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April 5th, 2007's Recommen

"Why aren't Fantastic Music/Everyday Music/Who's Foods on the new cd," she whines.
Opening Talk =
Yoko : This time, it’s a bit fresh.
Hina : Ne.
Yoko : Fresh guests, it seems that some special guests have come.
Hina : Two of them.
Yoko : Big guests, hahaahahahaahahahah.
Aki : Please stop already man.
Hina : Please introduce yourselves!
Aki : Ehh, Konbanwantsu, MA’s Akiyama Jun here.
Yara : Konbanwantsu, it’s MA’s Yara Tomoyuki.
Yoko+Hina : Yayy (clap hands).

It’s Musical Academy’s Akki and Yaracchi (I think those are their nicknames cause that’s what Yoko+Hina call them throughout the show)!  I know of MA and what they do and stuff, but I really have no idea who’s who…so I’m about 90% sure that that’s them.

Yaracchi's on the left and Akki the right.
Anyway, if you’re listening to the show, Aki’s the one who has this great clear radio voice and talks a lot and Yaracchi doesn’t talk as much but has a cute laugh.  Onwards!

Yara : What’s a “wantsu”?
Yoko : I tried to make it a new slang, but it totally didn’t catch on.
Aki : This is the first time I’ve heard of it.
Yoko : Ah… it totally failed eh.  Even MA says so.
Yara : It’ll be a hit…
Yoko : So you guys have JohnnysWeb right?
Yara : We definitely write it.
Yoko : Isn’t the title “Lucky Charm”?
Aki : Hahahahaah, You read it often?!
Yara : Eh, you read it?
Yoko : I read it!
Aki : Please stop.
Yoko : It was Yarakun’s right?  How Machida (another MA-er) fell asleep in the Shounen Club Premium dressing room’s makeup room?
Aki : Hahahahahaahaha, wow.
Yoko : I read it yo, because I’m a Johnny’s expert!
Hina : Detailed, so detailed.
Aki : Indeed.
Hina : It’s because he really likes Johnny’s
Yoko : The title “Lucky Charm” is a bit strong…
Yara : Ahahahahaahahhaaha.
Yoko : I think… should I read it or not read it?
Aki : Whyyy?
Yoko : It’s called “Lucky Charm.”
I don’t quite catch what Aki says but he sounds pissed.
Yoko : Hahahaha, I understand one thing.  Aki’s voice is terribly…
Yoko+Hina : …clear.
Yoko : Hahahahah.
Hina : It’s because he does a lot of theatre no?
Yara : He’s been doing theatre since he was small.

I’ll sum up the rest of the opening talk =
  • they’re all happy because they go way back and it feels like the old times.
  • Yoko+Hina really admire Yaracchi from wayyy back, because he dances really well.
  • even though there’s this distance between the east and west Johnny’s, Aki doesn’t feel like he has any distance with anyone.  He brings up how after he meets the new junior kids, they call him by his first name after 30 minutes.  Yoko+Hina says it’s because he’s very easy to talk to.
  • all four of them have been in Johnny’s for a crazyass long time.  Aki = 14 years (he entered when he was 12 and he’s 26 now).  Yara = 12 years.  Yoko+Hina = 11 years.
  • Yoko says that people are surprised when he tells them that he’s worked in the show business for 11 years now, because he’s only recently “made it.”
Tonight’s Main Project = New Life Announcements
Because it’s the new school term, a new year, they’ve collected announcements/declarations from listeners and will read some of them out.  Ah, the right word just popped into my head, new year’s resolutions, that’s why these are.

Recommen Girls’ Ranking! = things you want to buy a new replacement for
# 5 - stereo
They talk about the new high-tech stuff stereos can do, I don’t really understand but neither does Hina, he’s all “Ah!” and “Ohh!” at everything.

