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October 12th 2008's Tsuushin

oh me oh my oh maruuuuu

[right after the wise saying part]

Yoko makes some lame joke that I don't understand...
Yasu : [chuckles]
Yoko : What was that?
Yasu : I laughed a little.
Yoko : I am funny.
Maru : Wha?  ...yeah, you are.
Hina : Hahahahaha, why are you making everyone pay attention to you?
Yoko : I'm pretty funny you know. 
Yasu : Yes.
Hina : Aahahahah.
Yoko : I'm funny right?
Hina : Ahahahahaha.
Maru+Yasu : You are funny.
Yoko : I was third in anan's "Funny Men" ranking after all.  [every year, anan magazine comes out with these rankings where reads vote for male celebrities they like in a bunch of categories]
Maru : What? What was that?
Yoko : "Funny Men." I came in third place.
Maru : Eh? What? Really!
Hina : Third for "Good Looking and Funny"!
Maru : Who came in first and second?
Yoko : First and second was Fukuyama Masaharu and...
Hina : ... Arashi's Aiba, Yokoyama Yuu, Domoto Koichi...
Maru : Wow, you were higher than our senior.
Yoko : I got in yo.  Doesn't that mean I'm funny?  Ahahaha, so laugh!
All : Ahahahaha.
Yoko [puts on this wierd voice] : It's fine to laugh.
All : Hahahahahahahahahaha.
Maru : Wow.
Yoko [weird voice] :  No need to restrain yourselves, hahahaha.
All : Aahahahahahahahahahahah.
[talk about girl comic]
Yoko : Maru reads stuff like this eh.  But you don't read anan right? 
Maru : Nope.
Yoko : Maru, you were in it too.
Maru : No, that is...
Yoko :'re in it!
Maru : You're wrong.  I missed (getting in the rankings).
Yoko : Dude, I'm telling you.  You're in it.  They have a bunch of categories.
Maru : I know I know.
Yoko : You didn't know you're in it?  Fifth in "Sexy men"
Maru : Me?!  In the sexy category?  Who was first?
Yoko : Kimura Takuya-san.  Second was Akanishi Jin.  Third Matsujun.
Hina : Fourth was someone who's not in Johnny's
Yoko : Then fifth was you.
Maru : Aahhhhh!
Yoko : This is all true.
Maru : What? Why?  I wasn't in the public that much this year.  I didn't do any dramas or anything?
Hina : Aahahahahahah, that's what Ega-chan (comedian) said too.  "I barely did any TV work and still was voted first in "Hated Men."'
Yoko : There's a comment about how you've inherited your father's bodybuilding blood or something.
Maru : Ah, is that so?
Hina : His muscles are like this and stuff.
Maru : I got fatter this year, a bit.
Yoko : It's written in there.  People out there think that.
Maru : Aahhh, really.  Sorry.
Hina : It's fine.
Maru : I gotta get my act togther.
Yoko : You gotta be sexy, man.
Maru : Ahh I understand.  Gonna be sexy. [Says sexily] Ahh.
Hina : Ahahahahahaa, don't get all [name of some famous person I don't know].
Yoko : [copies what Maru just did] Ahh.
Yasu : Hahaha, it's hard to be sexy on the radio.
Yoko : Do you have times when you think you're sexy?  Honestly.
Maru : Hmmmm...when my hair was longer, when I get out of the bath/shower...
Rest of them snickers.
Yasu : Like your hair's all wet when you get out of the shower?
Maru : ...when I had a bit of a perm and stuff.
Yoko : Well you've cut it now, so you can't really be in the ranking anymore?
Maru : Uhn, I don't know where they see the sexiness.
Yoko : You probably can't be in the ranking now.  You got in before because your hair was longer.  You're not sexy or anything now.
Maru : Now I'm sporty.
Hina : They don't have that category.
Yoko : Not sexy?  I wanted to you say that you were sexy.  You gotta be bold about it because it's a ranking that everyone wants to be in.  You got in so you run with it.  I want you to go ahead and just say it.
Hina : Like "Sexy is this!"
Yoko : Right.  What about you is sexy do you think?
Maru : Isn't it the gap [like the different contradictory sides of a person]?
Yoko : What kind of gap?
[Maru says that while he's always being silly and stuff he tries to keep it down in private, here's the part I'm not sure, he either does this to create this gap and attact people to him or to not scare people off.  But if he had to pick, then the silly high tension guy is the real him.]
Yoko : So you having sleeves rolled up is to show off that sexiness?
Maru : Yep.  And to show off my veins.
Yoko : What should you be called now that you've become fifth.  You're can't be "Maru-chan" anymore.  "Maru-chan" is not sexy at all.
Hina : It's more cute.
Yoko : What would you like to be called now?  Can you tell us?
Maru : Ryuhei-san.
Maru : Call me Ryuhei-san.
Hina : Can you make it something that we can call you too?  Include the members in this too.  Ryuhei-san is...
Maru : Right, it's even embarrassing for me to say.
Yoko : But you shouldn't chuck away your nickname.
Maru : When I'm being loud and cheerful, "Maru-chan" is fine, but when I'm quiet...
Yoko : Maybe something like a middle name?
Maru : What's that?  A middlename.
Yoko : For example, like Sexy Ryuhei.
Maru : Ohhhhhhhh.
Hina : Maruyama Sexy Ryuhei.
Yoko : With that, your name becomes totally sexy without having to change it.  I'd just thought I'll throw it out there.
Maru : That's good, this is good.
Yoko : Please make one then.
Maru : I think it'll be good to add something from a foreign language to Maruyama Ryuhei.
Yoko : That's do-able isn't it?  Why didn't you say it?  Can I ask you again?
Maru : Yep.
Yoko : What shall we call you from now on?
Maru : Maruyama Smart Ryuhei.  [Smart as in stylish]
Yoko : [high pitch laugh right after he hears "smart"]
Rest : Aahahahahahaha.
Maru : It's dapper.
Yasu : Being called Smart Ryuhei?
Yoko : Smart-san.
Maru : SmaRyu.
Yoko : Ah! SmaRyu!
Hina : SmaRyu.
Yasu : SmaRyu.
Maru : SmaRyu.  Let's go with that!
Yoko : SmaRyu is fine?
Maru : SmaRyu is good.
Yoko : Ehhhh.
Maru : [starts to say something but stops]
All : Aahahahaha.
Yoko : He was being sexy there.
Hina : Ah, the pause of a sexy man.
Yoko : Because this is radio, it's only sound.  But there are probably girls out there who want to kiss Maru-chan... uwa!  He's totally running his hands through his hair right now.  [to look cool I guess?!]
All : Hahahahahah.
Hina : Even though it's so short that it doesn't even reach his eyes.
Yoko : He's still combing his hair.
Maru : I just got it cut.
Hina : It's been awhile since then.
Yoko : SmaRyu.  SmaRyu.
Maru : Thank you.
Hina : SmaRyu-san.
Maru : Are you making fun of me?  Is everything okay?
Hina : No, everything's fine.


