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April 12, 2007's Recommen (Part One)

Sorry, it's taken so long... but better late than never eh?
Yoko : Konbanwantsu, Yokoyama Yuu here.
Hina : Konbanwantsu, it's Murakami Shingo.

Yoko : Gahh, various things happened today...
Hina : We were pushed 10 minutes behind.  **Note : the show began 10 minutes later because of a baseball game**
Yoko : Today special guests have come...
Suba : Ehhhh
Yoko : ...they are these people.
Yoko+Hina : Please (if you will).
Suba : Doumo! Eh, Subutani Subaru desu.
Maru : Konbanwantsu, Maruyama Ryuhei tea stem! **Note : 茶柱 = tea stem, and when you see it floating upright in your tea it's a sign of good luck. The word can mean both.**
Yasu : Ahaha.  Konbanwantsu, Yasuda Shota desu.
Ryo : Konbanwantsu, Nishikido Ryo desu. **Note : he had a cold that day, that's why he sounds different **
Okura : Konbanwantsu, Okura Tadayoshi desu.
They all start yelling "Doumo!" and "Thank you!" all over the place.  Then Hina apologizes for laughing before because Maru's drinking tea right now and he was wondering if he would yell out "tea stem" [**Note : the word's kinda become a staple for Maru on Recommen, he's yelled it a lot (for no particular reason) on the show before**] and he did.  Then they talk about how it's the first time they've all been to the new studio (Okura has, Maru+Yasu have too but for other work).
Yasu : I'm really happy being invited to come on the show, thank you very much.
Okura : Recommen.
Ryo : It's Recommen.
Okura : Uhn.
Subaru : (in a strange voice) Recommen. 
Maru : Has Recommen started?
Hina : Haah, we're starting it now.
Subaru : (strange voice again) Recommen.
Hina : It's 3 hours.
Okura : (laughing) Hmmhmmhmpf.  << You know the laugh I'm talking about right (the one where he doesn't open his mouth)?
Hina : Though we've been pushed back.
Yoko : Hahaaahahah, what this is?
Okura : What are you laughing about?
Yoko : (laughing while talking) This conversation is going nowhere. Hahaaha, we're cross talking too much.
Some of them are laughing and clapping their hands.
Hina : (That's why) we have to listen.
Yoko : Though maybe it's good that we have the reputation of having free space, this is too free.
Maru : That is true, it's not good being too free.
Yoko : There'll be various things that would make people mad today.  Hahaaah, this talk is a mess, (highpitchedlaugh).
Hina (saves the day) : It's zukkoke (=weird/odd?), it's like promotion for Zukkoke Otoko Michi.
They're all "woo" and "yayy" and "is it? it is!"
Yoko : The situation now is zukkoke ne?  Definitely!
Suba : Nice, nice (to what Yoko said).
Yoko : (You're) noisy, haaha, it's more noisy than usual.
Maru : (that HAHAAA laugh he does that's really high) << I think it sounds a bit like Nelson's "HAHA"
Hina : Everyone please forget about that. 
All : Yes!
Hina : Please, thank you for the next three hours.  Now let's get to the title call!

Yoko : Kanjani Eito, Yokoyama Yuu and...
Hina : Murakami Shingo and...
Suba : Shubutani Subaru and...
Maru : Maruyama Ryuhei and...
Yasu : Yasuda Shota and...
Ryo : Nishikido Ryo and...
Okura : Okura Tadayoshi's...
All : Recommen!  << Oh, how cute, I just noticed that they went in the order of age, well, after the hosts.

Hina breaks out laughing during the beginning of his routine Recommen’s segment introductions, which never happens cause Hina is very pro yo, so the other guys laugh at him.  >> It’s very cute.

Tonight’s main project : in celebration of their new single - “Man Discussion Room Part 3 – Zukkoke Otoko.”

**NOTE : The last two times Eito were on, they did a “Man Discussion Room” thing where each of time picks a name (the last time they were ______ Detective and before that, ________ Teacher) and answer letters from listeners about their troubles in that character.  So for example, Yasu’s always been Chocolate Detective and Teacher (because of that drama he was on) and they read letters from listeners and Yasu would try to help them while being in the Chocolate Detective/Teacher character (though he usually just answers as himself cause he can’t act like chocolate).  That wasn’t a very good example…but you’ll see soon enough how it works.