# 4 – wallet
Hina : Don’t you feel like you’ve become an adult when you graduate from those tiny velcro-strapped wallets we had as kids to long wallets?
Aki : Yesyesyes.
Yara : Yes.
Aki : I do feel a bit adult with a cool black leather wallet.
Yara : Hahahaa.
Yoko : Aki, you don’t have to go along/agree with everything.
Yara : Hahaahahahahahahahah.
Aki : I feel do feel that way!
Yara : Hahaha.
Aki : Why are you so cold?
Yoko : Nonononono, it’s because you’re doing everything for me already.
Aki : I’m doing no such thing!
Yoko : It’s become somewhat like a lie now.
Aki : It’s true!  The wallet I’m using right now is a long wallet yo.
Yoko : Ahh.
Aki : Isn’t it?  You buy a wallet when/if you take money seriously…
Yoko : Uhnn.
Aki : You don’t?
Yoko : And?
Aki : Not “and”!  Are you guys listening to me? 
Everyone but Aki : Hahahahahahaah.
Yara : But I do long for a long wallet. 
Aki : Right?
Yara :How it looks sticking out of your back pant pocket.
Aki : Ah, this I don’t understand.
Yara : Hahahaahhahaahaha.  >> I really like his laugh.
Hina : You didn’t follow along (with Yaracchi) on this?!
Aki : It’s not too good to ride along too much.
Hina : Hahahaa, it’s because he’s your member eh?

# 3 – shoes

# 2 – tv
Yoko : How big is your TV?
Aki : It’s not that big…it’s smaller than this one (the one they have in the studio).
Yoko : Ehhhhhhhhh?  68 inch?!  << he’s messing around.
Hina : You’re crazy rich eh?  << with Hina playing along.
Aki : The TV here is definitely not 68 inch!
Yara : Hahahaahahahahahaha.
Yoko : Wow, you put this much money into it (= TV).
Aki : This one here’s about a 17” or 19” no?
Yoko : No, it’s a 68 inch.
Aki : It’s not that big!
Hina : It’s about a hundred thousand yen TV.
Aki then tells the story how he went to buy a new TV because he was moving, and when he was at the store deciding to buy the cheapest one they had at three thousand yen, he saw Johnny-san, who was there buying a hundred thousand yen TV.  Johnny-san asked Aki what he was doing, but after seeing Johnny-san buy such an expensive TV, Aki didn’t say anything.

# 1 – cell phone
Hina : Yaracchi’s the kind who would change his cell phone no?
Yara : I am.
Hina : Ah really!  When a new model comes out.
Yara : Not whenever it comes out…about every two years?
Aki : Two years is long eh!
Hina : It is.
Yara : Eh?! Really? There aren’t people who wait longer?
Hina : Mahh, you’re an adult eh, you’ve grown accustomed to the way your cell phone works.  What about Akki?
Aki : The terrifically easy to use one I’ve had stopped working so I got a new one that’s small and so hard to use, I still haven’t gotten used to it.
Hina : You have to start from the beginning again no?
Aki : But those people who change their cell phones a lot says it’s fun remembering their cell phone’s functions all over again.
Hina : Yoko changes a lot too.
Yoko : No I don’t, I just keep buying a replacement of the same model.
Hina : You always lose your cell phone.
Aki : Lose?
Yoko : I’ve already lost two this year.
Yara : Heheheheehhhh.
Aki : Is it good to do such a stupid thing?
Yoko : Isn’t it?
Aki : Hahahahahahaha.
Yoko : I forget it when I leave it in the Taxi.  But this guy (=Hina) saved me yesterday.
Hina : When we took the Taxi.
Yoko : Don’t you forget it often in Taxis?
Aki : But don’t you look for it when you get off?
Yoko : Why are you talking to me in such an “Honours Student” way?
Aki : Isn’t it normal to tap (your pockets)?
Hina : Hahaha, that’s right.
Aki : Yaracchi’s the king of forgetting things but he doesn’t forget his cell phone.
Yoko : What about your wallet?
Yara : Wallet I also don’t forget, but things like losing my jacket even though it’s the middle of winter.
Yoko+Hina : That’s always happens, always (toYoko).
Hina : He’d forget the money he took out from the ATM.  << ……………….holy fuck, Yoko.
Yara : Hahahahahahahah.
Aki : Nonononononono.
Hina : Hahaa, it’s true!
Aki : No way, that’s crazy!
Yoko : Holding the account statement makes me content (and forget about the money).  <<HAHAHH!
Aki+Yara : Aaahhaahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha.

