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I like Kanjani + I listen to Recommen = I write up reports of Recommen (here, because I need my brain to remember school stuff and not how many times Yoko has lost his wallet).

I've noticed people have pretty much covered everything Kanjani does except for their radio stuff (that I know of, tell me if you’re out there!) ...which is a shame cause they're FUNFUNFUN.   

I've been following Recommen for about a year now...from not understanding a thing to getting... the general bits now.  Sometimes, I get to listen to the show, but most of the time I go out and look for reports.  And I thought, as long as I'm doing it already, why not share?  Some Japanese blogs like to do mini-transcipts, others do highlights.  I think I'll just ENGLISH the parts that I understand are funny... so the length of the stuff here can be vary.     


Recommen is show that's on Monday to Thursdays that features mostly Johnnys, with Yoko and Hina being in charge for the Thursday broadcasts.  Their show is 3 hours long (from10 - 12) but they have little segments by other Johnnys (Tsubasa, Kinki Kids, SMAP...) throughout if you cut those and the songs out, Yoko and Hina usually talk for about an hour and half (but they sit there for 3). 

Yoko is...Yoko.  Hahahahaha.  Sometimes stupid, often messes up his words, always funny.  He flirts with listeners sometimes and gives quite good love advice.  Hina is the perfect MC, always moving the show along.  He's EXTREMELY NICE to listeners, goes along with Yoko's stupid ideas, and says 何でやねん (what the hell?) and アカン (no!/no way!) a lot. 

They host it with this other fellow, K Taro (who does it himself on the other days of the week), he participates quite a bit and you can usually hear him laughing in the back (along with a couple of other guys that also work on the show).  The dealio with K Taro is that he always, for some unknown reason, always is wearing some sort of mask.  And also, Yoko thinks that he's worse than Yasu at being naturally, whenever they play games or have competitions, the punishment game has something to do with K Taro (Yoko had to put on his mask once and made sounds like he was going to throw up, Hina did a manzai act with him couple weeks ago).  

Every week, with the hour and half they have, there's a couple of staple segments they do...
1) Recommen! Girls' Ranking : they usually post the theme on the website a week before, have girls mail in their choices, make it into a top 5, have Yoko and Hina read 'em out and comment about them (ex: I remembered once it was "Top 5 food you eat while at karaoke" cause honey toast was number one, hahaha)
2) Yes No Dictionary : I think it's suppose to help boys understand more about girls?  But basically, there's a yes or no question, and they do an informal survey with a couple of call-in listeners.  Yoko spends most of the time here being cute, asking the listeners about their favourite members and acting sad when they don't say it's him (Kanjani fans are quite honest eh?).  Hina, as usual, is the one that keeps things going.
3) Johnnys Station : News of the week in the Johnnys world, Yoko and Hina comments a bit on each item.
4) Best Valued News : Hahahahaa, this is news related to Kanjani, they talk a bit more about it.
5) Teppen Quiz : Yoko+Hina ask a question about...can be about anything to one listener, if she gets it right she gets a present (she gets a present if she's wrong too but it's cheaper)
6) Orders from Taichi : Tokio's Taichi Kokubun has a show that's on during Recommen (around 11.30pm?) and at the end of his show, he usually has a request/order/question for Yoko and Hina.  Ranged from "what colour was your school jersey?" to "give each a massage."
8 Letter Idiom = segment where listeners write in an eight-syllable phrase based on a theme they give the week before, and then they pick their favourite and that listener wins a prize.
8) WinkUp Series: I'm not sure what this actually but I think Recommen has a column in WinkUp every month and they talk about that?  I know sometimes they'll have a reporter from the magazine there, cause Yoko+Hina would comment to her/him/them about what to put in the magazine (as a joke).

In between all that, they also have a main theme or project of the week.  There's a couple they do every year like at the beginning of each year, they'll have a quiz (YokoHina vs listeners) about the stuff they the year before, and shows centered on Yoko or Hina the Thursday closest to their birthday.  Last May, listners wrote in their best 3 things about Yoko and for Hina's this year...not sure about this but they only talked to people the same year as him?  Other themes/projects they had last year... the most famous one has to be the Osaka Taro project (this really deserves its own separate post) but basically : Yoko is the producer (he dubbed himself "YokoP" HAHAAHAHAH) and Hina is artist/singer Osaka Taro who really likes garlic.  They took ulfuls's ガッツだぜ! and changed the lyrics and made them about Osaka Taro (...and a bit about Hina), the end result is a hilarious song.  Partly due to the lyrics but mostly because Hina really gets into it.  He even sang it at his solocon, hahahaahahaha. 

Every so often, they'll have guests come on the show.  A couple times a year all of Kanjani goes on, and cause it's Kanjani, they get loud and yell-ly and try to talk all over each other.

Other times, it's usually someone from Johnnys...last year Takki+Tsubasa went on a couple times, so did Maru+Yasu...Tegomass and Koyama+Shige did the show too.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, that's about it for the basic premise of the show.

Recommen is not Kanjani's only radio show + if I have time = I write up KikuJaniEito or/and Murakami Shingo's KanjaniTsuushin too.



Unlike Recommen, I don't think these two radio shows are available for download, so when I do write about them, it'll be from fan I might not get everything correct (I'll note things I'm not sure of).

Kikujani is on every Saturday night with two members. 

They do :
1) Opening talk
2) Kikemero – each member picks a song and then say something that “they’ll say only here” that usually relates to the song they pick in some way.
3) Telling lies - one member makes up a question about himself with three possible answers and gives explanations of each one (lying for two of the answers), and the other guy has to try guess the correct one.  It’s like playing two lies and one truth… actually, that’s exactly it.
4) Yomeota – they read mail from a listener and answer her question.
5) EcoRanger – jingles/comments from each member about preserving the environment…I believe they sprinkle these throughout the show before and after commercial breaks.
6) Ending talk

Murakami Shingo’s Shuukan Kanjani Tsuushin (Weekly Kanjani Correspondance) is on every Sunday nights. 

So the show is Hina + 3 other members = 4 people every week.  They tape a couple shows in one sitting, so it’s the same people 3 or 4 weeks in a row.  There’s a short intro talk in the beginning, then they either do:
1) psychological tests sent in by listeners (funfunfun)
2) would you rather… sent in by listeners [this is just…ace. can’t really explain its awesomeness cause they didn’t do it last week, but they’ll get questions from “Would you rather for the rest of your life to be bald or have loonnng hair?” to “Would you rather hear the hard truth or sweet lies?” but they treat each question (even the very silly ones) seriously and sometimes even argue with each other about their answers]
3) answer mail from listeners about their worries/troubles
4) special projects
5) and sometimes…(or is it every week?) they have this segment where they talk about a girl comic book (comic book targeted to teenage girls) that they have to read… these are pretty boring except if Yoko’s there, then he’ll get everyone off-topic.


I think I shall keep this up top as intro + quick reference.

PS: My Japanese is weakweakweak, so I'll definitely won't get everything they say + get some stuff wrong = feel free to add/correct stuff!
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