“Zukkoke Otoko Michi”

Recommen Girls’ Ranking ! = things you must bring to cherry blossom viewing
#5 – parasol
Yasu : Because sunburn is unpleasant.
Okura : It is, especially for girls.
Hina : Who has went flower-watching this season?
Okura : I have yo.
Hina : Ah, during the afternoon?
Okura : At night.
Hina : Cherry blossoms at night, was it beautiful?
Okura : It was beautiful.
Hina : Have they (=the flower petals) fallen already?
Okura : Already fallen, lots of them having turned green.
Maru : Not yet in Kyoto, can you still enjoy cherry blossoms at night.
Hina : Maru-chan’s recommendable spot would be where?
Maru : Of course that would be Maruyama Park no?  **NOTE : there is seriously a park in Kyoto called Maruyama but it’s written 円山公園 so this wasn’t Maru being silly.**
Ryo : Weeping cherry?
Maru : Yes, they paannn like fireworks.  (he whispered the paaannn part >>cutecutecute)
Suba : Souvenir from Maru-chan yo.
Maru : That’s right. (he said it in a strange way)
All : Hahahahaahahahah.
Maru : I’m a bit embarrassed.
Yasu (mimics Maru) : That’s right.

# 4 – moodmaker

# 3 – seat that spreads out below you 
Here, Hina misreads shiito (=seat) as hiito.
All (especially Suba+Maru) : Hahahahaahahahahahahahaha.
Hina : SHI-to, SHI-to.
They’re still laughing still, especially Suba+Maru.
Suba : Himo, Himo.  (I think this was a nickname of Hina's that Subaru made.)
Yasu : Hahahaahah.
Hina reads out a letter from a listener about how she uses blue sheeting.
Maru or Yasu (I couldn’t tell) : I think cardboard is good.  On the contrary, blue sheeting can become all holey, while cardboard is stable.  I’m of the cardboard faction.
Hina : You really like Zukkoke(=odd,unique) eh?
Maru or Yasu : I like it very much.

# 2 – camera
Maru : That’s important.
Okura says something but I can’t catch it.
Yoko : It’s unpleasant (taking pictures).
Maru : Why? You take the trouble to come flower-viewing.
Hina : But do you look at the flowers?
Suba : I think flower-viewing is a lie.  I think it’s an excuse.  People say flower-viewing, it’s probably they only want to get together and drink no?  Only wanting to get rowdy no?  If you’re really going flower-viewing, then you should just look at them the whole time (you’re there).
Yasu : Hehehe.
Hina : I think there probably are people who think like that.
Yasu : Certainly.
Suba : I want them to do it properly.
Hina : Because they say flower-viewing.
Suba : Yesyesyes.
Ryo : But isn’t this the only season they allow you to drink (alcohol) outdoors?
Some of them : Hahahaaha.
Hina : Maaahh, that’s true.  There’s also (places like) barbeques.
Someone  : Ah!  (like he’s about to say something).
Hina : Hahaha, what’s wrong?  Did you swallow something?
Now they’re all laughing at something…that happened in the studio?  Oh I don’t know anymore, it’s all very laughy-talky.

# 1 – bento
Suba : Ehhhhhhhh?
Maru : It’s because they say “dumplings are better than flowers” (it’s a saying that basically means it’s better to be more practical than aesthetical) no?
Okura : Exactly ne.
Suba (very mumbling and fast) : But isn’t it flowers?  Isn’t it flower-viewing?
Yasu : Hahahaa.
Hina : Maa, it’s something you can’t not bring to flower-viewing.
Suba : HmmmmmMMM.
Ryo : You cannot not have it.
Hina : I don’t know if it’s only me, but no matter what, when I hear bento, I think of our location bentos…
Suba : I like location bentos.
Hina : Honmanyaa?  (he meant to say honman = really) I’m already sick of them…
Suba : Hahahaha, “honmannyaaa”
All : Hahahahahahaha.
Suba : “Honmannyaaa”
Hina : I wanted to say “honman”…this is not good.

Ryo : Bento is a very important yasuda. (he doesn’t mean Yasu, probably meant to say yatsu = thing, he just fucked up his words like Hina did before)
All : Hahahahaha.
Suba : “Important yasuda.” Hahahaaha, it’s (=the show) already incoherent.
Maru : One by one.
Suba : “Important yasuda.”
Yoko : (Our) condition is bad (he said “condition” in English).
All (particularly Yasu) : Ahahahahahaa.
Suba : Very bad condition.
Yasu : Hahahaah, you’re killing me, haha.
Yoko : This is awful, despite ratings.  Very pinch(=crisis).  <<Did he mean to say that the show’s a mess despite it only being at the RANKINGS part?
Hina : It’s okay, it’s okay. It’s no good if we put this kind of energy into it.
Suba or Yoko : We’re omitting too much energy, haaha.
All : Hahahaahahahaha.

