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March 22th 2007's Recommen

Hina, what did you do to your hair?

Opening Talk :

March 22, besides Recommen, was the last episode of “Haikei Chichiue-sama,” so Yoko went on Iitomo to promote the final episode.  He said he felt weird and talked about how a lot of people from the show went up to him and talked to him (he mentioned some names, most of them have been on SukaJ), and how there were fans in the audience yelling his name “Kimi-kun! Kimi-kun!”  This all made him feel like an entertainer (as oppose to an idol).  He also felt weird having people know about Kanjani cause people used to mess up the pronunciation (seki instead of kan).  Yoko then wraps it up by saying how it was a good and fun experience.

Tonight’s main project! : Haikei Chichiue-sama
To celebrate the end of Yoko’s drama, Yoko+Hina are going to read out listeners’ letters to their own fathers on air.  They’re going to call some listeners during the show too.

”Zukkoke Otoko Michi”

Recommen Girls’ Ranking! : “Things you can graduate from no matter what”
# 5 = stuff animals
Hina reads out a letter from a listener, she can’t sleep without her stuff animal even while traveling.  Then Yoko+Hina talk about things they must bring with them on tour.  Yoko brings not much/nothing, Hina a hairdryer.  Ah! Hina gets a dig in there about how Yoko doesn’t bring a hairdryer cause he has no hair and don’t need one.  Yoko says that even before, he doesn’t bring it cause he can count on one of the members (like Hina) to bring one.

# 4 = falling back asleep
Yoko talks about how he sets his alarm 10 minutes before he must get up so he can fall back to sleep, and because he’s a light sleeper, he can wake up 10 minutes later totally fine. 

#3 = staying up late
Yoko brings up how filming for drama has totally screwed up his sleep schedule. 

# 2 = video game
Yoko+Hina both play Dragon Quest, although they haven’t lately…Yoko’s finished 8 and is on 9, Hina…no idea…then they ramble off names of characters from that game (mostly Yoko, Hina just goes “Ahhh! Yes! So-and-so!”).

# 1 = sweets
Hina : Girls can’t graduate from this eh?  Cause there’s White Day and all…
Yoko : …White Day?  Aaaahhhhh! I forgot again.  << IS ANYONE SURPRISED?
Guy+Hina : Hahaahahahahah!
Hina : Dude! Bring it next week, the air changes in April (I think he means it’ll be spring).

Main Project = Haikei Chichiue-sama!
Yoko+Hina read some letters from listeners addressed to their dads.  It’s all “Thank you for listening me blabber on about Johnnys and being such a great dad,” very nice and sweet… then they read a letter from a listener asking her dad to stop getting into the bath naked.  And away they go :

Hina : You don’t get naked in front of your family right?
Yoko : Nope.
Yoko : I’ve seen my mom naked (Hina : Nothing underneath?  Yoko: Nope), it’s totally normal.
Hina : This is a bit shocking…
Yoko : I learned various things from my mom (I think he means the female body?).
Hina : If you have a kid, would you (mind) get(ting) naked in front of him/her?
Yoko : It’ll be fine if I started doing that in the beginning, but if I start when his/her/they are older that’ll be embarrassing…I don’t know about that, but I think I want to start when he/her/they are really young because I want to take him/her/them to the public baths. Because I’m an entertainer, it may be lewd of me to say, but I don’t show my penis.
Hina : No?
Yoko : No! Don’t show my penis even if everyone’s there and are showing theirs.  It’s not that I don’t have any confidence! <<HAHAHAAH
Guy+Hina : Ahhahaaha.
Hina : I didn’t ask you that!
Yoko : That’s totally not it though, it’s cause I’m being watched.
Hina : I show mine.
Yoko : noises that basically means he has no response
Guy+Hina : Hahahahaahahahahha
Hina : I don’t really mind.
Yoko : It’s gonna be totally looked it!  If you were an amateur and you saw Taichi’s penis, you would go tell everyone right?  You’ll tell everyone if you saw TOKIO’s penises right?  We won’t because they’re our senpais, but an amateur will.  <<Hehehehe, why drag TOKIO into this?
Hina : Because I don’t say anything when I see anything, I don’t think others will also.
Yoko : Like hell they don’t!  I’ve heard how many times now about you from the staff!
Hina : eh?
Yoko : Stuff like “I went to the bath and Murakami-kun was there and his was big.” <<HAHA, I’M DYING!
Hina : Why are you saying this now live on air?
Yoko : I just want to say I’ve heard it before.
Hina : Even if you’ve heard it, use some self-control man (=don’t say it here)!
Yoko : Ah, can I say penis?  Is penis a banned word?
Hina : It’s fine, it’s fine, just add an O in front of it.  (Yoko’s been saying chinchin all this time).
Yoko says penis here about 5 more times (while laughing), with and without an O and says he doesn’t see the different, Hina says it’s cuter (YES, WHAT? I DON’T UNDERSTAND)…and anyway, Yoko finishes what he wants to say…
Yoko : I’ve heard it from the KansaiTV staff…
Hina : Ahhh! Those guys!  Hahaha.  But I don’t really notice it when we’re doing location shoots (and need to shower after).
Yoko : We go to public baths quite a bit while doing location shoots around Kansai and this guy (Hina) just lets it all hang out.  And I think, “he’s quite confident eh?”
Hina : It’s not about having confidence, I just don’t really mind.  It’s not embarrassing to me.
Yoko: Everyone’s paying attention…they’ll want to know how Johnnys are…