Main Project = New Year’s Resolutions  (the background song is Arashi’s “Sakura Sake”)
Resolution # 1 – “I’m not going to fall back to sleep this year!”
Aki : Wow, if I don’t fall back to sleep three times I can’t move.
Hina : It’s so tiring if when you have to wake up the second time if you don’t wake up the first time.
Yoko : Hhhhmmmm.
Yara : What are you “hhhmmm” –ing about? Ahahaahahah.
Aki : Dude, you look really sleepy right now, ahahah.
Yoko : I want to know about Akki, know more about you.
Aki : I don’t fall back to sleep now.
Yoko : So Akki’s like this…
Aki : Though I don’t give off this feeling eh? Hahaahah.
Yoko : I definitely fall back to sleep after waking up.  I purposefully wake up 10 minutes earlier and give myself that 10 minutes for a second sleep.
Aki : I understand that.
Yoko : You’re definitely lying.
Aki : I set it 30 minutes before, you have that thing where it goes off every 5 minutes no?
Hina : Ah, like the snooze function.
Yara : You’re talking about the snooze function on the cell phone right?  I definitely use up all mine.
Hina : It’s useless for me.  If I fall back to sleep, I definitely can’t wake up again.  When I’m late, it’s usually because I fell back asleep.
Yoko : I made myself a rule for times like this.
Aki : What is it? What is it?
Yoko : If I don’t wake up in 10 seconds, I’ll die.
All : Hahahahahahaahahahahahahahah.
Hina : You won’t die!
Aki : Does that work?
Yoko : Yesyes, my own rule.  If I wake up within 10 seconds, sometime good is going to happen today, like I’ll meet a very cute girl or something.
Aki : Ahhh, that’s good, I’ll have to try it.
Yoko : It does work, but the best one is the “I’ll die” one, the “meeting a beautiful girl” one, I’d think “Mehh, it’s fine if I don’t meet her…”
Aki : I see, I see.

Resolution # 2 – “I’m getting married later this year, so I want to graduate from making one big plate of food to smaller plates of various foods.”
They talk about the different brands of pots and waterheaters, I zone out for a bit, until Hina says Subaru uses something of Tefal's.  Then they talk about food they can make.  Yoko does cook, he goes to the convenience store when he’s hungry, though he can make stuff like Yakisoba.  Yaracchi can’t cook.  Akki’s pretty good, he brings his own food to rehearsals and stuff. 
Yara : Bring stuff for us (=MA) the next rehearsal!
Aki : No way, it’s tough for me already (making my own portion).
Hina : Hahaha, you sound like a mom, “it’s so tough.”
All : Hahahahaahahaha.

Resolution # 3 – “I’m going to university to Yokohama and have laughed at about my accent, so this year I’ll start using standard Japanese!”
Working with Kinki Kids, Aki had a time when he thought Kansai-ben was really cool and wanted to speak it.  Then for some reason, Yoko brings up how Akki’s face looks fake (as in it looks like an imitation of a face, maybe because he looks a bit foreign?) and Hina asks him if he had been questioned by the police before.  Akki yells at them for being rude but Yaracchi says that while they were on a location shoot recently, some foreigners called out to Akki.  Akki says he tried very hard to answer back in English, couldn’t do it, and gave up, but they call him again and Akki tried once more but still couldn’t answer them. 