Main Project ! = Zukkoke Man Discussion Room.
They make noises as Hina introduces the thing again, I think I hear someone yell “Happy Birthday” in English (twice!). 
Hina : 普通の男 = Ordinary Man, Murakami Shingo, if you please.
They all clap hands after each introduction so I’m going to skip the rest of the hand claps.
Suba : Nice to meet you.
Yasu :  Yasuda Shota. Um…じゃがいも男  = Potato Man, thanks for having me.  **NOTE: I think (?) this is a nickname of Yasu’s…they did keep pointing to him when they sang “potato” during “Zukkoke”…**  >> Again, I don’t know how he’s going to keep the character of potato…
Okura : 大男 = Big Man Okura Tadayoshi.
Hina : Please do your best, haha.
Suba : いちゃもん男 = Quibble Man (**NOTE : basically it means he’ll make something out of nothing, a shit stirrer if you will) Shibutani, thanks for having me.
Yoko : Yokoyama Yuu, 無口な男 = Tight-lipped Man/Man of few words.  <<HAHAHAHAAH.
All : Hahaah.
Suba : You’re abandoning your job!
Yasu : This is no good!
Suba : ...silent man on radio.
Maru : It’s fatal.
Okura : Not in the mood to talk?
Hina : Let’s continue…
Ryo : 先だけ男 = I have no idea what this means…(just then man???only first priority man???), Nishikido Ryo.
Suba : I see…
Ryo : Lip service(=all talk) ne?
Suba : You’re always like that no?
Ryo : Yes….no!
Maru : Maruyama Ryuhei is 色男 = Lady Killer (Man).
All : Ahahahaha (Yoko highpitch laughs).
Subaru says something (きっしょー = I have no idea), they all say it, Hina tells them not to say it then shuts them up by repeating everyone’s name again.
Hina : Potato-san.
Yasu : Potato.
Hina : Big Man.
Okura : Yes.
Hina : Quibble Man.
Suba : Naaaaa!
Hina : Man of few words.
Yoko : …
Hina : 先だけ男 = Ryo.
Hina : Lady Killer.
Maru : Poison.  (he says it funny, with the POI part very high)
All : Hahahaahahahaha.
Yasu (I think) : Lady Killer’s words are poison eh?
Maru : Poison.
All : Hahahahaa.

Letter One = the listener eats really slow so her friends always have to wait for her, what should she do?
Hina : Who would be good for this one…Big Man! By the way, Big Man…what is it? Is it that your size is big?
Okura : Various (parts) are big yo.
Hina : Ah, various…
Okura : Uhn.
Ryo scoffs (I know you can’t tell just by a “kkkhmmm” but it is so Ryo. I just listened to it again, and it totally sounds like him, ahahwhatabitchaahaha).
Hina : Even eating portion (is big)? As expected…
Okura : Uhn, it’ll be good if you say at the beginning that “I’m slow yo”  and because (the world) is not full of people that small (=inconsiderate).
Hina : Hmm.
Yasu : Small people?  Hahaha.
Hina : What’s small people?
Okura : Nonono, friends.  To not make them mad, you should say it at the beginning.
Hina : I see I see, it’s good if you say it beforehand…Quibble Teacher.
Suba : Uhn.
Hina (remembers that it’s) : Quibble Man.
Suba : Yes…teacher.
All : Hahahaha.
Ryo : (Hina) naturally made a mistake.
Hina : Quibble-san, do you have a quibble?
Suba : I do.
Hina : Ahh! Why?  Big Man…
Suba (cuts him off) : Maaamaaaamaaa, so, don’t send a mail about this kind of thing… <<he’s yelling at the listener, hahahaa
All : Hahahahahaaha.
Suba : It’s trifling/stupid.
Hina : Ah, the principle.
Suba : It has nothing to do with eating slow.
Hina : I see.
Suba : It’s not a big problem, think about it some more then send it yo!
Yasu : Quibble Teacher is spewing out poison eh.
Suba : I’m very mad.
Hina : Making something out of it.
Suba (mad) : Whaaat!
Hina : I see.
Okura (I think) : Hmm…
Suba : I’m sorry…?
All : Hahaahaha.
Yasu : He’s kind after all.
Hina : Hahaa, his heart is gentle.
Suba : Because I was speaking in character.
Yoko (chuckles) : Hmmhmmhmhmmhm.
Hina : Potato-san?
Yasu : I think it’s better if you don’t think it’s bad.
Hina : I see.
Yasu : Yes, I wonder if it’s good to work harder (at eater faster) even though you’re worrying.
Suba : Why you!
Yoko : highpitchedlaugh.
Yasu : This is Potato’s opinion!
Hina : You’re(=Subaru) picking a fight here too?
Suba : A potato can’t talk, idiot!
Yasu : Hahahahaahah.
Hina : Man of few words’ had enough eh?
Yoko : ……
Hina : Not talking ne.
Yasu : Not talking.
All (particularly Subaru) : Hahahahahahahaha.
Hina : Your character is unnerving.
Yasu : At the last moment!
Suba : Approached the mike just a little bit.
Hina : Only to breathe into it, ahaha. 先だけ-san(=Ryo)?
Ryo : This is good.  I think this is good.
Suba : This is the most unset character.
All : Hahahahahaahah.
Yoko : reallyhighpitchedlaugh
Suba : What is this?
Hina : What was that?
Ryo : Ehh? Even though it’s 先だけ, challenge spirit ne?
Hina : Just a little eh?
Ryo : Yesyesyes.
Hina : Ahh, I see. 
Ryo : I did this wrong huh?
Yasu : Hahahahaha.  << I have no idea what Hina+Ryo just talked about.
Hina : Shall we ask Lady Killer?
Maru : Please do (he sounded so host/ladykiller here).
I tried and tried to decipher what Hina+Maru said after this but they used too many words that have too many meanings and I can’t get the meaning down…but the gist of it is that Maru says something, Hina asks him to explain, Maru starts to, then Hina cuts him off…
Hina : Next (letter)!

