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March 1st 2007's Recommen


There is a sum up at the end, cause…this is a bit unnecessarily long.

Yoko : Konbanwantsu! Yokoyama Yuu here.
Hina : and Murakami Shingo. 
Yoko : So, this week, we got a lot of notices for stuff eh?
Hina : Yes we did.
Yoko : Yes, shall we do the title call now?
Toma : Waitwaitwait a second  It’s not only you two here tonight!  It’s not only youuu two!  Waitwait a moment. << GAHHH, SO CUTE.
Yoko : What is it, you late/tardy person?
Toma : Haha, I am so sorry.
Yoko : Your name is…
Toma : Ah, introduce myself like this? Konbanwantsu, it’s Ikuta Toma.  <<then he claps enthusiastically…by himself.
Hina : Hahahahahaah
So the story is that Toma got to the radio station late cause he went to the wrong one.  Actually, he went the to old one, which is now a construction site, and realized that he probably went to the wrong place. Then he called the right radio station and told them he’s going to be late. <<Hahahhaha
Yoko : Right here, we understand one thing about Toma, he doesn’t listen to the radio (cause if he did, he’ll get the address right).  Where did they tell you to go?
Toma : Just to the radio station.
Hina : You’re an idiot.
Then Yoko talks about how he had a location shoot with Nishikido that day (probably for SukaJ) and they had to go to TVTokyo station, and as he walked up to the place, he thought about how he+Hina+Toma used to film Pakaichi there and remembered all the times they’d walk there together and eat after the show.  Hina+Toma laugh at him cause Yoko said he “feelingly remembered.”  <<Nostalgic, sensitive Yoko makes me want to cry.

Title Call + “Osaka Obachan Rock”

Recommen Girls’ Ranking! = something that surprised you lately ranking
# 5 – misunderstanding
Yoko : Surely it was surprising what happened tonight (Toma screwing up).
Toma and Yoko argue about directions and addresses and off to the side (with Yoko totally winning and Toma saying “sorry” over and over again)…
Hina : Ahhhh, this (Yoko+Toma fighting) feels like the old times.

# 4 – convenience store
They talk a bit about the difference between convenience stores in Tokyo and Osaka.

# 3 – the weather
Some talk about…weather. << talk about the weather is boring in every language.

# 2 - weddings
Yoko : When do you want to get married?
Toma : Before I’m 30.
Hina : When you’re still in your twenties.
Toma : Yes.
Yoko : Do you want kids?
Toma : I do!
Yoko : Why? Why?
Toma : Because I like kids, heh, why “why?”?
Yoko : Why? 
Toma : Because they’re cute…
Yoko : How?
Toma : Hahaha, why do I feel like I’m being under attack?
Yoko : Hahhaa! You remembered the word (being under attacked), you’ve become smart eh? <<YOKO=8 year old
Hina : Waaaaa! Takes me back, it used to be like this all the time in the location bus!
Yoko : Back then, when I told him as a joke that I was going to hit him, he would say honestly, “Don’t hit me! Don’t hit meee!” <<<Yoko does an odd impersonation of Toma here.
All : Hahahahahahhah <<< THEY SOUND SO HAPPPY

# 1 – Eito <<!!!
Hina : Ah, thank you all very much.
Yoko : It’s because of our 47 prefecture tour, I see.
Toma : I just read about that in the newspapers.
Yoko : We’ll be doing a concert almost everyday somewhere in August.
Toma : God, that’s gonna be tough.
Yoko : All that moving will probably be tiring…I wonder…cause we’ll be doing it by bus…
Toma : Wow!
Hina : We did the same thing for our last tour.
Toma : Ehhhhhhhh?!  Wow!
Hina : It’s going to be fun. << I BOW DOWN TO HINA’S POSITIVENESS
Toma : Ah, didn’t you just did a concert at Osaka Dome?  How was it?  Fun?
Yoko : Ah man, you should have come!  I usually always go and watch your stuff, but you never come to mine!
Toma : Why is that huh?  I never get any information (about stuff like this)!
Hina : Check, yo!
Yoko : Look up JohnnysWeb!
Toma : I always find out afterwards!  I’m working on getting better though!
Yoko : Dude, I totally don’t get you, it’s like the same with Aiba.  I just got a mail from him “Let’s go (out and) play!”  I have work (Recommen) to do, man!  So I just sent him back a mail saying “Sorry.”
Hina+Toma : Hahahahahahahahaahhaahah
Yoko : We’re going to be at Yokohama and Tokyo, so you have have have to come.
Toma : Yes.
Yoko : You definitely have to come! If you don’t, you have to shave off all your hair!
Toma : Hahahahaa, why?  I’ll try my best.
Hina : Yoko! You’re having fun tonight eh?
Yoko : Lots, I’m filled with S(adistic) spirit!