A phone call to a listener stops their talk here.
She’s a 14 year old from Osaka who reads out her letter (This girl was so hilarious.  Her voice is so cheerful and genki.  She talks better than Okura, ahaha.  So much that she leaves Yoko+Hina a bit speechless).

She thanks her dad for being so great and always taking baths with her and putting up with her talking about Kanjani.

Yoko asks her if her dad knows about Kanjani.  And it turns out that her dad was the one who got her into Kanjani.  The listener’s dad heard Yoko on Osaka FM a long time ago and thought he was funny and told his daughter about it.  Hina asks if her dad’s at home and listening to this, she gets him on the phone, and Yoko+Hina’s conversation with the dad is as awkward as it could be when you’re talking about her daughter take baths with him.  He switches back to the listener, and she brings up how her dad’s been getting embarrassed when she gets naked.

Yoko: How old are you?
Listener : 14
Yoko : Ahhh, when puberty’s about to start.
Listener : It’s impossible, I’m already a G-cup.
Yoko+Hina+Guy: Hahahaahahahah.
Hina : I’m so sorry Yoko laughed right away.
Yoko (still laughing) : Why would you bring this up?
Listener : Isn’t it better if I say it?
Hina : Yes, but why does it seem like we asked you about it!?
Listener : Nonono, it was the flow of the conversation, the flow.
Yoko+Hina : Haahahaahah.
Yoko : E-cup?
Listener : G!
Hina : The seventh!
Yoko : That’s why your dad’s embarrassed!
Listener : Why is that?
Hina : That’s definitely it!
Listener : But we’re father+daughter!  It shouldn’t be…
Yoko : G! You guys go in the bathtub together? Don’t your boobs hit him?  <<From my drama watching experience, Japanese bathtubs are tiny right?
Listener : Yes
Yoko+Hina : Hahaaha
Hina : It probably feels the same as getting hit by a bike eh?
Yoko : They’re big?
Listener : Totally big.  Listen, I went to the play last summer right?  And I sat way in the front So I thought of showing off my breast…then Yokoyama-kun came my way…and I don’t know if he knew he was doing it or not…but he was staring at my breasts the whole time.
Yoko (caught off guard) : Hahaha, why are you saying this? This…this…this…this…this (he’s kinda choke-laughing here) <<AHAHAHAHAH
Yoko+Hina : It can’t be helped that I’m (Yoko is) thought like this.
Listener : I thought “AhhhAaahhh!”…
Yoko : "AhhhAaahhh"?
Listener : Uhn, “his chara’s like this, so it can’t be helped” (chara=Yoko’s character in the group, basically she’s calling him “the perverted one”)
Yoko : Me?
Listener : Yes!
Yoko : highpitchlaugh
Hina : What company are you in, really?! << They kept calling her “pro” from the beginning cause she could really talk.
Listener : Hahaha
Yoko : So I really looked eh?  Only me?
Listener : Ah, Yasuda..kun …nonono
She goes on to explain that she’s actually Yasu’s fan…and how even though Yasu’s all “call me Shota!” during the show, she still called his name as “Yasuda” and how Yasu just went “Ahh…hmmmmm” at her (probably didn’t think she was his fan).
Yoko+Hina: Hahahahahahaha (you can hear someone slap the table)
Hina : Ahahah, just who are you?!
They both tell her that’s she really funny and to bring her G-cups to their concert and show ‘em off again.  Hina adds that she should make a sign or something so they’d know it’s her.  Yoko adds that she can chat really well.  She hangs up with a perfect “ONAWANTSU” and Yoko+Hina are completely beat. <<I THINK THEY’VE MET THEIR MATCH.