Letter Two =
Hina (reads out) : “I have a boyfriend who I’ve been dating for two years now.  At the end of last month, I saw him walking and holding hands with another girl.”
Ryo : Uwa!
Hina : “Because we’ve been dating for a long time, it was a big shock to me that I’m being cheated on.”
Ryo : This is a shock.
Hina : “I don’t think he notices that I know but what should I do now?”
Maru : Although this is frank, I’m going to say it.  The boyfriend is really malicious ne.
Hina : By the way, this listener is 18 years old.
Maru : I see.
Hina : I don’t know how old her boyfriend is, but I think it’s close to hers.
Yasu : It must have been heartbreaking when she saw it ne.
Maru : Her face probably turned pale when she saw it ne.
Hina goes on to say that from the perspective of an Ordinary Man, holding hands is a little unfaithful.  That if the girl’s dated him for two years, [I didn’t understand the next part].  Hina thinks that she can accept the shock of this small thing, and he wonders if it’s good to have a small margin of “it’s fine it’s fine, because you’re dating me”
Hina : Is there anyone with an opinion?
Yasu : Of course, it’s potato-ly…
Hina : Don’t really want anything from Potato.
Yasu : Hahaha, why is Potato enough already?
Hina : I want to hear from Quibble Man or Lady Killer.  Because it’s(=the letter) about love affair.  I want to hear (them go) “Yesyes!” (and answer).
Maru (in a low voice) : Yesyes!
Hina : Hahaha, yes, Lady Killer.
Maru : I think there’s various things in life, but!  I think it’s bad if you shrink away from this.  First, I think you should talk to him about various things.  I think it’s better if you try looking various things from various points of view.  This was Various Man.  **NOTE: 色男 (iro-otoko) = ladykiller, but Maru has taken one 色 (iro) from 色々(iroiro=various/many) to make his name, so to Maru... 色男 means both LadyKiller and Various/Many Man**
Hina : What should she say that’ll be good?
Maru : “Who’s better, me or that girl” or various other…
Hina : Hahaah, various.
Maru : That’s one out of iroiro(=many).
Yoko : You slipped 120% now, haahah.  (= meaning that what Maru just said wasn't funny)
Maru : I think about things like slipping in various ways.
All : Hahahaahah.
Maru : Yokoyama-kun’s type thinks too much about various things ne?
Hina : But you made Man of few words talk.
Suba : That’s really amazing.
Maru : It seems that various thing are happening today.
Hina : After that, what should she do?
Maru : First, try talking.
Hina : So what would be good for her to say, the contents.
Maru : Things like “Who’s more important, me or her?”  Talking it straight is one of various ways. This is only one out of many various ones.
Hina : I kinda want to hear about the various ones.
Yasu : I want to hear, I want to hear.
Maru : There are various ways, one of them is I think I want to ask Big Man.
Hina : Ahh, you want to ask him.
Maru : What about Big Man?

Okura : As Sensible/Clever/Smart Man (he changed his name), in the flow of an ordinary conversion.
Hina : Ah…Sensible Man?
Yasu : Ahh, Sensible Man-san. 
Okura : Like in an ordinary mail or such, a reminder, ahahah, (puts on cute girly voice) "it’s not good walking and holding hands with girls…"
Yoko : laughingwithhismouthclosed
Okura : Put that in quickly.
Hina : Hmm, anything from Quibble Man?
Suba (talks like how he does on SukaJ, basically like an ossan) : I don’t know about these things!
All : Hahahahaaha.
Suba : I don’t know this.  What…this boyfriend girlfriend, don’t know it!
Hina : That’s all?
Suba : That’s all!
Hina : Well, more… get in (the conversation) if you wanted to say something.
Suba : I think it naturally become this.
Hina : Okay, okay. Sensible Man…lightly send a mail.
Okura : Uhn, quickly say that I know (of you cheating).