Tonight’s Project = Yoko vs Hina showdown! Ikuta Toma Quiz!  <<Again, Toma’s the only one clapping, haha.
Yoko : This may be the most boringest quiz ever.
Hina : You don’t get anything if you win right?  <<ASSES, BUT AS YOU WILL SOON SEE, THEY BOTH LOVE TOMA OH SO VERY MUCH XD
Toma : Hold on a second! Get excited for this yo!
Yoko+Hina : I can’t.
All : Hahahahahahahahahahaah
The game is this, Yoko+Hina have to answer questions about Toma written in by listeners that ranges from easy to “maniac.”  And how can you ever play a game on Recommen without having a punishment game with Ktaro?
Toma : Whoever loses will have to read the advertisement Ktaro wrote for the “Cat in the red boots” DVD.
Hina : …Painful.  But, mahhh, this is for Toma right?
Toma : Yes, “Cat in the red boots” my first starring play has…
Yoko : Okay, okay…
Hina : Yeah, that’s good enough….
Toma: …?
Yoko : Saying it won’t change anything, let’s go on with the game.

Question Number One!
Toma : What’s the phrase that Ikuta Toma always uses in his JohnnysWeb entries that is the equivalent to Recommen’s “Onawantsu”?  <<NOTE: Hina made up Onawantsu, it just means “bye”
Hina : Yes!
Toma : Murakami-san!
Hina : I don’t know!
All : Hahahahahahaha
Toma : Now wait a second!  This is mad easy!
Yoko : Johnny?
Toma : Wrong!  Totally wrong!  <<plays the wrong sound button – “ERRRRRRRRRR”
Yoko+Hina : Hahaha, totally have no idea…
Toma : Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?!
Yoko : Give us a hint, what’s the first letter of the word?
Toma : C
Yoko: YES!  Ciao!
Toma : Correct! <<clapsclapsclaps…he does that a lot

Question Number Two!
Toma : What was Ikuta Toma’s first impression of Yokoyama Yuu?
Toma : No, what?  First impression! 
Yoko : Toma’s?
Hina : What did Toma think of Yoko!
Yoko : Yes!  Juvenile delinquent.
Hina : No?  That’s what I was thinking of…yes!
Toma : Murakami-san.
Hina : Russian (person).
Yoko : Yes! White!
Toma : Wrong, all wrong.
Yoko : Yes! “I want to hug him”
Toma : …wha?  You’re getting further and further away.  It’s close to juvenile delinquent and Russian.
Yoko : Yes! White and blond hair!
Toma : Err..uhh, yes! The correct answer is “Blond Hair”
”DINGDINGDING” << clapclapclap
Hina : Ahhhhh…I see, now he’s bald.
All : Hahahahahahahaha
Toma : When I met him…and since I knew him, he’s almost always had blond hair.

Question Number Three!
Toma : What was Ikuta Toma’s first impression of Murakami Shingo?
Yoko : Yes! His teeth!
Hina : Yes!  Cute. 
All : Hahahahahahaha
Toma : What?
Hina : First impression no?  First time we met…was probably around 15 or 16…
Yoko : It’s probably something to do with appearance…
Toma : Yes.
Hina : It’s not “cute”?
Toma : I did think that, but it’s not that kind of appearance.
Yoko : Yes!  Shit?
Toma : HAHAAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH  <<laughing his head off
Hina : What?! That’s probably your impression, hahahaha.
Toma : Big hint!  Think “clothes.”
Yoko : Yessss!
Toma : Yokoyama-san!
Yoko : Ehh, (the clothes he wore made him look) poor!
All : Hahahahahahaah
Toma : It’s close, it’s close.
Yoko : I don’t know…
Hina : Ohh! Overalls!
Toma : It’s…it’s in this direction…
Yoko : Shoes?
Toma : No, not shoes, it’s still clothes.
Yoko : No clue.
Toma : Hina too?  Should I say the answer then? 
Hina : Yeah.
Toma : The answer is….Jersey!  << I THINK JERSEY IN JAPANESE MEANS SWEATS
Hina : Eh, what? Really?
Toma : That time, Hina was wearing this red jersey top and bottom, but they were totally different! << I THINK HE MEANS THAT HINA WAS WEARING A SWEATSHIRT AND SWEATPANTS THAT DIDN’T MATCH.
Hina : Ahhh…AHHH! The legendary jersey!
Toma : Yesyes! The legendary red jersey!
Hina : Ahh…I left it at Johnny-san’s house. <<EEEH?!
Toma : Hahahaha
Hina : Please go get it back for me
Toma : It was this image (of Hina) I had…
Hina : Ohh…I see, I got them from Aiba-chan.
Toma : Ah, really?
Hina : Yeah, he bought them in Hawaii.  When we all lived together in the boardinghouse back then and had to go to lessons at Asahi TV, I told him that I didn’t have any jersey and he gave me those.
Yoko : I kinda remember ‘em now…

Question Number Four!
Toma : In September of 2005, what event did Ikuta Toma…
Yoko (cuts him off) Yes! One day police chief!
Toma : Correct! <<clapsclapsclaps
Hina : Whoa….that was really fast.
Yoko : You didn’t know? <<BOASTINGGGG
Hina : Had no idea…
Yoko explains that he’s a big Johnnys fan, and checks up and down on Johnnys news so he pretty much knows all. Toma says that he was was doing a police-related drama then, and when the offer came, he was very surprised too. 
Yoko : Ahhh, one day chief huh…despite that he shopliftedwhen he was young.
They all start to talk over each other a bit but Yoko’s laughing, Toma’s telling him to shut up, and Hina’s just saying “Mahmahmah.”
Toma : Please stop…
Yoko (he can’t stop laughing) : Hahaha…shoplifter Toma..hahahahaha.