AH! Somewhere in there, Yoko says that he definitely had a girl like her in his class, someone like Kaminema Emiko.  I looked her up, and she’s does a lot of hosting for variety shows and is known for her wicked tongue.  <<HAHAHA
Bah, I can’t really explain how hilarious this phone call was…a lot was in way they talked…just listen to it.

Johnnys Station =
1) Taichi’s new prime-time TV show.  His first guests will be Izumi Pinko and V6’s Innochi.
2) Kinki Kids’ “Brand New Song” will be released.
3) NEWS’ Tegoshi’s “Happy Feet” is out. 

Big News =
Kanjani to be in Music Station’s 3 hour special.  (EEEEEEEE, THEY WERE SO GREAT!)

Yoko : SMAP-san and TOKIO-san will be there…
Yoko+Hina : From Johnnys, SMAP-san, TOKIO-san…….and KanjaniEito.
Hina : It kinda feels like we’re the punch line…makes me a bit mad!

Then they talk about the places they’ve been for promotion of Zukkoke.


Back to Main Project : Haikei Chichiue-sama
A listener writes a letter to her father asking for a guitar.

Hina : What to do…if you have kids, would you give them things they want?
Yoko : I would buy them stuff cause I don’t want them to have nothing.
Hina : Ah, I understand, I understand.
Yoko : I don’t want to tell them to study either, it’s fine if they’re idiots.  Just be level-headed..
Hina : If the kids really want to study, they’re do it without you having to say anything.  But if you guy them everything they want right away, they won’t learn the value of things then.
Yoko : Ah, I’ll have to do it right then I think.

Another listener writes about complaining about cleaning the bathtub.

Yoko : How often do you change your bath? (I think he means cleaning it)
Hina : 2 days.
Yoko : 3 days.
Hina uses bath powders that are for relieving tiredness and Yoko uses lavender (Hina: HAHAHAAHAHAHA), then they talk about how hard it is to clean the bathtub and how they try to do it.  Yoko brings up it’s gotten a bit easier since he got his hair cut because his hair doesn’t collect in the drain anymore (Hina : HAHAAHAHAHAH)

TeppenQuiz =
Caller is an 18 year-old first year university student.

Hina: Who’s your favourite talent?
Caller (right away) : Kinki’s Ko-chan.
Hina : Ah, really…But you listen to Recommen?
Caller : Ah, I like Kanjani.
Hina : Thank you.
Caller : I reserved a copy of the CD.
Yoko+Hina : Thank you.
Hina : Your favourite is Koichi-kun…
Yoko : What is it about him that’s attractive?
Caller : Ehhh…ehhh?  Everything! (her voice gets high here)
Hina : Your tone is totally different when you talk to us!
Yoko : Have you talked to Koichi-kun before?
Caller : Nonono.
Yoko : I’m a bit sorry, but he talked to us before this.
Caller : Ahh, it’s totally fine, fine, fine. (a bit flustered).
This was weird/funny cause it’s rare when Yoko+Hina don’t know how to respond.

Taichi’s request =

Taichi : What’s the thing you want the most right now?
Hina : A thing…I don’t really have anything I want that much…clothes I guess?
Yoko : Me, I want the fans’ feelings. << HAHAHA, SO IDOL!
Hina : Dude, you gotta stop stuff like this!
Yoko : Hahaahahah.  Something real that I want…a car!  Because I don’t have one and I think it’s better to have one and because I’m 25 and have a license.
Hina : Where do you want to go with a car?
Yoko : With a car, I want to go to television stations in it.
Yoko : Actors often do this right?
Hina : It is very actor-y.
Yoko : They do this a lot…in something shocking like a Benz…I want that kind of feeling like “Wow, Yokoyama drives this?!” <<one of Yoko’s many daydreams.
Hina : Ahhhh, I understand that…but there’s still a lot way to go.  <<HAHA

During the 8 Letter Idiom segment (theme=surprise), someone wrote in about her teacher getting married in Okinawa.