Resolution # 4 – “My friends have told me that my tsukkomi really hurts, so from now on I’ll try to be more gentler”  <<hahaha, gentler.
Hina : A long time ago, I wore a ring during a location shoot.  I forgot that I was wearing a ring when I hit someone, and he got really mad.
Aki : Who got really mad?
Hina : Subaru, he went “Take off your ring!”
Aki : Ahahahahaha, that must really hurt.
Yoko : This guy (=Hina) hits people in real life too (as opposed on TV n’stuff), there were times he seriously pissed off Subaru.
Yara : So you’ve paid attention to it now?
Hina : Ehh, but don’t you do it sometimes unconsciously?
Aki : I’m not from Kansai so…no.
Yoko : I don’t do it, I don’t hit people.
Aki : That’s because that’s not your character right?
Yoko : It’s because it hurts my heart to hit people. << Ahahaha, he put on his best earnest voice too.
All : Ahahahahahahahahahaahahahah.
Aki : Again and again, you’re lying!
Yoko : No, it really hurts my heart.
Aki : You making such a joke face saying this.
Yoko : Nonono, I really want to make kids’ dreams come true.  <<Wha?
Hina : What dreams?!
All : Ahahahahaah.
Hina : Doesn’t it (=Yoko) make you mad?
Yara : It does!
Hina : Isn’t this the time you’d hit him (unconsciously)?
Aki : I want you to hit him earlier, ahahahaha.

Johnnys’ Station =
1) KATTUN’s live DVD and CD are coming out soon.
2) Kanjani’s “Zukkoke Otoko Michi” coming out next week.  <<wow, it seems so long ago.
3) Takki and Tsubasa are coming next next week.

Biggest News =
“Survivor Island” the play MA is starring in is opening up soon.

Mail Time! =
1. “Because MA’s voice is so much more through and clear than other guests, I feel that their presence is very big.”
Aki : Ahahahahaah.
Yoko : Akki’s voice is really clear.
Aki : Voice quality…these things can’t be helped.  Did this mail come now?
Hina : It came just now, because it’s live.
Aki : Wow, this is great.  I’m really happy.
Hina : I think the people listening right now can hear very clearly.
Aki : My voice?  I’m really sorry, hahaha.
Hina : Nonono, you’re helping us.
Aki : Ah, thank you.

2. “Even though I’m only 15, there’s something about Akki that makes me feel nostalgic.”
All : Ahahahahahahaahahha.
Aki : What is this?! Hahahaaha.
It turns out the listener’s watched Akki acted in some special before, and they talked about that.

Yes! No! Dictionay = do you have a boyfriend who lies without ill meaning?
Nothing really interesting here, so I skipped.

Main Project = New Year’s Resolutions.
Resolution # 5 – “I definitely want to make it to the Kendo tournament this year!”
Hina : Kids who put their all in sports really shine eh?
Aki : It’s like, you’re touched when you see them.
Hina : Like how Ando Miki (skater) won the gold medal.
Aki : That was great.  Hard work is really important eh?
Hina : What club were you guys in (in school)?
Yara : I was in the basketball club.
Yoko : Unexpectedly!  **Note: Yaracchi is just a bit shorter than Yasu**
Yara : Eh?  Unexpectedly?  Is it because I’m short?
Aki : Ahahaha.
Yoko : It’s because you have this dance image.  I can’t see a basketball playing Yaracchi.
Yara : Ah, really?
Yoko : Maybe…soccer.
Hina : Me and Yoko did basketball too.
Yoko : What about Akki?
Aki : I was in the drama club.
All : Haahahahahahahahahahahhaha.
Hina : That’s where you got your clear voice!
Aki : But we only had 5 members…and the 5 of us did “Beauty and the Beast.”
Yara : Waaahahah.
Aki : We came in second in our district competition, hahahahahaa.
Hina : Wow, that’s amazing!