Question Number Five!  <<Yoko’s still laughing…
Toma : This question is from  ____-chan from Osaka…(he starts coughing here)…
All : Hahahahahahahahahaa
Yoko : The hell?
Hina : What’s this?
Toma : Sorry, here we go.  Back during the B.I.G. times, the name of the song that Ikuta Toma and YamaP sang together was called ________ Rocket?
Yoko : Pffffffff, no idea.
Hina : …what…what Rocket?
Toma : Yes…I sang this with Yamashita…
Hina : Yes! Planet Rocket.
Toma : It’s along this kind of feeling…
Yoko : Yes! Shoplift Rocket.  <<HAHAHAHAAHHAAH
Hina : Hahahahahahahahah
Toma : HEY! HEY!
Yoko : You’d steal it, and pshhhhhh! take off!  “Wow, the rocket’s fast!”
Yoko+Hina : Aaahahahahahahahahaha.
Toma : You’re an awful person….it’s a same word used twice.
”DINGDINGDING” <<clapclapclap by Toma and he sing a bit of the song.
Yoko pouts how Shoplift Rocket would have been better, and Hina+Toma ignore him and go on to the next question.

Question Number Six! 
Toma : “In the play Azumi, as an actor that brilliantly showed off his talent…” You hear that?  “brilliantly showed off his talent”!
Yoko+Hina : Hmmm…. <<no interest at all…
Toma : What was the name of Ikuta Toma’s character?
Yoko : Yes! Ukiha! <<answers immediately
Toma : Correct!
”DINGDINGDING” <<clapclapclap
Hina says he didn’t know the answer cause he never went and saw the play, he was filming “Hagure” (that police show) back then. 
Toma : But we did “Azumi” twice.
Yoko : He probably got hagure-ed (hagure=get lost) then. 

Toma : Who would always go visit Ikuta Toma’s dressing room during Endless Shock?
Yoko : Yes! Tatsumi Yuudai (he’s in M.A.D.) <<another immediate answer.
Hina : That’s crazy detailed!
Toma : It was, a bit.
Yoko : You wrote it in JohnnysWeb no?  I read it!
Toma : Then how come you didn’t get “ciao”? (see question one)
Yoko half-asses some answer about how he only properly reads the main text/paragraphs only.

Johnnys Station =
1) Kanjani’s Dome concert completed, 47 prefecture tour, new CD (wheee!), new single release date decided, new song from said new single will be played on air next week. 
[which by the by, I just listened to.  I LIKE IT BEAUCOUPS! I CAN HEAR YOU SING YOKO!  AND EVERYONE ELSE TOO! WEEEEEEE! SOLOS (lines, hahaha) FOR EVERYONE!  THE SONG REMINDS ME A BIT OF ULFULS, ANOTHER YAY!  The bunbunn part makes me think of NEWS.  I was hoping they’re stop with the gimmicky songs (but damn if this isn’t catchy, I can’t help but have a stupid smile on my face listening to it) cause they’re capable of so much better and all of Japan should know about it, but they’re selling soba (the commercial is so very great) so I guess this fits. BUT NEXT SINGLE…anyway, can’t wait for the stupidlyawesome dance they come up for this…they better be wearing those school uniforms too cause %^#%^#@#$…what do you think of it?] 
Hina just kinda repeats the whole thing again.

2) Endless Shock finished without any mishaps yesterday.
Yoko : How was it?
Toma : Tough. It was two months… I wondered how Koichi did it, cause he’s the star of the thing.
Yoko : Ah, like how I wondered how Takki did it too. (can’t recall the name right now but that thing…last February with Okura…)
Cause Yoko likes to talk, he starts going on about his experience last year.  Hina brings it back to Toma…
Toma : We did the play…81 times…and when we did 30, I thought, there’s still 51 left!  I’m very glad though, that we ended it without anyone getting hurt or anything…

3) Ikuta Toma’s play “Cats in the red boots” being released on DVD. This was also the Best Valued News so they talked about it more.
Toma : I especially got the people from J-storm to get me copies for you guys today.  I’ve brought them here tonight.
Hina : How much?  <<HAAHAHAHAHAH
Toma : Ahh, nono, it’s free.
Yoko takes it and looks at it : Ahhh, it says SAMPLE right on it…can’t sell it then.
Toma : Hold…hold on a second! J-Storm people!  This guy’s gonna try to sell it!
Toma talks about how happy he is that DVD is coming out, how much fun he had doing the play, and Yoko veers off to talk about the girl in the play.  He got the names mixed up between the girl in “Cats in the red boots” with …some other girl who has big boobs, so when he saw the girl in Toma’s play, he was all “Ah, they’re small!” but then remembers to say that “but they’re nice too”. <<HEH Throughout this, Hina+Toma are laughing and clapping.