Yoko : I want to go travel a bit.
Hina : Why don’t you?
Yoko : I want to, but I’ve been working pretty much all last year.
Hina : Ahh…the drama. You want to go to Okinawa?
Yoko : I do.
Hina : What did you do during your New Year holiday?
Yoko : New Years…I had 3 days off.
Hina : Me too, I traveled.
Yoko : Where did you go?
Hina : I went to Kumamoto with Maru.
Yoko : Ahhh…but I just didn’t have the energy to do anything…it’s such a hassle…getting a ticket and stuff…

Another listener wrote in that she was surprised how her mom’s become fascinated with the Johnny’s group ABC.

Yoko+Hina praise them, calling them and MA professionals.

(YASU MENTION OF THE WEEK! it's a bit sad)

Yoko+Hina talk about presents.

Hina : Do you give birthday presents?
Yoko : I don’t give them, and I don’t get them.
Hina : When I went to Shanghai, I didn’t know if I should get you guys (=members) souvenirs or not, but because I never did before when I went to other places so I thought “mehh” and didn’t buy anything.
Yoko : I think it’s better to buy something right?
Hina : Hmmm…Yasu bought something back right?  Dude, you left the potato chips Yasu bought you in the dressing room the other day!
Guy : Hahaahahahahaha.
Yoko : I remembered saying thank you and was really happy…but other than that I don’t remember…
Hina : He looked really sad picking it up afterwards.  I haven’t seen a face that sad for a long time.
Yoko : I’m sorry, Yasu.

It’s 12, so that means another opening talk.
Yoko talked again about how “Haikei Chichiue-sama” ended tonight.  And about the party they all had at Kagurazaka to celebrate the end of filming for the show.
At it, Umemiya Tatsuo, Takahashi Katsumi, and Yoko sat in a row at the table together and…

Umemiya-san : Katsumi, how old are you?
Takahashi-san : I’ve turned 45…I’ve said it before.
Umemiya-san : Really? You’re losing too much of your hair eh?
Takahashi-san : ……..sorry/excuse me.

Yoko+Hina : Hahahahahahahaahahhahahaha.

Then Yoko tells the story how they had played bingo at the party to give away this prize that Kuroki Meisa had brought in…I think it’s something from a company she works with or something.  Anyway, they made Yoko to do the drawing and stuff.  And first Okuda Eiji won, but he refused the prize saying that other people should get it.  And the next couple of people who won said the same thing until the director got mad and told them all that the next person who wins has to take it.  And of course…Yoko wins next. 

Yoko : I thought that it’s kinda not that good to win the game as bingo caller, so when I won I said “This sucks” and Meisa-chan had this sad look on her face.
Yoko : I didn’t mean what she thought I meant!
Hina : Ahahahaha, right! Right!
It seems that Yoko won some audio-set thing.

After that, they had a after-party party and went Karaoke where Takahashi-san and Nino did “Shuuji and Akira” and the four waitresses from the show did Arashi dance moves.
And course of…

Yoko : Then it became “Yoko, you sing!”  …and I was all, “Oh shit” …and they put in KungfuuFighting…and I did my part “Nihao” and everyone went “OHHHHHH”.  Then went it went into A melody everyone just went blank and baffled.
Yoko : Ah, then I apologized to everyone, then in the middle of the song there’s the part where each member has a line right?
Hina : What did you do then?!
Yoko : I talked the whole time… “Sorry, this is Yokoyama who’s the member that usually doesn’t have a mike singing…”
Hina : Ahh…well, you made it through the thing in one piece…ahahahaha.

Back to Main Project = Haikei Chichiue-sama.
A listener’s father is turning 63 this Sunday.