Resolution # 6 – “From now on, I’m not going to sleep with my makeup on!”
Hina : I definitely take it off.
Yoko : You do?
Hina : I do.
Yoko : Despite you taking it off.  <<Yoko=Ass, skin is such a touchy subject for Hina.
Hina : What do you mean “despite”?! I do take it off!
Aki : It’s puberty.
Hina : How long is my puberty?!
All : Hahahahaahahahahahahahahahah.
Yoko : You pay more attention to your skin than other people, you don’t want to put make up on though right?
Hina : Right, I don’t want, but digital broadcasting doesn’t allow that. 
Aki : Because the screen is becoming more and more clearer now.
Hina : I’m always told to put it on.
Yoko : It’s getting more and more rough.
Hina : Foundation now is really tough… 
Um, he says some more about pores and hi-def TV.
Yoko : You guys do it too(wear makeup) for theatre, right?
Aki : Yep, theatre too.
Hina : And it’s also more sweaty (with theatre).
Aki : Yes, so for the two months of SHOCK, my skin completely changed.
Yara : It was quite rough, mine too.
Aki : But Yaracchi’s is very nice.
Yoko : It is, compared to Murakami’s.
Hina : I also can’t deny this.
Aki+Yara : Haaahahaha.
Aki : Yoko’s is beautiful.
Yoko : I don’t do anything.
Yara : It’s glossy!
Hina : Like a teenager’s no?
Yoko : But now I do some maintenance, I use Dr. Ci Labo.
Aki : Ah, really.
Yoko : It’s good, but a bit expensive.  All of it was about 8000 yen, but they’re really effective.
Hina :  There was a time I used a lot of their stuff too.  I saw a late night infomercial of it and thought, “This’ll help me.”
Aki+Yara : Ahahaha.
Hina : How it was number one in America for 4 years now…
Aki : Ehhhh.

Yikes, they go on for awhile, so I’ll sum up the rest :
  • lately, Hina’s been encouraged by Teppei Koike’s commercials about how he too worries over acne (Aki+Yara: Hahahahaah)
  • Yoko thinks it’s better for the skin to bathe.
  • Yaracchi showers most of the time.
  • Yoko lately has started wearing pajamas (they’re striped) to sleep, the ones he wore in TV Guide (it seems the magazine gave them to him after while Hina didn’t get the ones he wore).  He asks them to try to do the same (wear proper pajamas) cause the whole feeling is different.  
  • Akki + Yaracchi + Hina wear sweats and T-shirt to sleep.
  • to Yoko, happiness is going home, immediately bath, and then putting on his pajamas.
  • by the by, Yoko thinks he looks cute in his pajamas.
  • ever since Yoko’s starting talking about it, Akki’s been trying to imagine Yoko and his pajamas, and he thinks it’s ew.  <<ahahahahah
            Aki : You wearing your striped pajamas with this hair?
            Yoko : I’d also have face lotion on.
            All : Ahaahahhaahhaahahahahaha
            Hina : It’s a bit OL (office lady).
  • Yoko also thinks it’s good to drink lots of water, he drinks about 3 liters per day.
  • Hina doesn’t drink that much cause lately he has to pee right after drinking water and it’s such a bother during location shoots.  <<they’ll really talk about anything…
  • Yaracchi doesn’t drink anything before sleeping cause he doesn’t want to take up in the middle of the night to pee.
  • Yoko asks when did this whole conversation change, then wonders when how old people get when they start smelling like old people.  Then he asks Akki if he has that old people smell.  Akki starts yelling he doesn’t, and Hina tells him to go home and smell his pillow.  Akki yells some more about how Yoko+Hina suck and that he smells totally fine. 
  • They’re all laughing through this, except Akki.  <<Hahahahahaahah.
Taichi’s Request = Say a message in French to cheer on people who are starting a new year.
Yoko : Today, we have Akki here who can speak French.  **Note: he can’t, though he’s a quarter French.**
Aki : Haha.
Yara : You’re finally going to speak it.
Aki : I’m only French in blood.
Yoko : We have a strong ally here.
Hina : It’s great you’re here today.
Aki : Hahaah, I can’t speak it!  Really, it’s only the face!
Yoko : Akki!
Aki : Ah…ehhh…..ah….(I have no idea what he said but it sounded like) araseconde.

Aki : (laughing).
The rest of them talk all over each other.
Yoko : Akki, go on.
Aki : You’re really S!
Yara : Aaahahahaha.
Aki : Stop it, man.
Yoko : Akki, I didn’t say it was over yet.
Aki : Dude, just let me go, isn’t this thing from Taichi-san for you guys (=Yoko+Hina)?
Yoko : Akki is funny though.  What did you just say now?
Aki : Eh…I don’t kow, hahaahah.
Yara : Araseko, it’s a name of a dance pose.
Yoko : Wow.
Aki : Quit it yo, I’ve been regretting the whole time what I’ve said.
Yara : Hahaahahaah.
Aki : Murakami looked at me with disgust with his eyes.
Yoko : We haven’t seen this genius for a long time.
Aki : Shutupshutupshutup.