Letter Three = “In class, I get tsukkomi a lot, I’m the character that’s picked on/made fun of.  I’m usually happy to tolerate them but there are times when it can really hurt and though I understand that they’re joking, I get sad/depressed.  What should I do?  Do Yoko and Subaru, who always take tsukkomis (from Hina, I guess?) feel this way too?”
Suba: Why didn’t she use san (when addressing me)?!
All : Hahahahahahaahahaha.
Yasu : Quibble Man is like this, ahaha.
Suba : Are you stupid?! Really…
Yoko : Hahahahaahahah
Hina : Potato-kun?
Yasu : (You’re asking) Potato-kun?
Hina : Like, do you feel anything?
Yasu : Isn’t it good if you read books?
Hina : Books? Potato-kun reads books?
Subaru says something while Hina’s talking, couldn’t catch it…something about Potato (probably how it can’t read).
All : Hahahaha.
Yasu : Um, aren't they great?  Like therapy books and such…
Hina : Yes, yes.
Yasu : Book’s that will make your heart stronger, like a healing book.
Hina : I see.
Yasu : In this way, if you read it, your heart will become a little bit stronger no?
Hina : Potato-kun reads…
Yasu : I read them, I read them.  **NOTE : Yasu’s talked about it on Chichinpuipui when they went Teriyaki-ing**
Hina : They heal you?
Yasu : I’m being healed (by them)!
Hina : They heal you when you lose heart (the word literally means “dented”)?
Yasu : Right, I think as long as we’re living, no matter what we do, there’ll be (those times).
Hina : Why do you lose heart/become dented?
Yasu : Ummmm, when something bad happens in a day, of course I’d get dented.
Hina : Bad things, what are they?
Yasu : Maa, it’s stupid but like the money I’m holding, a thousand yen bill becomes creased/wrinkled.
Hina : Hahahahaa, a thousand yen bill that’s creased/wrinkled?!
Suba : That’s very subtle!
They’re all laughing and talking at the same time.
Suba : That’s so subtle!  Crazy!  It only takes that to get you to lose heart, you’d get dented doing anything, man.
Yasu : I properly put it in my pocket…
Suba (cuts him off) : Very fine/faint, don’t go outside yo. Stay home yo.
Yasu : It’s a small thing, but of course things that make you hurt do make you hurt, so I lose…
Hina (cuts him off) : This (Yasu’s thing) is one’s own fault!
Yasu : Even though one’s own problems can make you lose heart.
Hina : Oh…
Yasu : When there are people, unnecessary hurting (someone) gets easy.
Hina : Oh…
Yasu : So isn’t it not good not to that strength/energy to face it already?
Hina : Oh.
Okura : HmmMMM.
Hina : 先だけ Teacher =Ryo >> he screwed up again, but no one caught him.
Ryo : Can I change my name?
Hina : Ah, that’s fine.
Ryo : …to しゃしゃりで男  = Nosey/Meddling Man >> Hehehehe, Nosey Man Ryo.
Hina : Meddling?
Ryo : Yes.
Hina : Nosey Man.
Ryo : Yes.
Hina : What about Nosey-san?
Ryo : What? Um…
Hina : What Potato just said about wrinkling his thousand yen bill is…?
Ryo : Of course, as a Nosey Man, um, (are you asking me) does wrinkling a thousand yen bill hurt or not?
Hina : Hm, yesyes.
All : Hahahaah
Hina : This is good, (answering) the original problem is good too.  When you lose heart…
All : Hahaa
Okura (to Ryo) : Why did you pick up from there (Yasu’s thing)?
Ryo : Hahahaaha, um…
Hina : Maaa, when you’re dented, been told by your friends.
Okura : Hmmm.
Hina : You understand that they’re joking, that you’re the character that’s picked on, but they do/say it too much so you lose heart.
Ryo : Ahhh, I get it, I get it.  This person probably hid it very well.
Hina : Hid it?
Ryo : Uhn, probably.  Didn’t let her friends get that she was hurting.
Hina : I see!
Ryo : Uhn, so I think she should show it a little by little (how sad she can get).
Hina : Uhn.
Ryo : Uhn, of course, it’ll be good to make herself harder to get hurt (=make herself stronger) I think?  >> Ryo and words aren’t working together that well…right, he was sick.
Hina : I think?
All : Hahahaahaha.
Ryo : BeCAUSE I think.  **NOTE : He said “I think?” = omouimasuka while meaning to say “because I think” = omouimasukaRA**
Ryo : Of course, I want her to work hard.
Hina : Like, saying “No” or something when it gets really unpleasant.
Ryo : Right! If you don’t draw a line here…
Okura : Hm.
Ryo : Even to friends “My line is here yo”.
Hina : I see.
Ryo : “My line is here,“ if you don’t make (starts laughing here) them understand perfectly that…
All : Hahaah.
Hina :Hahaha, heh…must make them recognize that.  I see.  Does Okura have anything, if no, then let’s go (to the next letter).
Suba : Maa, let’s stop here because we’ve got various (answers).
Hina : I understand, haha.