Yoko : How old is your dad?
Hina : 53
Yoko : Ehhhhhhhhhhhh? Already?!
Hina : That’s about right no?  The first time you met him he was…around 44? 45?
Yoko : Ahh…my mom’s 48…
Hina : It’s because your parents are younger than mine…54…we had a birthday party for my mom’s 54th birthday recently.
Yoko : Ehh? You guys had a party?  What did you give her?
Hina : I bought her a wallet. It’s been like 10 years since we went shopping together…and I bought it for her then.
Yoko : Wahhh, it’s embarrassing to go shopping with your mom…
Hina : I went shopping with my mom and dad that day and my brother met up with us for dinner afterwards.
Yoko : Where?
Hina : Osaka.
Yoko : Did you take them to a nice place?
Hina : My mom said she wanted to eat Japanese so I suggested this place and we went.
Yoko : You’re a good son!  Was it expensive?
Hina : Ahhh, these things are only once a year right?
Yoko : You paid?
Hina : Yep.
Yoko : Card?
Guy : Aahahahahahahahaha.
Hina : Card.
Yoko : Once? <<I don’t know what he means…Japanese credit cards work differently perhaps?            
Hina : Uhn, once.
Guy : Ahahahahahahahha.  << SO MANY QUESTIONS, YOKO.
Yoko : That’s good/nice.
Hina : It’s because it’s my mom’s birthday!
Yoko : I got a card made too…I went clothes shopping and took it out and said “Once please!” but I got “I’m sorry but you’ve passed your limit”
Yoko : So I hastily ran to the bank.
Hina : Ahh, our first card’s limit is really low eh.
Yoko : It was so not cool when the machine went “BIBI”
Hina+Guy : Hahahahahahaha.

Another listener writes in that she’s embarrassed to say it directly to her father but she loves him very much and wants to marry someone like him.

Yoko : Ahh, that’s a nice letter.  (to Hina) Would you want boys or girls?
Hina : At first…boys would be good.
Yoko : Me too.
It’s because they have no idea how to raise girls and both have brothers.
Yoko : I really want kids.
Hina : Me too.
Yoko : I really want a toy poodle (I think that’s what he said…anyway a type of dog) right now.  You don’t think they’re cute?
Hina : I don’t know what a Toipu is. <<me neither.
Yoko : You don’t know what a Toipu is?  A Toipu is a Toipu.  <<thanks for the help, Yoko.
Hina : Are they the ones you always have to take to get their hair cut?  (Hina said hair cut Japanese = sanpatsu)
Yoko+Guy : Ahahaha
Yoko : Say cut, man.  Don’t say sanpatsu.
Hina : They’re the ones that have their fur all rolled up right?
Yoko : Yeah, and they don’t shed that much.  Toipu and Schnauzer.
Hina : Schnauzer… (he pronounces it weirdly) <<Hah, Hina doesn’t know dogs.
Yoko : Schnauzer.
Hina : They’re probably expensive eh?
They talk about how much different dogs cost and Hina keeps saying expensive and Yoko yells at him that it’s not about money (hahaha, for once, it’s not about money with Yoko) but family.  Anyway Yoko’s the type to go home immediately to his dog while Hina can’t deal leaving a dog at home.

This gets them talking about home and Osaka and Tokyo…

Yoko : Which is better you think? Osaka or Tokyo?
Hina : Ahh, as a base for work?  Tokyo.
Yoko : Uwaa!  You said it, Tokyo declaration!
Hina : What’s a…nono, Tokyo just has this work image…
Yoko : Which place is better to live then?
Hina : Osaka, it’s comfortable and it’s my hometown… work would be Tokyo.
Yoko : You have friends in Tokyo?
Hina : Yep.
Yoko : Where do you meet them?
Hina : From Takki… so we have some mutual friends.  Then from those friends, I meet more friends…
Yoko : I don’t have any friends in Tokyo…probably one.  <<PFFF I CAN NAME THREE : AIBA+NINO+TOMA

[[[[I think this is what they said afterwards…
Hina : Ahh, S-kun.
Yoko : Yes, S-kun, but then we were childhood friends from Osaka]]]]