More mail! =
1. “Hearing MA come on the show, my tension got really high and I got a bruise now falling off the stairs” <<I’m sorry, but ahahahahahah.
Aki : Wah, I’m really sorry!
Yoko : Akki, do you have a episode about bruises?
Aki : I..don’t really want to talk about it.
Hina : That’s fine, you don’t need to talk about it.
Aki : Oioioi!
Hina : Then tell us about it.
Yoko : The tension has risen a bit.
Aki : Hahaah, nono, let’s go to the next mail.
Hina : Just say it!
Aki : Suddenly I’ve become really embarrassed about it.
Hina : Why?
Aki : I have a birthmark on my butt.
Hina : Eh, a Mongolian spot?  **Note : I looked this up, it’s this birthmark/bruise that some kids will get, most often on their ass, that’ll disappear when they grow up**
Aki : But it didn’t go away.
Yoko+Hina : Let’s see it.
Aki : No!
Yoko : But Hina will show his penis here.
All : Aahahahahahah.
Aki : Really?
Yoko : Really.
Aki : I’m going to show it, okay? 
Hina : It’s totally fine.
Aki (takes his pants off) : …around here.
They’re all laughing and yelling and you can hear someone clapping (probably Hina).  Then they continue on making fun of Akki and his birthmark, with Akki yelling at them to stop and calling them idiots.  Still a lot of laughing.  Oh, they’ve moved passed the birthmark and are talking about this “thicket” (Yoko’s words).  <<AHAHAH, OH GOD.
Yoko : Akki, you can’t show this to kids.
Aki : I don’t!
Hina : You’ll make them cry.
Yoko : Whoever goes in there will get lost.  << AHAHAHAH, AND EW.
They laugh some more, make fun of Akki some more, and I die a little bit inside.
Yoko : To make it easy to understand, it looks like old Koshien Stadium (where the Hanshin Tigers play baseball), covered with weeds.  It’s very wild (he said wild in English).
Hina : Manly!
Aki : A bit Johnny’s feel?
Hina : Absolutely not.

12 o’clock!

Opening Talk =
MA’s here, Yoko will be on Hanamaru Café the next day, Kanjani on Music Station.  They talk a bit about what just happened before, there’s lots of laughing.  Hina brings up how stations that can hear Recommen now has increased 1 more to 34 now.

Some more mail =
1. “The birthmark talk before was terribly embarrassing, I heard the sound of the belt and my heart went all ‘thumpthump’” 
Oh man, the listener is some poor traumatized 14 year-old.
Akki is very very very sorry, Yoko+Hina just make fun of him some more. 

2. “Ktaro and Akki are very alike”
Yoko, cause he’s a total ass, says that the two are very alike and that Ktaro is a genius and has never slipped up on his jokes.

