September 20th, 2007's Recommen

This is so short I don't think I need to cut it...

Talk about Yukan Club =
・ Yoko is pissed how all the newspapers and stuff were focusing on Taguchi and his blond hair while he had to dye his own hair too (to black).
・ When they had their press conference introduction meeting, the greetings went in the order of Akanishi, Yoko, Taguchi. Akanishi was serious in his greeting, so when it came to Yoko's turn, he said, “Taguchi may be the blond hair prince, but I'll work hard as the black hair prince” and got many laughs. Taguchi, who was behind Yoko, whispered something along the lines of, “Why are you making them laugh, right at this time?” Taguchi didn't get any laughs in his greeting. Yoko says he's not sure about the newspapers but he definitely “won” at the press conference (Yoko sounded very proud and pleased at himself during this).
・ Yoko's sad that the picture they used in magazines was from when he was fatter.

Recommen Girls Ranking = Female entertainer whose looks you admire
# 1 – Leah Dizon
They talk about how pretty she is and how her Japanese has improved each time they've worked together. Hina says she smelled nice, Yoko calls him a pervert, Hina retorts that Yoko's also said the same thing before, Yoko says he doesn't remember how she smelled and that all of their female guests smelled nice. Hina says that she had a nice smell, like DJ OZUMA. Guy laughs.

Main Project : Money Sense Quiz
Yoko and Hina guess the prices of a bunch of stuff and the how much various staff members of Recommen have in their wallets. Yoko wins easily as Hina is crap at a prices of stuff and Yoko is very very good with money. So the punishment for Hina is that for next week's broadcast from Okinawa, all he's getting for dinner is bread and milk. Yoko hopes that means his own bento would be more extravagant.

Yoko's TV guide message to Subaru has mistakes in it =
Yoko : Everyone's been telling me that, but I don't know where I screwed up.
Hina reads it out loud = Yoko wrote “birthday” and “barbecue” wrong.
Yoko : I suck.

"It's my soul" first time on-air.

... I have a lot less free time now so everything's gonna be a lot shorter (but probably/hopefully not this short).

PS = please go here, where the wonderful brissie has uploaded the sound file of the tsuushin (08/05) where Subaru tests out stomping on shadows as a possible hobby.  She also summed up the comic keyword portion. yay! 

July 26th, 2007's Recommen

Opening Talk =

They talked about that flight they were on leaving Hiroshima that had problem landing.  Yoko says that he was talking to Okura and Subaru before the flight and they both kept saying how scary planes are, so Yoko told them that he'll be happy to die with everyone (the members) as a joke.  So when the plane missed its first landing and went all slanted at a 45degree angle (says Hina), Yoko felt really bad and partly responsible.  They plane landed safely and they all clapped afterwards.  Back on the show, Hina reassures everyone that planes are safer than cars and Yoko says that the chances of being in a plane accident is harder than winning the lottery.

Main Project =

Yoko+Hina take turns throwing darts at a map of Japan, and then they call listeners in the prefectures they hit and...just kinda talk to them. 
  • Yoko asks everyone they call if she's nervous, most of them are not, he gets mad at how calm everyone is.
  • Instead of asking people who their favourites are, they ask them what number they are, as in out of the 7 of them, where are Yoko and Hina ranked.  They find that they're both mostly ranked 2, 3, or 4 and Yoko states his displeasure every time he's ranked below Hina.

Somewhere in the first half of the show =

Hina : Yoko-san.
Yoko : Yes, yes.
Hina : It’ll be our dome concert very soon.
Yoko : Yes, that’s right.
Hina : Kinki-san had 67 000 people.  The most in history.  That’s amazing eh?  They did it for their 10th anniversary commemoration event though.
Yoko : I got a phone call from Tsuyoshi-san.
Hina : Ohhhhohhhohhh.
Yoko : Yes.
Hina : What did he say?
Yoko :  He said to me, “What are you doing?  You who make me sick.”
Hina : Uhn.  In the beginning…
Yoko : Yes.  And I said, “I who make you sick, am at Toyama.”
Hina : Ohhh.
Yoko : He laughed.
Yoko+Hina : Hahahahaha.
Yoko : He invited me to go eat.
Hina : Ohhh.
Yoko : Yes, but…it’ll be nice if Tsuyoshi-san will come (to the dome).

Hina talks about how he and Subaru went to eat with Taichi the other day and invited him to go to the dome.  Taichi said he went already (it seems like that his usual answer), when he really hasn’t been to their concerts before (says Hina).  Yoko brings up how Nagase came once.

Who went to see what...

... cause stuff like this interests me.

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