They read some mail =
A listener wrote in how she went to watch the last show of Endless Shock and how she cried because it was so touching.  Then Toma talked about how they all went out to celebrate at Karaoke.  Koichi-san’s manager kept putting in Kinki Kids songs so they kept singing those for some time, and MA, M.A.D. and Toma took turns singing Tsuyoshi’s part.  They all got really into it, and MA even back danced a bit.
Yoko : Why didn’t you call us?
Toma : ..why would I call you?
Yoko : We’re also Kinki kids (=they’re all born in the Kinki region)!  We’re Osaka kids! Why not?!
Hina+Toma : Heh
Toma then talks about how excited he was to sing with the real Koichi.

Yes! No! Dictionary = do you have a boyfriend who puts his friends before dates with you?
They pretty much ask all the callers if they saw the Dome concert (most of them yes), what was their favourite part (Eito Rangers), if they had seen Toma’s play (Yoko keeps mispronouncing it and most of them haven’t), and Yoko really sells them the DVD (“I heard it was really good, go buy it!”).

One caller =
Yoko : Do you have someone you like at the moment?
Caller : Not now.
Yoko : Who’s fan are you?
Caller : Yasuda and Nishikido-kun!
Yoko : Would be good to date both of them no?  Should I introduce you?  Let me give you their phone numbers.
Caller : Yes, please!
Yoko : ...I’m fine with it but there’s a lot of adults around right now who are quite angry with me “Stop doing things your way!” So…I’m going to stop.
Caller : Ah, let them get mad!
Yoko : Oi! Just let me get off the hook yo.

100% of the girls have boyfriends like that.

Back to Toma Quiz!
They’re playing the music from Endless Shock in the background.
Toma : Ah! This is from Endless Shock, you know?
Yoko: I do, the part when you’re fighting right?
Toma : Wow
Yoko : Haha, I know everything about Toma.  <<Boasting again, but then…he really does know a lot about Toma.

Question Number Eight !
Toma : Who taught Toma how to play the guitar at Tensai TV?
Hina : Mahh…guitar…I don’t know much about…
Toma : I started learning around…middle school…for about 8, 9 years…
Yoko : Is the guy really good?
Toma : Really good.
All : Hahahahaha
Toma : Nono, he’s the same age as me!  << I think he’s trying to say that his teacher was someone older.
Yoko : How old is he now?
Toma : Around…40…
Yoko : Yes! Nomura Yoshio-san
Toma : Bingbon!
Hina : Whoa.
Yoko : I’m quite amazing no?
Toma : Haha, ah, Murakami-san, you haven’t been really getting any points…
Hina : Ah, it’s fine it’s fine…starting now I will.  <<ALWAYS SO POSITIVE.

Question Number Nine!
Toma : If Ikuta Toma didn’t enter Johnnys, what would he do (career wise)?
Hina : Baseball player?
Yoko : Yes! Soccer player!
Toma : Yes, correct!
Toma : Are you alright, Hina?
Hina : Totally.  <<   =)

Question Number Ten!
Toma : What part of his own body does Ikuta Toma like best?
Hina : Gah, I don’t know this…really…
Yoko : Yes!  Hand???
Toma : Wrong…actually, I’m quite proud of it (part he likes best).
Yoko : Is it big?  << 2%^&#&%&(^$#!
Toma : …big…it’s not big…
Yoko : So it’s small?
Toma : Mahhh, I don’t like it because it’s big or small.
Hina : Yes! Ears.
Yoko : It’s part of your face?
Toma : Nono.
Hina : Hand!
All : Hahahahhaaha
Toma : It’s already been guessed!
Yoko : You’re showing your stupidity, hahahaha.
Hina : Errr, eyebrows!  <<God, he wasn’t really listening at all
All : Hahahaah
Toma is laughing his head off…
Yoko : It’s not part of his face!  You’re really showing your stupidness now.  Hahahaha.  Twice already.
Toma : When people see it, they praise me for it.
Yoko : Yes! Your heart?
All : Hahahahahah
Toma : That doesn’t make any sense.
Hina : Yes! Your ass!
Toma : Correct!  People have said it’s bit cute.
Hina : Let’s see it.
Yoko : We won’t understand if we don’t see it.
Toma : Fine.
Yoko+Hina : Ah…Maru’s better.  << HAHAHAHAAH.
Toma : What is this…?
Yoko+Hina : Hahahahaah
Then Yoko talks about how during the Dome concert, when they were changing, Subaru showed off his ass to the camera, and he thought…
Yoko : It was a bit of shock to me.  When I saw it, I thought “Ahhh, he’s aged.”  It’s sagging a bit, he’s always aging eh…it was a bit sad.  There was a bit of sorrow drifting about.  << OH YOKO XD