Yoko : Just now, SmaRyu blankly went, "I really got in the magazine."  It really seems like he didn't know.
Maru : I didn't.
Yoko : You didn't because you didn't get in.
Maru : Ehhh?!  Ehhh?!  What?!
Hina : Like I said, you didn't get in.
Yasu : You're not in it.
Maru : Ah.  The middle name? 
Yoko+Hina+Yasu : Nonononono.
Maru : What didn't get in?
Yoko : Not even the "Ma" from "Maruyama" got in the rankings.
Maru : Eeeh?!  Ehh?!
Maru : EH!?
Yoko [kinda in a mean way] : There's no reason why you'd be in it.
Maru : Why not?
Hina [copies Yoko's way of speaking] : Cause you're not sexy.
Staff : Aahahahahahahaha.
Yasu [same] : And your hair is short.
Maru [it all sinks in] : Uwaaa.
Hina : This is embarrassing, isn't it?  SmaRyu-san is embarrassed.
Yasu : SmaRyu-sannnn!
Yoko : SmaRyu-san SmaRyu-san.
Maru : Stop it.
Maru : Hahaha, don't call me that.
Yoko : SmaRyu-san.
Yasu : SmaRyu-san is sexy when he takes a bath right?
Maru : Well, when my hair was long.
Hina : You got way too into it.
Maru : This is so embarrassing.

Yoko and Maru at their best.

Tags: anan, english, hina, maru, sexy, smart, smaryu, tsuushin, yasu, yoko

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