Letter Four = “I can’t call new friends by their names.  They tell me to call them without an honourific (-san, -kun, -chan…) but I can’t do it right away.
Ryo : I understand, I totally understand.
Hina : Nosey-san.
Ryo : I also totally can’t do it.
Hina : Regardless of if it's male or female?
Ryo : Regardless.  Um, well soon…for example going somewhere to eat, there’ll be girls there right? Someone from the staff.
Hina : Yesyes, like the new AD and such.
Ryo : Right right right, I can’t call (them by their names) in that situation.  I from a long time ago, when I was little, from a long time ago…
All : Hahahahaa.
Hina : We understand, when you were little.
Ryo : Middle school or elementary school…from about that time, friends or punks would immediately (after meeting,) call girls by their names, like “Akemi” and such.  But I definitely couldn’t do it.
Hina : Last name?
Yoko : (chuckling)
Hina : Or like “oi!”
Ryo : Uhn.
All : Hahaha.
Hina : Like “oi”
Ryo : Right, I’d only call “oi” and such.
Hina : I see.  Are there any teachers (screwed up again) here who calls people by their names right away?
Maru : Ahhhhhhhh….
Hina : Who?
Ryo : Who?
Yasu : Quibble Teacher. >> Hahaha, nice one, Yasu.
Hina : Quibble-san?
Suba : Surprisingly, I’m okay with this yo.  Though I say I’m shy.
Hina : By their first names?
Suba : Hm?
Hina : Can you call people without adding a –san?
Suba : To who?
Hina : Like people you don’t know or new friends…
Suba : If I know them then it’s fine.
Hina : Haahaha, that’s generally the case.
Yasu : Obviously!  (What we’re talking about are) people you met for the first time!
Ryo : People you’ve not known for very long.
Hina : People you’ve encountered once or twice.
Suba : Uhn.
Hina : Suddenly, for example they say “call me Shingo” can you call them that?
Suba : That depends on the person.
Yasu+Yoko : Hahahaha.
Yasu : That’s fine/subtle ne.
Suba : Wait, this isn’t good.
Yoko : highpitchedlaugh.
Suba : I’m not in character.
Yasu : That wasn’t Quibble Man.
Hina : You said normal things and didn’t pick a fight.
Suba : Haahahahahahah.
Maru : This time you kinda didn’t keep your character.
Suba : I’m…I’m like this but….
Hina : What about Quibble Man?
Suba : Hm?    >> his “Hm?”s cannot be any cuter.
Hina : In the quibble-y sense?
Suba (veryveryossan-ly) : Maaaa, therefore…um…that.
Hina : Ma, are you tired?  You’re probably tired.
Suba : (We’re talking about) names right?
Hina : Uhn.
Suba : Names…(odd noises)…they’re a pain in the ass.
Hina : Hahahaahah, (you say) they’re no good.
Suba : They’re already useless, I call people by numbers.  Like “two.”
All (particularly Yasu) : Hahahaha.
Yasu : Can’t tell who it is.
Suba : “Five” “Four”
Hina : You don’t use names then?
Suba : Uhn, don’t use them, don’t use them.
Hina : And Potato?
Yasu : Ehhh, Potato…finds it easy to call (people by their names).
Hina : Potato would tell people to call him by his first name?
Yasu : Yes.
Hina : To refer to him.
Yasu : I absolutely want that closeness feeling, because I want people to call me by my first name, so I would call them by their first names.
Hina : Does it make you feel uneasy when you call them (just by their first names)?
Yasu : Hmmmmm….I don’t know what they’re thinking but I want it like this…to call them with this kind of feeling.
Ryo (I think?) : Doesn’t it make your heart beat faster?

All : Hahahaa.
Hina (I think?) : Talk, talk.
Maru : Gah, I think this kind of feeling is a bit like extortion.  I think wanting people to call you this is arbitrary.  Aren’t real friends the ones you let call you whatever they want?  This is what I think.
Hina : This is going beyond (friends you just) chat (with).
Maru : Right…
Suba : But…like, if it’s someone who youuuUuuUuuUuU want to better the relationship with you’d probably meeeEeEeeeEEeet them halfway no? 
All (following Subaru’s stuttering) : AaaAaaAaaAahhh.
Suba says what he just did again but with more strange noises and in a long roundabout way, and as he’s talking, the rest of the guys keep going “AaaAaaAaaaAAh” after each pause, haaha.
Hina : It’ll naturally come out.
Suba : Yes! Naturally, the name comes out.
All : Yesyesyes.
Suba : But if you overdo it, a name is not a name…