They were going to go back to the main project but they got another mail they want to read so one more!
3. “Akiyama-kun is fine and all but I want to hear Yara-kun’s voice too."
Yoko says that Yaracchi talked a lot during their commercial break, about dance.  Then he asks Yaracchi how much he makes choreographing Koichi’s dances, Yoko keeps saying he probably makes a lot and Yaracchi keeps denying it, saying that he just started being able to choreograph dances his way.
Yoko : I read Koichi’s Jwebs and he really approves of you.
Aki : What about if Yaracchi choreograph a dance for KanjaniEito?
Yoko : Gahh, all our dances are very idiot-y.
Aki : That is true, they are a bit joke-y.
Yoko : It’ll be very weird if Yaracchi did them.
Aki : But you guys probably have some stylish songs.
Yoko : This guy (=Hina) really likes dances like Michael Jackson’s…
Hina : I do.
Yoko : I just bit my tongue saying Michael Jackson.
All : Ahahaahahahah.
Yoko : It really hurts, I kinda hate him now.
Hina : What the hell. But yeah, I really like watching his videos from the 80’s…
Yoko : He even thought about doing his hair like his.  He grew it all long and tied it up, saying “Ahh, just a bit longer” <<Is this what the unpleasant long hair phase of 06 was about?!
Aki+Yara : Ahahahaha.
Yoko : You should really do it for him.
Aki : Really, Yaracchi’s way of teaching choreography is thorough.
Hina : Really?  I want him to do it.
Yara : We’ll probably do it for your solo song?
Hina : I’ll probably have one.
Aki : What kind of song is it?
Hina : It’s…dance?
Yoko : Eh, if it’s possible, can we not pay you for this?  <<Hahahahaah.
Yara : That’s fine, I learn a lot when I get to choreograph, that can’t be exchanged for money.
Yoko : That is so cool (of you).  For me, money is the only thing that brings happiness.
All : Ahahahaha.
Yara : I think money is important too, but it’s something I like doing anyway.
Yoko : This is a good chance (for Hina).
Yara : I want to do it.
Then Hina+Yaracchi start talking about arranging to meet to do this and their schedules and stuff, and Hina writes later in his Jweb that Yaracchi does end up choreographing his dance for the “Eh? Honma?! Bikkuri!!” tour, so the dance Hina’s doing now till September is by MA’s Yara.  <<yayyy, hope to see it on DVD.
Yoko asks what’s Akki doing, now that Yaracchi’s talked a bit and such a good thing has happened.  Akki replies that they’ve talked enough about him but he’s seriously into tap dancing right now.
Yoko : Geb?
Aki : No, it’s tap!  You really…hahaa, I’m made to be this kind of character eh (the kind that gets picked on).
Yoko : highpitchedlaugh.

Yoko+Hina praises MA, calling them craftsmen.
Aki : Eito is also good.
Yoko : Ehh?
Aki : Weren’t there all sorts of groups at Countdown?  Eito was the only one different.
Yoko : That’s because our costumes looked really cheap right?
Aki : Nono, that’s not it.  You’re the group that…when you look at, you have to smile. 
Yara : I understand, I understand.  It’s the aura.
Hina : That kind of playing-around aura eh?
Aki : It’s a good meaning no?  I think you guys are starting something new at Johnny’s.  Even though you’re the joke-y group that, without hesitation, will say weird stuff…but I think doing it so boldly is amazing.
Yoko : It’s become more and more fun to do (he means Countdown).
Hina : Year by year.
Yoko : Our senpais also catch our feeling.
Hina : They allow us a little, we joked around with TOKIO-san.
Yoko : Even though we say that Akki and Yaracchi are our senpais, it’s like we’re about the same time and had our hardships together.
Aki+Yara : Uhn, uhn.
Yoko : So I’m really happy that we meet again after so long.  Akki hasn’t changed at all.
Aki : I was thinking the same thing!
Yara : Haahah.  << His laugh is reallyyy cute.
Aki : I been on the show 3 or 4 years ago, and the atmosphere here hasn’t changed at all.  The dirty desk, Murakami reading the script (for introducing segments and stuff) and being in charge.
Yara : Does his job so perfectly.
Yoko : It can’t be helped which one of us does it.  If he doesn’t, then I think I’ll probably do it.  <<Hahah, Yoko sucked hosting the show when Hina wasn’t here.  He kept messing up his words and talked so slowly.
All : Ahahahahahaah.

Kanjani’s “Explosion”

Ending Talk =
They read one more mail – “I’m really looking forward to Yaracchi’s choreographed dance for Hina”
Yoko : I’m just saying, that I’m the one who started all this.
All : Hahahahaah.
Hina+Yaracchi talk some more about their plans and Yoko invites him to come watch their concert, Hina adds that he has a lot of time (cause their concerts till September).

They end the show talking about how fast time has passed ("Aki : I thought 3 hours was going to be long, but I didn’t think how high tension it’d be"   "Yara : It’s already 1 o’clock") and Hina invites all of MA to come on the show next time.

Conclusion : I really like it when people Yoko+Hina know from wayyy back come on the show, it's always good times.
Tags: akiyama, hina, ma, yara, yoko

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