then that did happen.
Yasu : He said I didn't have to worry about anything.
Yoko : If nothing happens, then it'll just be "What the hell were you talking about?!" .  But if it does happen, then it was true.  Cause right now, we're all laughing at you.
Yasu : You guys are lagu-laughing at me.
Yoko : Pronunciate properly.
Yasu : Hahahahahahaa, you heard.
Yoko : But if Yasu goes straight to the top and it becomes like "Mondays at 9'oclock (biggest primetime TV slot), starring Yasuda Shota" then it'll be proof that it happened.  And then I'll have to go to Okinawa.

"Musekinin Hero" (they played it 3 times!)

October 29th, 2008's Donnamonya!

Mail = "I listened to Kanjani Eito's show.  Yokoyama-kun was talking about Tsuyoshi-kun, and how Yasuda-kun has been going to dinner with Tsuyoshi-kun lately, and now Yasuda-kun uses the word "creative" a lot.  Tsuyoshi-kun's influence is amazing."

Tsuyoshi (all in good fun) =
- it makes him mad to think of Yasu saying the word "creative"
- realizes that he himself used dress quite flashy at one time and recognizes Yasu's fashion as too flashy
- went to eat with Yasu once. He wore neon on neon, and when he took his sandals off, even his pedicure was done in neon.
- thinks that Yasu has a beautiful face after really looking at it.
- Yasu ending his sentences in an ascending tone reminds me of an Osaka middle aged man.
- thinks Yasu is cute for talking and thinking really hard about everything when he comes to (Tsuyoshi) for advice.
- however, there's the problem of "Tateyama," who needs to give off more of an idol aura
- saw Kanjani on a magazine cover where everyone was laughing but thought "Tateyama" looked especially comedian-like.  While Maru he can understand, because Maru's just being himself and always laughing.
- wants Kanjani to work hard.
- really wants his listeners to support them because they're from the same region but...
- ... "as for Yokoyama-kun, those who want to support him are welcome to do so."

... and ends with Tsuyoshi talking about Yasu and Yoko.  Woo!

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