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June 14th, 2007's Donnamonya

I've been meaning to write about this for awhile now... [NOTE : Donnamonya is a Kinki Kids' radio show]

It's Kinki's 10th Anniversary!
They talk about Kanjani!

It made me laugh.

And it's very short, heh.

From their letter segment =

Letter :
The other day, Nagase-san did a quiz on radio in which he had to answer the full names of the members of Kanjani-Eito and he could only answer one.  Of course the two in Kinki can probably get the names of their cute Kansai-born kouhais(=juniors) right?

Koichi : Full name...
Tsuyo : Ahhhhh...this.....  << he's talking to someone on the staff or something and not paying attention
Koichi : Oh crap... Oi, Tsuyoshi participate in this too.
Tsuyo : Huh...what?
Koichi : Ehh... Kanjani-Eito member's full names...can we say it?
Tsuyo : Ehhhh....
Koichi : Yokoyamaa....Yuu...      <<Yaayy!
Tsuyo : Shibutani Subaru.
Koichi : Ohhh, that's right....that's right...
Tsuyo : Ehhh... Murakami Shingo...
Koichi : Ahhh!  Right, him I know too... and then...   
Tsuyo : Ummmmm...
Koichi : And then...I don't know...
Tsuyo : Nishikido Ryo.
Koichi : Oooohhhh, right...there's also Nishikido, hahahahaa...I said I didn't know (but I do know him)... 
Tsuyo : ...Yasuda-kun... what's his name... Yasuda Kei! [NOTE : Yasuda Kei is the name of a member of HelloProject and former Morning Musume]  <<HAH!
Staff : Ahahaahah.
Koichi : Yikes...I don't even know "Yasuda" itself.  [NOTE : Like he's impressed that Tsuyoshi got Yasu's full name (though it was wrong) while he doesn't even know his last name]
Tsuyo : Okura-kun!
Koichi : Oo  ku ra ?     <<HAHAHA, he has no idea who this is...
Tsuyo : Ah!  Pervert Maruyama!      << Hee!
Staff: Hahaha.
Tsuyo : Naaa...Pervert Maruyama.
Koichi : Dude...why so detailed?
Tsuyo : But I only know his last name...
Koichi : Hm..why did you say "pervert"?
Tsuyo : Maruyama-kun...because...he's...what...a bit of a pervert.  I like that guy.
Koichi : You saw him on TV.
Tsuyo : Even though I watch him on TV...he's a pervert.  His way of looking at things is funny...that guy.
Koichi : So...I answered more than four (Yoko, Subaru, Hina, and Ryo) are the limit for me...  I should go study (them) a bit...  
Tsuyo : Um...Murakami-kun...was told by Yokoyama-kun, "Dude, it's because you're a gorilla."    [NOTE : Probably from 07/06/06's Shindoi...]
Koichi : Ahaah.
Tsuyo (laughing while talking) : "Dude, it's because you're a gorilla," hahaha, I thought that was a great comeback... I heard it...

Heh, I just went back and watched Shindoi again... I love the way Tsuyoshi said "love hunter ya."
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