Question Number Eleven!
Toma : Who was the leader at Ikuta Toma’s coming of age ceremony?
Yoko : Yes! Matsuoka-kun (from TOKIO).
Hina : Yes! Nagano-kun (from V6)
Yoko : Yes! Sakamoto-kun (from V6).
Hina : Yesyesyes! Yamaguchi-kun (from TOKIO).
Hina : Ehhhhhhhhh?! Why? 
Yoko : Yes! Joshima-kun (from TOKIO). 
Toma : Wow, you guys really have no idea.
Hina : Yes! Koichi-kun.
”EEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRR”  << Jesus, even I would have probably guessed by now, but then I know who it was…anyway, why didn’t Yoko or Hina or most of Kanjani get to go of those ceremonies?  I really liked Yasu+Ryo’s hakama… Yasu’s hair back then was so nice, speaking of which, his hair now is getting dangerously close to the beginnings of a mullet no?  But I’ll take a mullet over that dried hay stack thing he was working a couple months back <<wasting time.
Yoko : Heh, yes! Taichi-kun.
Toma : Correct!
Hina : Taichi-kun?  Not Koichi-kun?
Yoko : Koichi hasn’t done one yet.  That was the same year as Yasu right?  So it was Taichi no? 
Hina : Ahhhhhh, I remember now.

Question Number Twelve!
Toma : Who did Ikuta Toma star with in the Eigimono special “Corpse of the Sleepy Forest”?
Yoko : Yes! Kazama Shunsuke!  << another immediate answer.
Hina : That was really fast!
Toma : By the way, what was the name of the Eigimono that Yoko and Hina did?
Hina : I didn’t do one, it was Yoko and Tacchon.
Toma : Ahhh…haha.
Hina : Yoko’s…Yoko’s was….
Yoko : Aaaahhhh! Got it, “Lonely My Room.”
Toma : Yes, that was it…really Yoko, I didn’t expect you to be so good at this.
Yoko : I have a crazy good memory…unexpectedly.  <<PFFFFFFFFFFF
Toma : Hina, on the other hand…
Hina : It’s coming, it’s coming.  << ALWAYS WITH THE POSITIVE.

From Taichi = When you go to eat at a sushi restaurant, what’s the last sushi you’d eat (summing up the meal)?  (Taichi’s is cucumber roll)
Hina : Sighh…lately I haven’t been going to sushi restaurants…
Yoko : Where do you go eat then?
Hina : Set menu places.
Yoko : Ootoya?  <<name of a restaurant
Hina (a bit surprised) : What? No, not that one, but we used to go there often naa?
Toma : Ah, I’ve been there!
Yoko : I have a favourite sushi restaurant…it’s in Kobe…
Hina : Ahh, you’re a rich person huh?
Yoko : Yes, that is true.  Hahaahaahah, joking aside, a friend’s dad took me there… at the end, I always have to finish off with sea urchin.  I really like it.  It’s the perfect way to end a meal, after I finish it, I’d want to go home.
Toma likes Engawa (I don’t know what it is, some kind of fish?) and Hina eel. 

8 Letter Phrase !
For some reason (does he need any?) Yoko starts digging into Toma’s family.  Apparently, Toma’s house has 4 rooms with a living and dinning room.  He, his younger brother, mom, dad, all have their own rooms.  Yoko starts bugging Toma about why his parents don’t sleep together in the same room (Yoko : (the marriage) has cooled down eh? <<WHOA, YOKO.  Toma : My family is totally fine!) and Hina has to intervene but then Yoko starts asking about his family.  (By the by, Hina’s parents do sleep together and) Hina tries to throw it back to Yoko but Yoko just answers that it’s complicated in his family.  Hahahaha.

They read some more mail =
A listener writes in how shocked she is that Hina doesn’t seem to know that much about Toma at all, (Hina’s laughing while he’s reading this), despite how they formed a parent+son union/league together back then (Toma’s laughing too now).  Hina and Toma laugh about how they did battle with Yamashita and Takizawa’s parent+child team and they totally failed.  << I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF THIS…WHA?
Hina : Wahhhh, I can’t grow almost-mustaches like back then anymore…
All : Hahahahahaha
Yoko : Hahaa, what’s an almost-mustache?
Hina : Back then, I would be happy with just a few whiskers, but now I have to shave everyday.
All : Hahahahahahahaahhah
Yoko : How old are you Toma?
Toma : 22…ah, this year 23.
Yoko : Only 23?!
Yoko+Hina : It’s 6 no?  It’s 6 right?
All : Hahahahahahahaah