All : Hahaahahahah.
Suba : Um.
Ryo : A number?
Yoko : Number? Hahaha.
Maru : A symbol/mark.
Suba : Number.  I think it’s not that bad of a thing.  (busts out laughing)
All : Hahahhaa.
Hina : Nono, but just this now…
Suba : This fits right?
Hina : This was from your heart no?
Hina : How about Man of Few Words?
Yoko  : ……
All : Hahahahaha.
Ryo : Dangerous!
Yasu : Again!  (Yoko probably pretended he was going to talk again).
Hina : Riskyyy.
Yoko : highpitchlaugh
Hina : What is this nervous feeling?
Yasu (I think?) : My heart was going “thumpthump.”
Hina : But there’s a pattern of growing used to calling people just their names.
Ryo : But won’t you think “What is this with this guy?!” if you were called by only your name after just meeting?
Suba : And don’t you get embarrassed when you’re asked by people what to call you by?
Maru : Ahhhhh, I do worry about that.
Ryo : Ahhhhhh.
Suba : It’s embarrassing, calling you by the name you give them when they ask “What can I call you by?”  What do you say (to that question)?  You!
Hina : Who’s “you”?
All : Hahahahaha.
Hina : Me?
Suba : Ordinary Man.
Hina : Ordinary Man?  Ahh, “Murakami’s good, last name is fine.”
All : Hmmm.
Maru : I’d say my nickname, “Maru is good” because I have a nickname.  Subaru’s case is Subaru…
All : Hahahahahaha
Yasu : What kind of speaking style is that?!  <<Hahahaa, Yasu making fun of someone else’s weird way of talking.
Hina : That was weird.
Suba : What would you say, Yasu?
Yasu : If it was me, I’d say “Call me Shota.”
Maru : That’s impossible.
Hina : That is impossible.
Yasu : But Subaru is Subaru!
Hina : But everyone calls him that.  You’re usually called “Yasu” no?
Yasu : But I think that (=Shota) closes the sense of distance more than Yasu…
Maru (cuts him off) : This is your extortion.
All : Ahahahahahahahhahaha.
Yasu : I think I want to go think about this a bit more myself, sorry.
Hina : Extortion is bad.
Yasu : Thank you.
Hina (about everything) : I see…shall we introduce the next song?  [[ this is Yoko’s job ]]

Hina : Say it!  There!
All : Hahahahahahaahahahah.
Suba : He can’t introduce it!
Yoko : highpitchlaugh
Yasu : He’s keeping with his character too well.
Yoko introduces the song.

You see how this whole project thing’s suppose to work? 
Up to now, give or take some, it’s been pretty much word-for-word…but we’re only 35 minutes into the show and it’ll probably get really long and be not all that fun to read and I’m getting tired listening to the same thing over and over again (theytalktoofastandallovereachother=sohardtocatch) so I’m going to switch into a notes format (and transcript format for some bits) okay?  Thanks for understanding.

They read some letters from listners =
#1 – someone’s bought “Zukkoke” already, her dad bought his own copy too after seeing them on MS to listen in his car every morning.
They’re all very happy to hear this and Yoko makes Maru say why everyone should buy their CD.
Maru : Because it’s the source of our (work-related) activities.  We won’t be able to do our concerts!
Yoko : That is true, very dangerous.
Maru : Buy it so we can avoid doing rental recordings as much as possible.
Yoko : After being told by Maru-chan, I think I want to buy it now.
Suba : I want each to buy about 20 thousand copies.
Hina (ignores him) : Because it’ll really change our concerts (if you don’t support us).
Maru : The sound too.
Hina : There’ll be difficulties with our performances.  
Maru : Right, right.

#2 – “My big news it that I become the class representative/president after my friends recommended me” 
Maru : I was class president for 2 years in high school, announced for candidacy myself, then I was finally recommended to do it the third year.
Hina : The first two years were not good?
Maru : I did it myself.
Hina : There was probably a reason behind this no?
Maru : I would yell out suddenly while during class.
All : Hahaahahahahahahaa.
Maru : “Teacher!  Isn’t this wrong here?!”
Hina : You didn’t have “pannn” then?
Maru : Not yet, it was before it was born.
Okura : That was a sign ne.

Yes! No! Dictionary = I’m going to skip the question and just do the listener – Kanjani interactions.
Oh! Right before they do this, Hina reads out this incredibly long sentence about Recommen’s special week giveaway prizes in one breath, Subaru laughs and they all clap after Hina’s done.
Caller # 1 – as she’s talking about buying “Zukkoke” (she bought both versions…by the by, everyone who called in did too) and going to their concert, you can hear someone making kissy sounds in the back.
Hina : Try listening, someone’s kissing you.
Caller : …eh?  (giggles)
Hina : Who’s the member you like?
Caller : (giggles) Nishikido-kun.
They all make noises.
Suba : Of course.  Pretty much everyone’s like this…
Yasu : As expected, Ryo-chan is well-liked na.
Ryo : Thank you!  Please listen plenty!
Caller : Yes.
Ryo : Uhn.