Yoko : I always don’t know what to do when it comes to eating…
Hina : What do you do?
Yoko : Usually, I’m by myself.
Hina : Subaru says the same thing.
Yoko : Ummm.  I always think of inviting Okura but that guy has his own privacy/private time too…so…
Hina : What about calling people yourself and asking them to go eat, that’s good.
Yoko : That’s difficult…there are various…
Hina : What’s so difficult about it?
Yoko : This time I exchanged numbers with a lot of the actors and staff from the drama…but when I try to imagine going to eat with one of them…I just think how awkward it would get.
Hina : Haahahahahahhaha…I don’t think about stuff like this!
Yoko : But when…when I get to go eat with women…entertainers…I get really excited (kinda like floating)…”Yessss!” that kind of feeling.
Hina : It’s the opposite for me…it doesn’t matter if it’s a guy or girl, I really think about it if I’m going somewhere with somewhere.
Yoko says it’s really hard for him to exchange phone numbers with girls while Hina doesn’t think there’s a difference between guys and girls.  Then Yoko asks if he meets with MajuMaju (who I GUESSGUESSGUESS is Osawa Maju – she’s been on SukaJ – they took turns acting out drama scenes with her.  AGAIN, IT’S A GUESS BUT THE POINT IS THAT IT’S HINA AND A GIRL).
Hina : I was thinking we’d meet this month but…no.
Yoko : Did you chomechome with her?  [Man I had to look this up, chomechome is a term used on this TV show to stand in for X (or blanks) but has become to mean anything lewd?  I don’t know, but judging from Yoko says later, I GUESS he means if he had sex with her]
Guy : Ahahaahhaahhaahhaah
Hina : Hahaha, no such thing happened!
Yoko : Really…
Hina : Nonononononono.
Then Yoko continues to attack Hina about this and Hina keeps saying no and they’re all laughing throughout this whole bit.
Yoko : Why are you so open about this?  <<DUDE, YOU BROUGHT IT UP.
Hina : But I didn’t do anything!
Yoko : Has it ever been just the two of you?
Hina : Yep.
Yoko : No way!
Hina says that they went out for dinner after he come back to Tokyo from doing Hagure…and it was him, MajuMaju, and her manager…
Yoko : Did Majumaju’s manager and Majumaju chomechome-ed?
Hina : Her manager’s a woman so no-chomechome (he says nochomechome in English).
Guy : Hahahahahaahahahahah.
Hina finishes his story how during their dinner, the manager had to leave early, so it was just the two of them afterwards…
Yoko : Did it turn more pleasant?
Hina : Not particularly.
Yoko : Around what time is this?
Hina : …past 12?
Yoko : That’s exactly time for chomechome, haahahah.
Yoko : Really?! You were out with an entertainer till that time?
Hina : Umm…we disbanded=left separately a bit after that.
Yoko : That’s amazing!
Hina : Ahh, lately Uchiyama-kun… (I…don’t know who he is, but he’s another celebrity friend of Hina’s)
Yoko : I really want him to come to this show.
Yoko goes on to say he really likes friends who are a bit fat cause he likes hanging out with people who can eat a lot and they and they can talk about food.  <<AHAHAHA, I THINK THAT’S WHY YOKO LIKES TO RING UP OKURA WHEN HE’S IN TOKYO.

They spent all their time talking so no time left for mail. 


Ending talk =
Back to Yoko’s no-friends-in-Tokyo situation…

Hina : Go invite someone, Yoko!  You took the trouble to exchange numbers with them…
Yoko : Ah…I’ve exchanged numbers with some actors/famous people from SukaJ…
Hina : When there was time…
Yoko : Right…ah! Ah! I called! I called someone!
Hina : Ahh, there you go, you did it didn’t you! <<SOUNDS LIKE A PROUD DAD/MOM.
Yoko : I called Yoshida-san from Black Mayonnaise (he was the one with the bad skin and didn’t have an arm sling).
Hina : I’ve had times where I’ve been turned down.  <<HINA IS THE BESTEST FRIEND EVER.
Yoko : I see…
Hina : Today too, after this, I’m going to drink tea with Takki.  << AT 1?
Yoko : After this?!  Tea?!  Dude, are you thirsty?!
Hina : Haha, no, not thirsty.
Yoko : I’ve never thought about going to drink tea before.
Hina : It’s seeing each other if we can meet even just for a little…
Yoko : At tea…what do you do?!  It’s wasteful!  They have tea at the convenience stores…  <<HAHAAHAHAH.
Guy : Hahahahaah
Hina : Change! Change! You have to change (your way of thinking)!  See you all next week.
Yoko : Byebye!

I did a lot of guessing this time…help? 

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