It’s 12:00! Which means another intro for the rest of Japan!
Yoko : Konbanwantsu, Yokoyama Yuu here.
Hina :  Konbanwantsu, It’s Murakami Shingo.
Toma : Konbanwantsu, and Ikuta Toma.
Yoko : So…we’ve just done a concert.
Hina : Yesyes.
Yoko : And now…#$^@#$!#$ <<bunch of gibberish.
Hina : Wha? Huh? 
Toma : Hahahahahaa
Yoko : I had the words in my head but…
Toma : Ahahahaha
Hina : Tonight, Toma’s been our guest since 10 o’clock…
Yoko : Why did you come tonight?
Toma : Ummm…the play I starred in “Cat in the Red Boots” been DVD-fied and…Endless Shock has just finished yesterday.
Yoko : I’ve heard great things about “Cat in the Red Boots.”
Toma : Ah..nonono.
Hina : Is it out yet?
Toma : Yes, since…February 24th.
Yoko : I want to watch “24” DVDs…I’m quite obsessed with it right now.
Hina : “24”…aren’t you a bit late (getting into it)? 
Yoko : Have you watched it?
Toma : No
Yoko : Go watch it!
Toma : Ah…Atsuhiro-kun has also recommended to me.
Hina : Ah…me too.
Yoko : You guys should totally watch it, it’s very good.
Hina : I’ve started watching from season one.  << I GUESS HE GOT THE DVDs FROM OKURA THEN.
Yoko : It’s crazy good.
Hina : It’s probably the hottest thing in Japan right now…”24”…
Toma : It’s probably too late for me to start watching.
Yoko : What? No, seriously, watch it.
Hina : If you have to compare the two…”Cat in the Red Boots”…Jack Bauer or Toma…
Yoko : What the hell are you saying?
Toma : Ahahhhahahaah
Yoko : Please don’t say something so stupid.
Toma : (My DVD) is available in CD stops everywhere, so
Yoko : What are you going on about?
Toma : Hahahahaa, I really hope you (listeners) would go buy it.
Yoko : God, you’re stupid.
Hina : What are you doing?  What’s this (character)?
Yoko : I don’t know…ah…it’s late night…anything goes.
Toma : Hahahahahahaha
Hina : Mah, back then, we used to do Koichi-kun’s show together…did it for a long time.
Toma : Yes, it’s been a long time…
Hina : Man…how many years has it been?
Yoko : Now…look how far we’ve come…we got a CD coming out.
Hina : Yesyes…April 11th. “Zukkoke otoko michi”
Yoko : A 47 prefecture tour has also been decided.
Hina : Yes, the whole country.
Toma : Wow!
Yoko : North from Hokkaido to south is Okinawa.  Tokyo Dome too.
Toma : No way, Tokyo Dome?
Hina : Yes, we were surprised too.
Toma : That’s terrific.
Yoko : You better come.
Toma : 2 days at Tokyo Dome…
Yoko : What are we gonna do?  Even I don’t know…
Hina : Gah…whatever it is, we’re gonna work hard at it.  << NO WONDER HE’S THE POSITIVE TEACHER.
Yoko : Ah, we’re probably also coming out with an album after…
Hina : The date still hasn’t been decided.
Yoko : It’s pretty much decided.  << YOKO SERIOUSLY LOVES TO LEAK NEWS OUT
Toma : Hahahahahaha
Hina : Around spring…
Yoko : I’ve heard that, I’ve heard that…
Hina : Dude, you seriously have no self-control, have some patience once a in while yo.
Yoko : But I know already, and I want listeners to know too.
Hina : Man, you’re hopeless.
Yoko : But this album, it’s turning out to be good stuff…
Hina : Yes…
Yoko : We’re trying some new stuff.
Toma : Really?!
Yoko : Uhn, it’s turning out great.  I’ll tell you about it after…
Toma : Yes, please tell me all about it.

They read some more mail.
Someone writes in that Toma’s voice is very lovely, and he starts thanking her in the deep, deep voice (a bit like Taichi), and Hina bluntly asks what’s wrong with him.  They talk about what kind of voices…and whose voice they’d like to have.

Another listener writes in that Toma and Ktaro’s voice, way of talking, and tension are very similar.
Yoko : You know who he is?
Toma : Yeah
Hina : They just had a talk together, just now.
Yoko : You know him well?
Toma : Mahh, we’d always talk when I come here…that’s about it.
Yoko : You like him?
Toma : Yeah.
Hina : So you’re happy that you’ve been said to be like him?
Toma : Yes
Hina : Hmmmm…
Toma : What do you two think?  Am I a bit like him?
Yoko : Can I say this?  I really don’t care.
Hina+Toma : Hahahahahaahah
Hina : This is your conclusion eh?
Yoko : Yes…both are fine.
Toma : I see…let’s move on.

Third listener writes in…about the Dragon Ball Quiz they did.  And they go straight into Dragon Ball talk…mostly Yoko+Hina…Toma’s been reading One Piece more lately.  Oh shit, they start quizzing each other…skipskipskip.