All : Hahahahaah.
Hina : You’re not gonna do it?
Ryo : Should I?
Suba : Give her a kiss?
Ryo : I’m gonna do it now, so listen.
Someone makes a “smooch” sound.
All : Hahahahaahah.
Hina (while everyone’s still laughing) : That was Maru, I’m sorry.  Hahahaa, you can tell on radio so we pulled a joke, sorry.
Maru : Sorrysorrysorry!

Caller # 2 –
Hina : Who do you like?
Caller : LadyKiller (iro-otoko) Maru-chan.
Maru (heard her wrong) : The place now (ima-tokoro) Maru-chan, she said? Hahaaha.
All talking+laughing at the same time.
Hina : Lady Killer!
Yoko : Dude, listen properly!
Maru : But there was background chatter.
Yasu : But everyone else heard it!
Maru : I’m sorry, ah, please listen lots.
Caller : I really like you.
Maru : Eh?  Thank you.

Maru : Ah, hello?
Caller : Yes!
Maru : Thank you.
All : Hahaaha.
Suba : It’s like the reception’s gone bad, hahaa.
Maru : Yoroshiku ne.
Caller : Hai!
Maru : Haaii.

Caller #3 – she’s 16 years old
Hina : Who’s the member you like?
Caller : Shibutani-san.
Suba (veryexcited) : It’s come!  Yes! After a long absence, it’s me!
Maru : She used –san too! –san!
Suba : There are still people like that...
Yasu : Shibuyan’s tension went up.
Hina : She’s 16, Shibuyan.
Suba : Happyyyy (coughs) >> probably got too excited, ahaha.
Hina : That’s 9 years younger than you.
Suba : Thank you.
Caller : I should be the one to say thank you.
Suba : Thanks, thanks.
Call : Ahhhhhhhhh, I’m sorry.
Hina : What’s the best thing about Subaru?
Caller : Eh? Um, his existence, all of it.
Someone (Okura?) : Ohhhhhhh.
Maru : You’re loved ne.
Suba : Thank you very much.
Caller : Ah, thank you very much.
Suba : Thanks.
Caller : Ahh, ahhHH?!
Maru : Look, Shibuyan, she went “ahhHH.” How about you give her back a comment?
Suba : Okay, please from now on continue to support me.
Caller : Yes, thank you very much.
Suba : Thank you very much
Caller : Thank you very much.  >> This was all veryveryvery cute.

Caller # 4 –
Hina : Who’s the member you like?
Caller : Nishikido-kun.
They all make noises and various comments… a “of course”, “that’s enough”, and a “thank you” from Ryo.
Hina : What do you like about Ryo?
Caller : I like it when he’s all “stop it” when he’s bullied.  >> HAHAAH
Ryo : Ah, it’s that.
Hina : Good looking or cute…
Caller : I like his cuteness.
Ryo : Thank you, I’ll work hard!

WinkUp Corner = they’re all reading the Recommen column in the May issue of Winkup.
The magazine came to the studio tonight…
Maru : Always, thank you very much.
Okura : It’s a good magazine ne.  >> Way to suck up, guys.
Maru says that when he’s featured in the Recommen column, his tension goes up.  Hina and Yoko bring up what’s in the magazine this month : the bit about Yoko whining about how he didn’t sing “Ai no mukatte” and the confession stimulation they did (from March8’s show).
Maru : I was quite shocked, that the person at the beauty salon that we go to said “Maruyama-kun is not funny.”  You said this right, Yokoyama-kun?  **NOTE: Yoko did say this on Recommen last year**
Yoko : Uhn.
Maru : After that when I went to the beauty salon, my interaction with that person was painful, I kept thinking “He/she thinks I’m not funny”…hahaahah.
Yoko : Well…we have a common beauty artist right?  And this beauty artist said it normally, “Lately, Maru-chan is not that funny.”
Yasu : Hahahahaah.
Yoko : Hahaaha, I said this on the radio and Maru heard it somewhere.
Maru : I read it here, in Winkup! 
Suba : Hahahahahahahahaa.
Maru : It was a bit of a shock, after that, because it became hard to talk (to that person), so lately I don’t chat at all.
Yasu : Hahahahahahaahha.

Johnnys’ Station =
1) Kanjani’s all country tour.
Hina mentions that they had their first rehearsal the other day.
2) Kansai Juniors’ concert.
Yasu : Please work hard.
Maru : There’s been a sudden increase in the number of juniors.
3) “Zukkoke” on sale.
Yoko brings up again how it’s a great song to sing a Karaoke.
The Best News =
They all clap and remind everyone to go out and buy it.

Thanks for making it this far =]
Livejournal says the whole thing's too long so Part Deux is here.

Oh happy birthdayed to Yoko+Okura.
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