Back to Toma Quiz!  (Yoko’s leading 9-2) =
Question Number Thirteen!
Toma : Good luck, Hina-chan.  << HEEEE “HINA-CHAN”
Hina : I’m going to try my best, really.  Haha, sorry (for thus far).
Toma : “When Ikuta Toma first joined Johnnys, who was the first senpai he talked to?”  This one may be a bit hard, cause the answer’s unexpected…
Yoko : Yes!  Nakai-kun?
Yoko : Yes! Takki?
Hina : Yes! Go-kun.
Toma : Ahhhh, always but not quite.
Yoko : Yes! Okada-kun.
Toma : Ahhhhhhhhhh. Yes, Hina-chan.
Hina : Ken-kun.
Toma : Correct.  There’s a gym at Roppongi right?  A rehearsal room.  Ken-kun was standing by the entrance and I was coming out, but he was blocking me…and he said “Ah, sorry.”
Yoko : Do in his voice.
Yoko : Hahahaahhaah
Hina : Hahaha, you didn’t back down from it.
Toma : I knew about Ken-kun, even before I entered Johnnys…and then I thought “Ah, so his voice is like this…”
Yoko : Did he introduce himself?
Yoko+Hina : Hahahahahah
Toma : I’ve probably made him mad…
Hina : Your impersonation was good!
Yoko : I can’t really tell…
Toma : Let’s go on to the next question before I really make him mad.  
Yoko : How is Ken lately?
Toma : Shut up.

Question Number Fourteen!
Toma : In one word, what’s Ikuta Toma’s type of girl?
Yoko : Yes!
Toma : Please, Yokoyama-san.
Yoko : A kind girl.
Hina : A cheerful girl.
Yoko : Yes! A sensible girl.
Toma : You’ve strayed a bit…
Hina : Yes! A girl who doesn’t lie.
Toma : You’re getting further away…think back to “cheerful.”
Yoko : Yes! A girl you could talk to.
Yikes, they go on for awhile more…
Yoko : Yes! Someone who’s high tension.
Hina : Yes! A girl with a nice smile!
Yoko (bit mad) : What kind of idol answer is that?!
Toma : Dude, that was totally an idol question, yo!  And what is someone who’s high tension?
Hina : Someone like Maru.
Yoko : If you ask Subaru what kind of girl he likes, he’ll answer someone whose body is flexible.
All : Hahahahaah
Toma : Hahaha, really?

Question Number Fifteen!
Toma : When Ikuta Tome was on Recommen in May of 2004, he did two impersonations of people, who were they?
UHHH...I’M NOT FAMILIAR WITH THE PEOPLE THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT BUT HINA GETS ON OF THEM RIGHT AND NO ONE GETS THE OTHER ONE.  He does the impersonations again afterwards, and Yoko makes him do one of Ken again. 
Toma : “It’s the best” <<HAHA, I can’t explain it…it’s like bit like that HEYHEYHEY! Phone Box voice but not as high
Yoko : Hahahahahahahahahaha (laughing his head off), you’re totally going to get hell from him for this…
Toma : “That sucks”
All : Hahahahahahahahahaahahah
Toma : Gah, stop making me do it!

Question Number Sixteen!
Toma : Ikuta Toma and Matsumoto Jun-kun had a squabble that unfolded in the WinkUp’s message board corner.  What was the reason for their fight?
Yoko : Don’t know.
Hina : Yes! You didn’t call him, or you did, but didn’t get him.
Hina : Yes! Borrowing and lending stuff.
Toma : A bit off…
Yoko : Money?
Toma : What kind of money?
Hina : Food bills?
Toma : Ohh! What kind of money?
Hina : Books.
Toma : Wrong.
Hina : DVD.
Toma : Wrong.
Hina : CD.
Toma : Noo
Yoko : Food.
Toma : Yo…
Hina : I already tried that!
Toma : After you eat…
Yoko : Karaoke!
Hina : Taxi!
Toma : Hina-chan’s correct.
Hina : Yessssssss, I feel like I’m getting better.
Toma : Hahaha, good.  After we ate, we took a taxi and it was going to Matsujun’s house first…then mine…..
Hina (cuts him off) : Wahh, back then the four of us would go to Shibuya’s yakiniku.
Toma : Did we?
Yoko : I don’t remember, don’t remember…
Hina : We did!
Toma : The four (Yoko+Hina+Toma+Matsujun) of us?
Yoko : Don’t know what you’re talking about, this is only in your memories.
Hina : What the hell? We totally went.
Toma : I do remember we went to watch a movie once with Tsubasa-kun, Hina and Matsujun was there.
Yoko : I wasn’t there.
Hina : Ahh…that.
Yoko : Didn’t you guys really made Johnny-san made that time?
Toma : Yesyes…
Hina : He was really mad.  We went to watch “Rush Hour.”  <<I DON’T GET IT…WAS HE MAD BECAUSE THEY SNEAKED OUT OR SOMETHING?  OR BECAUSE THEY SAW “RUSH HOUR”?
Toma : Tsubasa-kun said he wanted to watch “Rush Hour” but he fell asleep 10 minutes in to the movie.
Yoko : That’s really rush hour.

Question Number Seventeen! (Last one!)
Toma : This is the last question, it’s called the jumping chance question because whoever gets it right gets 10 000 points. 
Yoko : Okay, okay.
Hina : Bring it.  <<PUMPED
Yoko : Pff, I’ll probably get it right.
Toma : Where did Ikuta Toma, Yokoyama, and Murakami traveled to together?
Yoko : Yes! Osaka!
Hina : Yes! Hokkaido!
Yoko : Hawaii!
Toma : Wrong.
Yoko : Was it within the country?
Hina : AaaAaaAaaAhhh! Australia!
Toma : Correct, as one would expect from Hina-chan.
Hina : YES! (excitedly clapping)
Toma (to Yoko) : You don’t remember?
Yoko : I do, but I didn’t understand your question. <<Wha?
Hina : We went…with TOKIO’s Yamaguchi-kun…Koichi-kun…and Okada-kun…
Toma : So…this means that…Yokoyama has 9 points…versus…Murakami’s 10 006 points, Murakami-san wins!
Hina : Wooo!
Toma : Congratulations!
Yoko : Ah…so I’ll be doing the punishment game…
Toma : …which is doing a commercial that Ktaro has written for “Cat in the Red Boots” DVD.
Yoko : I’m not gonna do it.
Toma : For me.
Yoko : Not gonna do it.
Toma : The DVD promotion…
Yoko : …let me see it first.
Ktaro : Thankyouthankyou, It’s producer Ktaro here. 
Toma : Hi, hi.
Ktaro : I’ve crammed Toma-kun’s charm into 30 seconds here…please, Yokoyama-san, and I’ll also need Toma-kun’s participation in this.
Toma : I understand.
Yoko : Alright, let’s do this.  << SOUNDING DEAD.
Hina (reading the script) : Wait a second, hahahaha, Toma’s the punchline in this. Hahaha.
Toma : Whaa?  Waitwait…ehhhh?!
Ktaro : Please, take one!

Yoko : Konbanwantsu! This is Yokoyama Yuu, head of Ikuta Toma’s publicity.  “Cat in the Red Boots” which starred Toma has become DVD-fied.
Toma : Sorry to have kept you waiting!
Yoko : Toma plays Tom, who with Kazama act violently to reckless abandon in Akihabara.
Toma : That’s not it!  Last fall I did a play by a boots-wearing-cat.
Yoko : That was when you acted as Koichi-kun’s rival no?
Toma : That’s “Endless Shock” yo!  “Cat in the Red Boots” is a fantasy adventure about humans and elves living together in this world.
Yoko : Is that so?  Then you should start the adventure “Cat in the Red Boots” now, meow.
Toma : Portsmouth, Portsmouth.  <<I DON’T KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS.

Toma : Waitwaitwait a second.
Hina : I understand the words…but what?
Toma : This is…
Ktaro : …quite good, don’t you think?
Yoko : Of course…there is a Murakami version no?
Ktaro : Yes…well…to start with…the name is different.
All : Hahahahahahaha
Yoko + Hina : What the hell?
Yoko : If someone only heard this, I don’t think anyone would go see it.
All : Hahahahahahhahah.
Yoko : They’ll probably think, “I don’t think this is a very good DVD”
Toma : Now wait!
Yoko : Is the DVD this bad?
Toma : What? No!
Yoko : What would Miyaki Ken say about it.
Toma : “It’s the best” <<impersonation again, it does sound like the real thing, hahaha.
Toma : He’s definitely gonna get pissed.
Yoko+Hina still laughing.

Last song of the night = “Sukiyanen Osaka” (I’ll never get tired of this song.)

Yoko makes Toma do an impersonation of Koichi, Toma protests that he came to do PR for this DVD and not impersonations, but does it anyways.  He just sings a bit in a Koichi voice.  Then they let him do a proper promotion of DVD.

And because Yoko is Yoko…
Yoko : What are you doing next week?
Toma : Probably nothing I think.
Yoko : I’m just asking, that’s all. 


Yikes, this was tres long. Important parts =

  • Toma is the best.
  • Yoko is a big Toma fan.
  • So is Hina.
  • They did a quiz about Toma.  Out of 17 questions, Yoko got 9 and Hina 6, neither of them got the other two.  But because the last question was worth a lot of points, Hina ended up winning and Yoko had to read a weird ad for Toma’s “Cat in the Red Boots” written by, of course, Ktaro.
  • Yoko’s still obsessed with 24.
  • Hina’s started watching it too.
  • Yoko+Hina+Toma had lots of fun as juniors together.
  • Toma does a wicked Miyaki Ken impersonation that Yoko finds absolutely hilarious.
  • They just sound so happy together on the show.

Tags: 24, hina, ktaro, maru, miyaki ken, recommen, subaru, toma, yasu, yoko

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